Reaching the goal in Tower Control [6(1)-1, Splat Charger]

6th December 2017 – 7.00 pm

I quite enjoyed Humpback Pump Track in Turf War with the Splat Charger, and I can only expect the weapon to be more suitable in Tower Control. My first splat is a rather nice snap shot, and although I am happy to sit back and support, I take the opportunity to squid forwards to help push the Tower when.

My Sting Ray perhaps isn't too effective, but it inks a bit of turf, and I'm otherwise not hassled at the first checkpoint. We trundle on to the second, which looks like a spot more susceptible to inky interference, and, sure enough, I'm easily splatted off. That's really no place for a charger to be.

I drop back to a defensive posture, which turns aggressive when we push the Tower again. We don't get as far as before, but we also stop the blue team at the first checkpoint again. My next Sting Ray still gets no splats, but it sprays a whole lot of ink over the Tower, which may help a little.

We saunter past the first checkpoint, having previously passed it, and when I immediately avenge my squidmate on the Tower I hop on to keep things moving. The second checkpoint is threatening again, but I hop off before I'm splatted, a squidmate super-jumps in to keep possession, and a blue inkling hops on and off looking for splats instead of Tower Control.

With the blue inkling off the Tower, and others splatted or not around, the path to the goal is short and free from trouble. It's an early knockout victory for us. Looking at the map at the end, it seems a squidmate was causing some good trouble for the blue inklings as we rode the Tower. Good job, inkling!

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