Sitting back in support of the Rainmaker [14(6)-4, Splattershot Jr]

23rd December 2017 – 7.00 am

Holding back at the start of the battle, rather than rushing to try to burst the Rainmaker free, has its benefits. I stay unsplatted, measure what's happening, and sneak a splat here and there. It only goes a bit wrong when I get confident, which really doesn't take long, and try to move the Rainmaker myself, and get splatted almost immediately. The positive side to that is when I don't actually pick it up.

I take the cautious route back, dodging to the side and waiting for Tenta Missiles to hit, and again hold back, playing a more supportive role. It seems to work, for what it's worth, and something I could get used to. Once more, I fail to pick up the Rainmaker, but I'm happy to support my squidmate who does. We make a good run too, splatting our way past all but one of the blue team, who tactfully hides around the final corner.

I back off and try to maintain a presence, which at leasts distracts the blue team for a moment, but the Rainmaker starts coming our way. A nifty Splat Bomb stops the push, but the blue team hold their position well. We finally splat them back for long enough to grab the Rainmaker again, but they won't stay away. The map starts to look a bit too blue too.

We manage to hold a relatively neutral position as we battle for position, and as the battle comes to a close we just need a sneaky Splat Bomb bounced off a wall as the blue team grabs the Rainmaker for one last desperate push. That was fun! Woomy!

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