Skirting the Splat Zones [9(3)-1, Splattershot Jr]

27th December 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm really quite enjoying battling with the Splattershot Jr, as well as being more supportive than aggressive. I'm also glad that I practiced sticking to walls, as it comes in quite handy against Tenta Missiles. And when I'm spotted at one point on the wall, I quite sensibly move to another point. I don't directly contribute to our battle, but I distract the opposition and give my squidmates time to come back from being splatted.

We capture the Splat Zones, and I retreat from more Tenta Missiles not just to avoid them, but to stop them inking the Splat Zones. That lets me find a different angle too, from where I throw a nice Splat Bomb as a green inkling launches a Curling Bomb. I think he was concentrating more on his to see mine.

More Tenta Missiles come in. So many more. I suppose that's because we're all close together in the Splat Zones. Dodging them is tricky, but I manage it, although at the cost of the Splat Zones themselves. I try to get them back quickly, but this just gets me splatted quickly. Have I learnt nothing from the first 90 seconds?

My squidmates capture the Splat Zones back easily enough, so I do some tidying up and charge my Ink Armour, and work around the edges to shoo the Slosher whilst trying to keep the Dynamo Roller at bay. I finally splat the Slosher when I see a ripple of ink head behind a structure, just where the last Tenta Missiles were launched from. Sure enough, the Slosher is aiming another launch and vulnerable. Nice!

The Splat Zones stay purple, and another Splat Bomb finds an unfortunate target. The green team get more desperate to neutralise the Splat Zones as our score ticks ever lower, but we just accept the splat of a super-jumper, moments before winning the knockout victory. Woomy!

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