Getting desperate in Salmon [17-23-19, 15/605]

24th December 2017 – 7.00 pm

I can work with the Aerospray MG. It's got a good fire rate and has good mobility, so I should be happy with the first wave. The first couple of bosses are straightforward, with even the Drizzler taken down without much fuss. Our efficiency continues, but I'm finally overwhelmed by the smaller salmonids when trying to keep the pink ink flowing and Golden Eggs collectable. Still, we've already made quote, so we should be fine.

The Heavy Splatling isn't a bad choice for me either, and it being high tide for the second wave probably makes it easier. I can try to sit in the middle and mete out inky punishment wherever it comes from. I'm pushed off my perch by a Drizzler, at the same time as a Stinger threatens, but I step to the side and make good use of my Splashdown to splat the Drizzler, and Chum trying to hit me, as I splat the Stinger. Nice!

I finally have to be more mobile when a Steel Eel comes out of the stinky sea. It clearly causes problems, because I am the last inkling standing at one point. Thankfully, the Eel doesn't aim for me immediately, and I can splat it and revive a squidmate or two before we are wiped out. I probably shouldn't have gone for those Golden Eggs on the grating, though, not with the Heavy Splatling. It's heavy, and slows me down. A second Splashdown comes to my aid, but it's a bit of a waste.

I'm splatted at the end of the second wave, but it was to bag us an extra Golden Egg. I'm sure that was worth it. I am revived with the Inkbrush, which really is not a weapon I favour. On top of that, everything goes dark, making the third wave is different. On this run, it's because of Glowflies. That sounds like a bad choice when you have an Inkbrush.

Circumstances aren't helped by not all of my squidmates perhaps being familiar with Glowflies, and not hopping on to the platform next to the basket before the salmonids start rushing us. It doesn't take long for us to get splintered, with salmonids, Goldies, and Golden Eggs everywhere. At least Specials are pulled out, we are revived, and we are collecting the eggs.

We are in a better position soon enough, but that isn't helped when the Glowflies stick to me again. I can't swing my Inkbrush quickly enough to swat away a Goldie, who bumps me off the perch on to the level below. Thankfully, I am revived back on the perch, which perhaps saves us indirectly. My squidmates are all splatted, leaving me to rescue us. With my dumb Inkbrush.

I have a quick think, which is all I really have time for, and lob a Splat Bomb to revive one squidmate. I then wait for as long as I dare, then hop off the perch to lead the salmonids away, using the speed that is the Inkbrush's only good trait here. I still don't get far, but one revived squidmate has pulled out the Inkjet again and is splatting salmonids and reviving us. Nice!

I still don't last long, but we've made quite, and just have to last a little bit longer, which mostly relies on us reviving each other. But we manage it, and that really does deserve a little celebration at the end. Woomy!

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