Not quite reaching the goal in Tower Control [10(2)-3, Tri-slosher]

2nd January 2018 – 7.00 am

I dawdle a little off the base, on purpose, so I am not splatted needlessly. I suppose my first splatting isn't needless, but I am quite out-manoeuvred by the Hero Dualie Replicas. My defensive game is a little weak, as is my attack. I drop off the stage, under the Inkjet's exhaust, and am splatted again. How embarrassing.

But maybe my luck is turning. I sensibly hang on the wall as the Tenta Missiles fly in, and get a good Burst Bomb throw for my first splat. Falling off the stage works to my advantage this time as well, letting me avoid the Splashdown and slosh upwards to get the splat instead. Nice!

I get a bit confused as the Tower moves to the other side of the stage, and settling with staying unsplatted and inking turf. My squidmates seem to be doing well without me anyway. And once they are splatted away, I've managed to get in to the right place to splat two purple inklings off the Tower, and although I don't quite manage to stick to the Tower, I splat a third inkling who has the same trouble.

My inking lets me activate Ink Armour, and shortly afterwards the fourth purple inkling rolls around in to my sloshing. This is going better. I even somehow manage not to get splatted when stuck half-way up a wall, and slink away somewhat aimlessly to heal.

Once better, I come back to the sponge and push ahead aggressively. It gets me splatted, but it seems like a good distraction. My squidmates take advantage of it if it was, and push the Tower to the goal as I wait to reappear at our base. Respawn Punisher helped, but stops me celebrating at the goal.

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