Exploring the flanks of Starfish Mainstage in Splat Zones [16(4)-6, Tri-slosher]

5th January 2018 – 7.00 pm

Straight for the flank, and I spy my first target about to squid up a wall. Not bad! What is bad is walking right in to the laser sight of the Splat Charger, even if it's not what splats me. I can be smarter than this. I try to be a bit smarter, and get my Burst Bomb working on the opposite Tri-slosher, but then dumb myself down again and pop up just where she expects me to.

My squidmates do well to capture the Splat Zones at least. And with them being greenish (what is this colour?) I hit the flank again. I see a new path opportunity as I run across the grating and explore it, hoping to find the charger, which I do eventually. Or he finds me. But I've found a good way to get back here rather less obviously than crossing the stage.

I go back the same way, hoping to take some pressure off the Splat Zones, but find myself under pressure by just being there. I'm not convinced the Splat Charger knows I'm there, but the Splattershot must hear his ink hit something. Thankfully, the Splat Charger turns his attention back to the front, letting me pounce. Nice!

I go for another circuit, and am nearly successful again, but instead manage to squid right in front of a charger shot. So it goes. I hit the other flank next, and hope my Burst Bombs can reach the Splat Charger. Not quite, but maybe I can close the gap whilst his Sting Ray is active. Only just! It's not wise to run towards an active Sting Ray, and it's only because I hit with a closer-thrown Burst Bomb that I survive.

I learn from my earlier mistake when I don't manage to splat the Tri-slosher, and jink to the side rather than pursue head-on. This lets me survive, activate Ink Armour, and help ink the Splat Zones. I meet the Tri-slosher again and come out on top this time. Pushing past the Splat Zones completes the repeat of the start of the battle, though, with my running in to the Splat Charger's laser sight and the Splattershot's ink.

The left flank interests me again, and despite being spotted I get the drop, somewhat literally, on the Splat Charger. Ink Armour is helpful once again, as I jump in to the very orange Splat Zones in the midst of two inklings. A Burst Bomb weakens them, sloshes splat them, but the third inkling super-jumps in to slosh me back. A squidmate Splashes Down for instant revenge.

Pushing aggressively forwards helps to get a couple of splats and almost clear the Splat Zones to ink them safely, and we re-capture them briefly. But the orange team return and, with the Splat Charger applying some laser-sight pressure, manage to keep the Splat Zones orange enough to prevent us from battling in to extra time. Never mind, it was a good battle, and I explored the Mainstage a bit.

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