Going ahead in Tower Control [7(3)-2, Tri-slosher]

1st January 2018 – 7.00 pm

I've got to practice more with the Tri-slosher. It is my favourite weapon, second only to the Carbon Roller, but these new conditions are shaking my confidence. Only the Splattershot Jr gives me reliable results at the moment. I probably just need practice. So here we are. I try to be sensible to start, which keeps me unsplatted for a while, but failing to notice the green ink coming to flank us comes back to splat me.

My return is confidence-boosting, splatting an Inkjet, but I perhaps run with that too soon. I'm splatted by a Tri-slosher on the Tower. Some simple maintenance next ends up with my chasing an inkling backwards, but at least they ran and gave me a chance, rather than turning and splatting me quickly.

My inking lets me activate Ink Armour, and as my squidmates are pushing the Tower I try to take advantage of both by hopping across to the green side. That works quite well, although I can't quite tell if the sound I hear is my destroying a Sprinkler or hitting an inkling. Even so, an inkling appears, but somehow ducks under my sloshed ink, and the best I do is damage him. And I survive.

The Tower keeps moving, I get more Ink Armour, and go around for another circuit. This time I splat an inkling coming my way, before giving chase to another. I don't catch him, but get in to a good position, and one a green inkling clearly doesn't expect me to be.

I nearly catch another inkling flying around the corner, but before I can give chase the Tower hits the goal. Woomy!

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