Sneaking some splats in Tower Control [12(5)-3, Splattershot Jr]

31st December 2017 – 7.00 am

There's a lot of blue pressure around the Tower at the start, with the charger and Splatling covering it, which results in a squidmate of their's hopping on for an early push. I narrowly miss a Curling Bomb in a bid to clear the Tower, which I don't do, and get splatted by running in to a Suction Bomb soon after anyway.

We soak up some forwards pressure to prevent the Tower from coming too far our way, and squidmates start pushing it the other way as I succumb to too much ink from a few blue Bombs. I take the long route back, having a kind of compulsion to do my own thing, which works out quite well when I push past an abandoned Tower, skirting various hazardous obstacles, to splat two inklings out of the way. This lets us have a clearer run with the Tower ourselves.

I push forwards aggressively, with a minor retreat to help shoo a blue inkling off the Tower, and surprise a couple of inklings at the top of an inkable block. Jinking to use the sponge as well surprises more inklings, but maybe not as surprise as they would have been with better aiming. They are, at least, distracted from the Tower.

I start to make my way back, aiming to hit the flank opposite the Tower for more surprises, but we've done enough. The Tower trundles to the goal. Woomy!

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