Splat Bombing in Mayonnaise Splatfest [1857p, 8(2)-5, Splattershot Jr]

17th December 2017 – 7.00 pm

I wonder if that Octobrush saw my Splat Bomb fly in, or if she was preoccupied with watching her Autobomb. Either way, first condiment to me. I have no idea how I got that assist, though. I nearly catch the Octobrush again, but I am too focussed on her to the point of foolishly ignoring the N-ZAP '85 on higher turf.

The map looks nice and eggy. I'll just tidy up at the back a bit. I dunno why I don't hit that patch of Ketchup, though, instead heading further forwards down the other flank. But I do well to pull back a little when breaking the Ink Armour of an inkling, letting a flanking squidmate get the splat, right before the Octobrush gets her revenge.

There doesn't seem to be a suitable inkling to super-jump to, so I make the slow way back, which lets me be on the six of a squidmate being chased. I'm sorry for stealing his Splashdown splat, though. I hope to make amends by sharing Ink Armour, which helps me against the Octobrush rushing in to my Splat Bomb, but my squidmate can't retreat in time as two more Ketchupers meet us. Not even another Splat Bomb can help me now.

More Splat Bomb action on my return, as I commit a throw and run, effectively too. It's better than my next Splat Bomb as well, although I don't think rolling it better would have helped. And as the battle is almost over, it looks like it could go either way. That's worth risking a super-jump.

I need to squid quickly under an Ink Jet, who I catch on landing, and trade condiments with another inkling, but hopefully my two-for-one trade will give us the edge we need in the final few seconds. That, and my two squidmates pushing forwards aggressively in to Ketchup turf, clearly making a significant difference.

The results are in, and we took a good late lead, making it look almost effortless. Woomy!

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