Nearly clawing back the Splat Zones [19(5)-6, Carbon Roller]

9th December 2017 – 7.00 am

I'm a little slow moving forwards to start with, mostly because when everyone rushes I tend to get splatted for no reason. This doesn't happen this time, but the purple team also capture the Splat Zones. Still, I can throw an Ink Storm over the Splat Zones, and move up to add my Roller ink, both to the Splat Zones and to the purple inklings.

I manage to stay unsplatted for a surprisingly long time, given that I'm in and out of the Splat Zones. I move up for a splat, retreat to splat an Ink Jet, and get another Ink Storm going. It's not enough to keep control of the Splat Zones, but we keep enough ink flowing to not lose sight of the lead.

Autobombs run this way and that, when I have the ink, and my Carbon Roller helps splat inklings closer to me, and, after a while, we capture the Splat Zones quite assuredly. My first splatting comes when I run out of ink, having launched an Autobomb, and sucking back just enough for a couple of flicks isn't enough when the purple team have Ink Armour active.

The purple team capture the Splat Zones again, but at least we took the lead first. That doesn't last long, which isn't helped by my getting sloshed without having achieved much. I come back with purple ink almost everywhere, but as I spy a couple of inklings moving forwards for splats, I sneak to the side where I hope to sneakily roll some ink over the Splat Zones. The Slosher is cunningly holding back, and has other ideas about my rolling.

My squidmates recapture the Splat Zones just in time to avoid defeat, and super-jumping back to the action works quite well for a change, helping to get a couple of splats. Dropping off the stage encourages me to roll back around to our side, where I tidy up and build up the charge for another Ink Storm. That doesn't seem to help, though, as the purple team come back in force, capturing the Splat Zones and pushing all of us back to base.

I try heading around the long way to the Splat Zones, which actually is quite effective. It would be more effective if I tried to ink the Splat Zones more than chase splats, which ends up leaving a big purple stain that helps the purple team get closer to victory. Again, my squidmates avoid knockout defeat just in time, and I super-jump back to add some ink to the effort.

I use my Autobombs to pressure the purple inklings, which works quite well. They either retreat, or push forwards in to trouble. It even looks like we may take the lead! But two inklings hit both our flanks at the same time, the inkling flying in to the Splat Zones splatting me and a squidmate, and losing us the Splat Zones.

Only a few seconds remain, so the battle is decided. We came close to securing the victory, but it goes to the wily purple team.

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