Spreading the Mayonnaise in Splatfest [2002p, 13(3)-2, Splattershot Jr]

18th December 2017 – 7.00 pm

My Ink Armour saves me from my first splatting, which is just what it's there for. I should build up another charge. There's plenty of turf to ink to let me do that too. Hopefully my squidmates aren't faring as badly as the amount of ketchup suggests. I get my second Ink Armour, and it kind of saves me a splatting, but only for a split-second as I am splatted anyway, ketchuped from both sides.

I work my way back to the centre of the Shipyard, a little haphazardly, and spot an opportunity. A squidmate is activating a Splashdown, both pushing ketchup inklings backwards as much as grabbing their attention. I try to flank them, but get too excited to aim properly, and can only splat one of the three that are soon on top of me.

The ketchup looks to be encroaching on our mayonnaise, which nobody really wants. With the ketchup team moving forwards, I decide to get behind them, and eggify their turf whilst they're looking in the wrong direction. I think it works well, but in retrospect I rather think my squidmates' splatting back most of the ketchup team worked better.

Trying to splat Splat Dualies is tricky when they dodge this way and that, and after getting lucky with one of them, I decide to gracefully retreat from another, after I lose track of them. That works a treat, coupled with a bold super-jump from a squidmate teasing the ketchup inklings to stand and shoot.

A bit of frenetic battling in the last moments gets me a couple of audacious splats, including another when I'm out of ink, and the lack of ketchup inklings pretty much seals the victory for us. Better still, one more battle and I become Queen of Mayonnaise! Woomy!

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