Punishing respawns in Tower Control [14(1)-5, Tri-slosher]

23rd December 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm still running with a Respawn Punisher jersey, because that's perhaps a good secondary way I can support my team with whatever splats I can get. It should be just as good with the Tri-slosher as the Splattershot Jr, and I'd like to try the bucket a bit more, to encourage me that I'm still simpatico with it.

As is my wont, I hit the flank to start with, getting me one surprise splat, and a second that mostly sees it coming, and I think that's good enough to justify my Respawn Punisher jersey already. I push forwards, feeling aggressive, but forget that we aren't in a Rainmaker battle, so various blocks are missing, and I need to go back to support the Tower.

But squidding haphazardly away from a Suction Bomb bumps me in to a sponge, which I realise I can use instead of an inkable block. I move up and look for opportunity, but the action is behind me, near the Tower, and the charger has moved to a better perch. I squid backwards and, well, just kinda hold my turf, hoping my squidmates are doing well with the Tower. Not really.

I head back, but the orange team has already taken the lead, and I get caught between the inklings on the Tower and the inklings in support. The orange team keeps the Tower moving forwards, but I find a good flanking route to stop it, and them, and get a decent triple splat that should see them out of action for a little bit. We've got a long way to go to retake the lead, though.

We don't get to the second checkpoint on our next push, and when I'm splatted back to base I take some time cleaning up, preventing easy orange movement and charging my Ink Armour. I pressure the orange team a little when they bring the Tower forwards again, but don't quite survive all of the super-jumpers.

My squidmates try to keep the Tower moving for the most part, and although I get the opportunity to give it a push I stick to skirmishing, which perhaps isn't always the best option. As the clock runs down, we have one last chance in extra time to steal the victory, and I try to mix splats with keeping the Tower occupied, but I don't quite manage it. Still, we had a long way to go. All the same, it was a fun battle!

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