Being green in Splat Zones [19(7)-1, Splattershot Jr]

30th December 2017 – 7.00 am

Hitting the flank for a surprise attack works better when you move as quickly as possible. I dawdle a bit, but that just means I counter-attack the yellow inkling hitting our flank. It works well. We lose the Splat Zones to the quicker yellow start, but snatch them away from the yellow team as the power balance shifts our way with splats here and there, thanks to well-rolled Splat Bombs and some perhaps lucky stray ink.

I work my way around and above the Splat Zones, keeping as much turf blue as I can, and looking for splats, and get lucky in avoiding the brush. My squidmates have my back too, doing well to keep the ink flowing all over the Splat Zones, and it looks like we've got ourselves a quick knockout victory. But Tenta Missiles fly in, pushing us out of the Splat Zones, and letting the yellow team in.

The yellow team keep the Splat Zones inked for a good time, whilst I run away from a brush, dropping a Splat Bomb at just the right time, and happy to have my Ink Armour active as a Splattershot manages to squid behind my ambush. And with the Jet Squelcher despatched with a neat Splat Bomb, we have the opportunity to recapture the Splat Zones.

We don't hold the Splat Zones for long. I don't much help with that either, staying on the bridge to look for opportunity, but not quite realising that access to the Splat Zones is a bit limited from there. And I finally succumb to yellow ink thanks to a close encounter with a brush, before dropping in to a Splashdown. It was a good run!

The Splat Zones change tentacles here and there, as I skirt around inking turf and looking for splats. Our lead remains safe, but I really could shoot more blue ink in to the Splat Zones. After the Tenta Missile launcher is splatted, as is the brush, as well as an inkling on the other side of the Splat Zones, it seems safe to rush in and ink. The Splat Zones turn blue again.

A Splat Bomb bounces off a wall, and as I line up a better throw the brush tries to ink me. Something goes awry, though, giving me the opportunity to retreat and turn the tables. I squid this way and that, looking for more opportunity, but just as it turns up the battle is won. Woomy!

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