Losing our grip on the Splat Zones [20(10)-6, Custom Splattershot Jr]

17th January 2018 – 7.00 am

My Robot Chicken does me proud to start the battle, as I almost get stuck between two inklings. Instead, I get an Ink Storm out of it. I'm also starting out quite sensibly, being mobile, not chasing needless splats, and inking anything I can. Keeping the Robot Chickens flying when I have the ink for them also keeps the orange team on their toes. We're dominating the Splat Zones.

It looks like we're going for a straight knockout, but those Tenta Missiles do their job of keeping us out of the Splat Zones, whilst the Ink Storm helps reduce our purple cover. The orange team capture the Splat Zones, and we have a buffer to work through. Our position remains undeniably strong, though. My exceptionally good run of staying unsplatted comes to an end too, when a cunning orange inkling hits out flank successfully.

Now we are a little on the back foot. It shouldn't be too bad, as we have plenty of time on our hands, and can ink the orange turf to build up our specials. But even though we turn the Splat Zones orange again, even simply waiting for a super-jumper can cause problems these days, particularly if they can roll away on landing. Pretty cool, that.

Despite our lead being eroded away second-by-second, we still have the luxury of time, so I take a patient route around the back. The tactic may have worked had I been more aggressive at the right moment, but choosing the Ink Storm instead gets me splatted as soon as I'm noticed. By now we really are in danger of losing the lead, but thankfully a concerted effort re-captures the Splat Zones and gives the orange team a buffer.

All looks well again, even when pushed out of the Splat Zones by more Tenta Missiles. I spy an inkling harassing a squidmate, and think I help chase them off, but they turn out just to be quite good at not being seen, popping out to splat me when, once again, I think it's a good time for an Ink Storm. I think their Suction Bomb Rush will spread more ink. Or it would, if my Ink Storm didn't splat them.

Being half-forced in to the Splat Zones by an orange automaton, half by increasing desperation not to lose the battle, I come out worse in a direct ink fight, and with thirty seconds to go the tide has really turned orange, and we lose the lead we held for so long. The battle's not over yet, though!

With seconds to go, we stop the orange counter, and recapture the Splat Zones, giving us one last chance to reclaim our victory. In the midst of the action, I splat three inklings in quick succession, and I think surely that's enough to tip the balance in our favour. But apparently not. The orange team get a bunch of splats at the same time, and their last inkling standing makes the Splat Zones orange. So close. Good battle, everyone!

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