Jumping past to help the Rainmaker [6(1)-2, Carbon Roller]

10th December 2017 – 7.00 am

I'm sure I had a plan at the start of this battle, but who knows now what it was. At least the monitor saves me from the Rainmaker shield, and my Autobomb finds a target, but I struggle to get enough ink to splat the Rainmaker running past me.

I get a brief go with the Rainmaker myself, but mostly end up shooting it. It's not to look for splats, per se, but there is no clear path to take, and the only way to clear one is to get some splats. It doesn't quite work. I like my Autobomb throw combined with vertical inking flick, but it doesn't get me far when there are multiple purple inklings on the other side of the wall.

It may be good that I don't splat those purple inklings. They think they have a good forward position, keeping is held back, but the map shows me a brave squidmate has grabbed the Rainmaker and is making their way across the stage. This is what super-jumping is for.

I launch an Autobomb on landing, but my Carbon Roller proves to be a better choice of weapon, with a purple inkling close by. But with her out of the way, my squidmate sneaks the lead and, jumping over the ledge, has a short squidding to the podium. Woomy!

That battle turned around very quickly indeed. I know how easy it can be to lose track of the Rainmaker, and how important it is to reorientate yourself.

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