This way and that in Rainmaker [17(7)-12, Blaster]

12th December 2017 – 7.00 pm

We come out on top of the initial fracas over the Rainmaker, but not me personally, and I super-jump back to support our first push. The Rainmaker is lost, re-exposed, and I grab it to make a dash. I'm not yet away of that short-cut on the ledge to jump right on to the podium, which I personally think is a bit of a flaw in the design of the Mainstage for Rainmaker, offering little chance of a last-ditch defence. Either way, I don't get far.

It looks like a squidmate knows about the shortcut and makes a jump for it, but is stopped in mid-air. Sure, that makes it seem like you can defend that jump, but I would suggest it's much more difficult than requiring a turf route to the podium. Anyway, the yellow team have their work cut out for them, but they certainly seem motivated to try! Indeed, on their second push, they exceed our lead, as my blast flies past the Rainmaker. So it goes.

As my squidmates take the Rainmaker back the other way, I do some cleaning up. We can't have the yellow team sauntering right back through their ink. It maybe helps a little, but I really want to have a look at that Flingza Roller. Dumb name, but it seems neat. And I suppose my previous inking does slow down the yellow team a bit, and this time I get my blasts working to splat away the yellow push.

A squidmate takes the Rainmaker back across the Mainstage again, and I am almost there as support. I get in to a tight spot, where my Blaster won't help me, surrounded by a few inklings, which is when I remember my Splashdown. That does the trick of clearing a couple of inklings away from me, but not all of them. I risk super-jumping back, which lands me safely, but not hitting the Splash-o-matic given a couple of opportunities costs me a splatting.

Another couple of outings don't get me far, although I stop the Rainmaker once more. But time is running out, and the yellow team have a pretty solid defence. We end up throwing our little inky bodies at the Rainmaker, but it's for naught. At least my squidmates are in good spirits, knowing that we put up a good fight.

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