Back to picking on chargers in Splat Zones [11(2)-1, Carbon Roller]

9th December 2017 – 7.00 pm

Who goes straight to the Splat Zones these days? Not me! Well, not in this battle. I head around the side, looking for the charger. But he's not on the perch. I hear him firing, though, and looking down sees an opportunity. I'm still getting the hang of what seems like a subtly different Carbon Roller, but I get the splat. I am then tempted, when bumping an inkling, to go for a squish, even though that almost never works out. It still doesn't.

Heading straight to the Splat Zones when the other team has them captured seems too dangerous too, so I am a bit cautious on my approach. The Autobomb comes to my aid again, which not only pushes an inkling away, but gives me an idea of where they've gone. An Ink Storm not only adds more ink to the Splat Zones, but refills my ink tank, and I can push forwards, where I find the charger again, and get revenge on the Slosher.

Man, I need my ink-resistance back. I'm still picking up drips and drabs from the shops, and building up their secondary abilities, so nothing really matches at the moment. Maybe I just need to be more careful with my ink tank. Throwing out Autombombs sucks a lot of ink, but when one shepherd's a charger in to my path, it's worth it.

I sit back and watch for a bit, and decide to get some height for protection. What good timing! I go up as the charger walks below me, just ripe for splatting. I feel like I'm picking on him now. I would say that, as our counter nears zero, the charger has seen the last of me, but apparently even my Ink Storm homes in on him.

Our counter is stopped as I'm heading around the side, but it's only temporary. Good thing too, as I wasn't sure what to do next. It's a decent victory, but the teams look a little one-sided at the end. The ranking system is probably going to be a bit wobbly for a while.

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