Keeping Flight grounded in Invisibility Splatfest [2041p, 8(2)-2, Splattershot Jr]

10th January 2018 – 7.00 am

A good bit of inking to start, aiming off the ramp for maximum ink distribution, and dropping down to meet the Flight team coming our way. One Splat Bomb pushes back the Squiffer and splats his squidmate, and activating my Ink Armour replenishes my tank for another Splat Bomb as the Squiffer advances again. Nice!

Pushing up with my squidmates meets blue resistance, but I seem to do alright, maybe because a squidmate or two takes the splat instead of me. I get a bit lucky with the Squiffer again, where a rolled Splat Bomb may have increased my chances, and again after that, as I serendipitously duck under his shot.

I turn back towards base, and see a blue inkling boldly inking up the ramps, but I leave him to it. My time is probably better spent holding turf closer to the middle. Or I could get splatted and cover the intruder's ink, as if that was part of my plan all along.

I am cautious coming down the final ramp, as my view is blocked, and I'm right to be. Almost the entire blue team is there! I clear a path with Splat Bombs, and work my way out, getting back to reclaim turf as the battle enters its last minute. A bit of jinking here and there keeps me out of the sights of one inkling, but I can't quite avoid the second whilst still a bit blue.

One last romp down the side, after a squidmate deals with the Aerospray, and two of us ink a nice patch of turf. I get to meet the Squiffer one last time, and activate my Ink Armour so I can pop out a final Splat Bomb. As the Judds inspect from on high, we've done enough. Woomy!

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