Hitting the flank in Rainmaker [3(2)-0, Splattershot Jr]

27th December 2017 – 7.00 am

Going straight to the Rainmaker is a mug's game, which is why I occasionally don't do it. I hit the flank instead, building up charge for Ink Armour, and making use of the ink rail that leads to the perch everyone normally stands on at the start of a battle. It almost catches me one inkling, which I make sure of thanks to a brief pause to activate the Ink Armour.

I decide to ink forwards a little bit, because it may come in useful, before turning back to... Well, I didn't expect to see the Rainmaker on top of me. This is a nice surprise. I squid up the wall with my squidmate, and support him more directly.

Not that he needs support. The path to the podium is clear, a Rainmaker blast inks it, and the yellow team are nowhere to be seen. That was easy!

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