The quick and the splatted in Splat Zones [16(6)-1, Splattershot Jr]

3rd January 2018 – 7.00 pm

I get a bit lucky against the Aerospray looking for me, but luckier still when the Jet Squelcher drops next to me. I don't think he saw me. The Roller is a gift, though, and I finish off the set by venturing in to the Splat Zones, before cycling back to the start of the splats. Am I actually invisible? I hope not, that would be unfair.

I help capture the Splat Zones before looking for opportunity, and aim for the Dualie Squelchers. I am lucky to get away from his dashing, but soon find myself in much more trouble amidst a Curling Bomb Rush and two other inklings.

The turf stays mostly blue, though, so I tidy up around the edges before holding a decent position and watching for incursions. Nothing goes particularly wrong, although I find myself looking for splats when the Splat Zones, right under my feet, have been neutralised. But it all works out.

I'm not even left wanting for splats at the end of the battle. As a team, we splat away all the yellow inklings in or super-jumping to the Splat Zones moments before we win the knockout victory. Woomy!

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