Doing pretty good in S-rank Rainmaker [6(1)-0, Splattershot Jr]

3rd January 2018 – 7.00 am

I don't think I'm an S-rank player, but I've worked my way up here in Rainmaker. I get overwhelmed for my first couple of battles, but am encouraged when I drop back in to more of a support role in a battle that sadly didn't get recorded. I pull my socks up and try again, this time making sure I'm recording. It goes pretty well.

I'm not buoyed by one squidmate apparently not joining immediately, hence my looking back, but he perks up soon enough. I'm inking the edges so that I don't rush in to trouble for no reason, and to get my Ink Armour ready. It also lets me get in to a reasonable position when the Rainmaker is moved.

I keep hitting the edges for now, just inking turf and lobbing opportunistic Splat Bombs, and my squidmates do the heavy lifting. They push the Rainmaker in to a solid lead, and I'm behind them to clear up a flanking inkling and hold the Rainmaker's position. I do a good job of it too, and am a mobile Beakon for my squidmates.

With my squidmates around me, and the Rainmaker burst free, my confidence is bolstered to aim for the podium. I get some excellent support, and the podium inked, to get a Rainmaker dunk in S-rank. Woomy!

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