Missing a squid in Splat Zones [11(5)-3, Splattershot Jr]

13th January 2018 – 7.00 pm

That's a pretty good Splat Bomb to start with, splatting one inkling and getting another inky. Losing the Splat Zones initially isn't a problem either, not if they are captured from a shaky foundation, and we overpower the yellow team to take control. Unfortunately, we've already lost our Jer Squelcher, making our position considerably weaker.

I keep myself going, trying to ink the Splat Zones as best I can, and hitting the flank when the Splat Zones aren't safe. I see one inkling trying to splat me, and leave a Splat Bomb as a welcoming present, but the rest of their team has captured the Splat Zones and are solidifying their presence there.

Our lead is lost, and yellow ink is everywhere. We really are missing our Jet Squelcher. Not even the odd splat here and there really helps us out, as that only puts us on even terms for a short few seconds. It's no surprise that the yellow team's control continues in one streak.

It was a good battle for a while, but losing an inkling really is felt quite hard.

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