Shown no mercy in Splat Zones [13(6)-5, Custom Splattershot Jr]

19th January 2018 – 7.00 am

Uh-oh, our Rapid Blaster isn't moving. Hopefully it's just temporary, and there's not much to be done but press on. Splatting the Inkjet with my Ink Storm keeps my spirits up early, and although I avoid a Splashdown I run in to the inkling that comes out of it. Heading back to base has our Rapid Blaster still there, and as I squid off I hear the noise of him disappearing. Moments later, we lose the lead. This is not looking good.

I send in my Robot Chickens and an Ink Storm, picking up a couple of splats and a couple of assists, and my squidmates and I put up a spirited effort to turn the Splat Zones purple. But with an extra inkling available, the curved paths in to the Splat Zones are quite restricted, and we have to be creative.

We recapture the Splat Zones, no doubt boosting our morale, thanks to a clutch of splats, but we lose our grip after a Splashdown splats a squidmate, and I squid in to a solid block that won't let me pass. Literally unplayable. Worse still, there goes our Splash-o-matic to a puff of purple dust.

That map looks very green. Our options are rapidly being cut off. Inking our flanks for protection does nothing for the Splat Zones, but trying to ink the Splat Zones merely reveals a waiting squid in the ink. The power imbalance is starkly shown when one green inkling can pressure all the way to our base, whilst the other three lie in wait in the Splat Zones.

I manage to get back to the Splat Zones in a last attempt to neutralise them before the knockout defeat, but I barely shoot any ink before the defeat hits us. I do get to see the green team squid-partying their victory, though. I imagine they didn't twig the lack of inklings on our side.

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