Fighting back the purple menace in Splat Zones [11(1)-4, Tri-slosher]

4th January 2018 – 7.00 pm

An aggressive move towards the Splat Zones is not quite what it seems. I just want to see what's happening from a good position, which is what I get. Sitting back once there lets me move opportunistically, whilst I also get a bit lucky when moving forwards to avoid ink lapping at my back. I narrowly miss getting four opening splats too, but you can't have everything.

Our early lead is soon lost, and the purple team push past the Splat Zones to make our attempts to restore the rightful lead awkward. With a bit of cunning, and using my weapons wisely, I manage to sneak in to the Splat Zones, but don't quite manage to activate my Ink Armour to help consolidate my position. Back to square one.

I try a different tack, and take the right flank, right up the ramp, to jump across the grate, hopefully going unnoticed. It works. I splat a couple of the purple inklings in the back, and help capture the Splat Zones. I nearly splat an advance purple inkling, but can't turn quickly enough before his Curling Bombs splat me. My squidmates are then overwhelmed by the returning inklings.

Purple ink is everywhere again. This is untenable. A bit of height, some preliminary sloshing, and a little cunning lets me take a hit and give a splat, my Ink Armour also helping my squidmates to re-capture the Splat Zones. With that done, it's really worth tidying up the purple mess, to stop them getting such free movement on our side of the stage.

It's back around the side, the left flank this time, and a bit of luck helps me slosh at just the right time to avoid being splatted. That purple inkling may have done better re-approaching from a different angle. Now it's our turn to ink the other side of the stage.

The purple team come back, and I only find out they've hit our flank when Curling Bombs come skidding from behind me. My squidmates are on that, though, and I return the favour by splatting the Inkjet. And that is the battle, our ownership of the Splat Zones gauged to be superior. Woomy!

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