Too orangey for crows in Splat Zones [14(5)-5, Splattershot Jr]

12th January 2018 – 7.00 am

Some early caution pays off for me in Splat Zones, although my Splat Bomb throws are quite pitiful. My squidmates must be doing something right at least, as we capture the Splat Zones and hold on to them for a huge amount of time. We nearly win by knockout, as our Splat Dualies inkling chases inklings, our Splatterscope and Heavy Splatling send ink all over the Splat Zones, and I just loiter inking patches and lobbing Splat Bombs.

An Ink Storm helps the purple team stop our counter and give us a big buffer to work through, which seems to motivate them to push back harder. With the Splat Zones compromised, I take the long route around the flank to see what mischief I can accomplish, which is pretty much none, as no one is behind the Splat Zones. So it goes.

Heading back in to the Splat Zones helps ink them orange again, although I mostly chase splats rather than getting them. I get a couple after a while, but that also means that the purple team's attention is pointing towards me, and the ink finally builds up enough to splat me. The Splat Zones turn purple again.

I support from the back for a bit, not wanting to rush in to unseen trouble, and push forwards when opportunity arises. The inkling heads down the ramp and is going to want to come back up, and I pick the right moment to drop down. My Ink Armour and a lucky Splat Bomb lets me go back up the ramp myself, dodging a Robot Chicken and Curling Bomb, and I inexpertly get two more splats, for a delayed quad. And we've captured the Splat Zones back. Nice!

I push forwards to solidify our position, which looks to be working, but probably only because the purple team aren't there to defend. When they are, it's at just the right time to support their Tenta Missiles launcher from my ill-advised rush. I come back to survive the Carbon Roller, a nearby Splashdown, and the Sploosh-o-matic who made it, before the N-ZAP '85 splats me away. A squidmate gets instant revenge.

I dunno if I get lucky or unlucky against the Sploosh-o-matic on my return, but I do know that I messed up jumping as celebration of our impending win, and instead opened and closed the map. But no one saw that. Woomy!

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