Custom fun in Tower Control [12(5)-9, Custom Splattershot Jr]

15th January 2018 – 7.00 pm

I like the Splattershot Jr, and now the Custom version is here, with Robot Chickens and a stormier Ink Storm. That sounds like a great combination to me, both sub and Special forcing inklings to move, perhaps where they don't want to, allowing for more nuanced battling over the standard weapon. I grab one from Sheldon and head in to Tower Control with it.

My first few outings aren't great, although one opportunistic Robot Chicken chucked at the Tower finds a target, but I've never said I was good at battling. As the Tower heads our way again, I try to avoid a direct confrontation and be a bit more tactical. That's pretty much why I've chose the Custom Splattershot Jr after all. I think that does the trick.

Another Robot Chicken splat and some ink sprayed here and there clears the Tower, and we get to push it the other way. Having not been splatted in a few seconds lets my Ink Storm charge, and that provides some needed cover for our push, as I get some inky revenge on the Octobrush super-jumping to a dangerous location.

It looks like my Ink Storm helps splat a couple of inklings away, and although we don't take the lead we make a good statement of intent. I put by Robot Chickens to work next, and they do a good job of getting the orange team inky. I meet the Octobrush again, whose wild flailing beats my wild spraying, but my Ink Storm has the last word.

My next outing is short, falling off the ledge throwing a Robot Chicken. So it goes. I hassle an orange inkling sticking around our high turf afterwards, and it's fun to watch him run this way and that from my little automatons, but there's a battle to fight too. I drop down to get some revenge for a squidmate, before the squidmate I was hassling with Robot Chickens tracks me down to get her own back.

My flanking move doesn't catch anyone, but it baits the Sploosh-o-matic to chasing me again, this time without a Splashdown. I still get a bit lucky with the result. We get to push the Tower again, with not much time left, so it's good I have an Ink Storm ready to help. That Octobrush catches me out again, though, and my last-ditch attempt to recover the Tower is foiled by a jumper.

It was a close battle. Better than that, the Custom Splattershot Jr looks like a lot of fun!

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