A few hits, but an ultimate miss in Rainmaker [11-5, Splat Charger]

13th December 2017 – 7.00 pm

Two good splats to start the battle. If only that Splat Bomb had rolled better, the second inkling may not have burst through the inksplosion of the first to splat me back. So it goes. The purple team grab the Rainmaker and, well, start raining ink on us. The explosions ink force us away, and a bomb or two fly in as well. I'm just happy to get a splat out of it, and do my best to cover the purple ink.

My Sting Ray doesn't push the purple team back, as my squidmates have already done that, but it helps us burst the Rainmaker free. We don't get far, sadly, and as I'm still picking kit to fill ability slots and not for utility, my lack of ink resistance means my own attempt to move the Rainmaker has me mired in purple ink.

At least I'm now aware of the second route to the podium and am not caught unawares. I think my Splat Bomb stops the push, but it catches an inkling not carrying the Rainmaker. Even a bit of careful aim doesn't stop the Rainmaker, a squidmate does, but I get three in a row after that. Nice! I grab the Rainmaker, not in its shield, obviously, and make a run with it. The path looks clear, but the Dapple Dualies seem to come out of nowhere.

With so much purple ink, and not being too effective by myself, I hold back on my return to try to hinder the purple team's next advance. This has the happy effect of charging my Sting Ray, right when I am in a good position to hold a channel. I get a splat, but not the Rainmaker, and the purple ink floods our way, helped along with bursts from the Rainmaker itself.

A couple of Splat Bombs stops the Rainmaker, but the N-ZAP '85 gets past my defences, and inks all the way to the podium. A squidmate covers that up immediately, but it's a foreboding sight. At least bursting the Rainmaker free sends green ink everywhere, but we still don't get far with it. If my aim were a bit steadier, perhaps we'd have more of a chance. Still, third time lucky.

I try to add some defensive support, but a Splat Bomb bounced off our wall doesn't do what I planned. And when the Rainmaker comes back our way, what I don't need amongst its explosions are some Tenta Missiles coming my way. I am pushed right back to the podium, and although I can't really rely on my aim, it's probably still a mistake to pull out the Sting Ray when under such immediate pressure.

My squidmates stop the Rainmaker at the foot of the podium, but not the rest of the purple inklings. They stick around with enough firepower to burst the Rainmaker quickly and finish the job. Good battle, purple team.

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