he charger likes that perch in Splat Zones [10(6)-4, Carbon Roller]

10th January 2018 – 7.00 pm

There's some nice to-and-fro for the Splat Zones, and I manage to keep myself inking for a decent amount of time. The E-litre 4K sets himself up on the obvious perch, overlooking the Splat Zones and without an easy route to him, and although an occasional Robot Chicken moves him a little, he's not going to be easy to splat. Before I worry more about that, though, I am reminded that my aim even with a Carbon Roller is as weak as the flick. I should have pointed down the slope more.

I win the battle of the Robot Chickens on my return, mostly because my opponent is in the Splat Zones and has more to worry about. I next try to counter a blue Ink Storm with a green one, but running in to the rain gets me splatted. At least a squidmate deals with the E-litre 4K responsible.

Our brief control of the Splat Zones is lost, and the blue team look to dominate us. I think we need to move that E-litre 4K, or at least get him looking around occasionally. I don't think I have the right weapon to get close without being spotted, but that's rarely stopped me from rushing aggressively forwards before.

My first rush on the E-litre 4K is excellent, even with setting off a tactical Ink Mine. Of course, the E-litre 4K goes right back to his perch, and when I see that I go back for seconds. My Robot Chicken beats me to it, though. I should pay more attention to names. I also need more practice at the jump-flick, or maybe just staying out of the Inkjet's exhaust.

I go back for the E-litre 4K, who will rue leaving those blotches of green ink untouched. A couple of splats later and we have captured the Splat Zones again and are looking to be in a good position. A minor Robot Chicken skirmish has my retreating, which is as good an opportunity as any to poke the E-litre 4K again, and even though I sit on the Ink Mine it's my flick that lets me down. Or the Carbon Roller's redesign, making the flick so weak. So it goes.

I sensibly don't hang around, but leave a Robot Chicken in my wake. I circle back and look to help out with inking the Splat Zones, but again the lack of ink in the Carbon Roller's flick is felt, as three flicks can't even splat the Aerospray. To cheer myself up, I go back for the E-litre 4K, and get the splat, but it needs two flicks again. Even though I'm frustrating a charger, this is almost as disappointing as the lack of UK localisation.

Another attempt to help out in the Splat Zones has my hitting an inkling solidly, but failing to get a splat. So it goes. I get another one eventually, maybe indicating I need to be much more careful with my aim, but I am soon overwhelmed by ink, as the blue team coasts to victory.

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