Junior splats in Mayonnaise Splatfest [2054p, 9(2)-1, Splattershot Jr]

17th December 2017 – 7.00 am

Experimenting with other weapons was interesting, but it hasn't been winning battles. I'm moving back to the basic weapon, the Splattershot Jr, which is excellent in turf wars. The basic philosophy of turf wars works with the Splattershot Jr very well, with ink and move, ink and move. I also ink and nearly fall off the ship, not quite having learnt the layout yet, but I just make the landing.

First contact with Ketchup is broadcast with a charger's laser, letting me dodge a bit. And splatting the Sprinkler with one hit of the Splattershot Jr really highlights the effectiveness of my Object Shredder kit. But second contact goes a bit worse, when Ketchup has Ink Armour. So it goes.

After closing some holes near home, I move forwards. I keep going when Ink Armour is ready, flinging a Splat Bomb that lands perfectly under the charger. My follow-up inking catches the Splashdowner mid-launch, giving me a double-splat and letting me continue inking.

We look to have a lot of turf now, at least this far forwards. After pushing a charger away, I double-back to make sure we haven't been bypassed. Doesn't look like it, so we can keep pushing forwards. Or maybe just hold the middle turf for now, as the Ketchup inklings return.

The charger on the perch pulls out a Sting Ray, which makes a great target for a Splat Bomb, and my Ink Armour makes me bold enough to squid towards the other charger, trying to squeeze out some quick shots. I get a bit lucky there.

My squidmates help push the Ketchup team back, and with them on one flank I hit the other. I nearly bite off more than I can chew, with two inklings almost getting me in a pincer movement. But I squid to the other side of it, sensibly not activating the slow Ink Armour, and catch them now bunched tightly together. Nice!

One last attempt at a splat doesn't quite work, but that's okay. A charger trying to splat me is a charger not inking. And although one Ketchup inkling broke through our lines late in the battle, it was nowhere near enough of a threat to our victory. Woomy!

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