Holding the turf in Splat Zones [9(3)-1, Tri-slosher]

5th January 2018 – 7.00 am

That first Burst Bomb is just getting my eye in, ignore it. It clearly works too, as I slosh effectively in and around the Splat Zones for a bit, getting a couple of splats and an assist before testing the Tri-slosher's range against the Splat Dualies. I would say it's a tie.

Everything is so blue that Beakon looks like a good option to get back quickly. Things change, though, and I have to sit on the edge of the Splat Zones as yellow ink flies in. It looks like the Jet Squelcher is sitting on the obvious perch and causing trouble. I would try to do something about it, maybe with Burst Bombs, but he foolishly drops down in to the path of my bucket instead. That'll do.

A bit more sloshing here and there, using the high ground of the Splat Zones, and the yellow team are splatted back again and again, and, before I realise it, we've won the battle. Woomy!

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