Not really in control in Splat Zones [14(3)-5, Carbon Roller]

11th January 2018 – 7.00 am

That's an excellent first ambush, even with the disappointing need for a second flick. The Robot Chicken throw is less excellent, but I'm happy with the Ink Storm. Coming around the back of the Tenta Missile inkling highlights the weakness of the Carbon Roller, though. The first flick is aimed as well as it can be, and only damages. The second has all the ink falling short. The sweet spot for the horizontal flick is dreadfully small. I hope Sheldon can do something about it.

Going back around for the E-litre 4K finds him moved, which I don't react to particularly quickly, and although the Octobrush wipes the Ink Armour off me effectively, my Ink Storm has the last laugh. That Jet Squelcher could be dangerous, particularly as he seems content to sit back and ink from afar whilst charging Tenta Missiles, but I'll get to him at some point. At least I can get my vertical flick working occasionally, as the E-litre 4K finds out.

There's a neat little flurry of activity, with ink flying everywhere and Robot Chickens running around, before I get frustrated with the Carbon Roller again. I hit the brush with my vertical flick, but not enough for the splat apparently, and ambush the Hero Replica Splattershot nicely, but still not enough for the splat. He manages to Splashdown as a result, pausing our control of the Splat Zones, before a second flick splats him away.

Green ink flies around me, and I have no idea how I walk out of the Splat Zones in one piece. I make the most of it, and spy a super-jumper waiting to be splatted, but again it takes two attempts, at which point a Robot Chicken is coming from me, and some incidental ink from the Octobrush happens to catch me from somewhere. I think my grip on this battle is slipping.

As the Splat Zones are blue and looking to stay that way, I aim to head around the flank to catch the E-litre 4K. He's not there, but the Jet Squelcher is, and I wish I could say I splatted her, but even at close range I only helped. At least I walk away from the encounter. As I also do after wandering in to the aftermath of Tenta Missiles, not that I know how, and manage to splat the E-litre 4K before succumbing to my inkjuries.

Our lead is threatened now, so I do what I can to take the pressure off, and head right around the back to come from behind, which does the trick, but not before we lose the lead. We have precious few seconds left to retain the Splat Zones, which we manage, and a precarious session of extra time where it looks like we'll just about take the lead, but the green team wrest control away from us with less than a second to spare.

Can we throw enough blue ink back in to the Splat Zones to steal the victory? Maybe if I hadn't thrown that Robot Chicken and hadn't run out of ink as a result. Or maybe the green team just had more ink available at the right moment. So it goes. Good battle, everyone!

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