Losing track of the Rainmaker [8(2)-5, Splat Charger]

13th December 2017 – 7.00 am

We're on the back foot early in the battle. My Splat Bombs hit nothing, and my aim is as shoddy as always, so no surprise it's my squidmates stopping the Rainmaker, at least for long enough for me to roll a much better Splat Bomb in to the mess. We recover the Rainmaker and my squidmate makes a dash with it, heading away from the blue team, but only until they realise the lay of the turf makes them turn back. The routes here are new to me too.

I lose sight of my squidmate, and then the Rainmaker entirely. I try to add some supporting ink to whatever I'm doing, but it's a bit of a guess, as I don't really know where anyone is. But they'll probably come back through the centre of the Track. Hey, there goes the Rainmaker! I'll help it along. The blue ink starts flying in, stopping our push, and I pull out my Sting Ray just a bit too late to be effective.

The blue team find a second route to the podium, which my squidmates are thankfully wise to, and we trade possession again. And with most of both teams out of the way, I burst the Rainmaker and grab it, making my own little dash. I blast a path ahead, and even though it gets covered by blue ink pretty quickly, my only aim is to take the lead. Rather than blast a new path, I puddle hop, and achieve my goal of sneaking in to the lead.

I almost do more than simply take the lead, and a patch of yellow ink on the podium makes me believe for a second that I'm about to dunk the Rainmaker, but the blue ink catches up with me. No matter, the pressure's now on the blue team. I don't quite catch up with the change in ownership of the Rainmaker, neither does my Sting Ray burst the dropped Rainmaker, but our position remains positive.

I am assertive in my defence as the blue team push again, but the Carbon Roller is more assertive. And quicker. And more accurate. Thankfully so are my squidmates, and although the blue team increase their score, the increase is only slight. My squidmates grab the Rainmaker and move it away from our podium again. My ink-rail mastery needs more work, though.

As time runs out, my Sting Ray comes in useful at last, although the blue team just about stretch the battle in to extra time. They grab the Rainmaker and make a dash, but out come the big guns, and an Ink Jet splats the battle to an end. My charging always needs more practice, but I'm quite pleased with my little Rainmaker run.

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