Getting inexorably closer to the podium in Rainmaker [13(6)-6, Splattershot Jr]

22nd December 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm continuing with my Splattershot Jr plan, as it seems to be mostly working. But I'm being a bit more aggressive with it now, because it seems to be mostly working. I hit the flank of the purple team immediately, ignoring the Rainmaker, and although I don't catch the Dynamo Roller, forcing him off the perch is a good result. It would be better if the rest of the purple team didn't wipe us out.

The purple team pushes, but not hard considering their opportunity, and we splat the Rainmaker and grab it for ourselves. Our first push immediately passes the purple team's lead, and my choice to flank gets a couple of decent splats. I can't quite continue the splatting, but the Rainmaker is lost close to the podium, with one inkling of each team left standing.

The purple team are closer from their base to the Rainmaker, and sensibly take it down their flank to avoid us. I watch this as I super-jump back, and try to intercept the Rainmaker, but am caught by the Dynamo Roller. I choose not to super-jump the next time, which works better, but I get caught between an inkling and a super-jump ring. Although I probably make the right choice on which to focus on, it doesn't do me much good.

We swiftly move the Rainmaker back across the Academy, and ink a path right up to the podium. I'm not sure what our carrier is waiting for, hopefully it's a good reason, but he's stopped further back than before. Not a serious problem, as we remain in a good position, and I get some revenge on the Dynamo Roller. The Rainmaker is burst free, rushed forwards, and stopped short again, but really close to the podium once more.

Trying to keep myself close gets me splatted, but we're sensing the knockout victory now. The purple team make a valiant push back towards our side of the Academy, which we stop, and return the favour. I indulge in some splatting here and there as I ink a path up to the podium, and turn to find out where the Rainmaker has got to.

I return to provide more direct support to the Rainmaker, but it doesn't look like they need any more. They've squidded past me, and right up the path I inked to the top of the podium, for the knockout victory. Woomy!

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