A little Turf War [2137p, 5-4, Sploosh-o-matic]

22nd January 2018 – 7.00 pm

So I was stalking CallieYuga (see recent Salmon Runs) and saw him as available when I poked my nose in to the 'Friends' section of the lobby. It turns out to be relatively easy to join other inklings in battles, if the timing is right and you don't care about teams, and I hopped in for a quick battle. I didn't realise it was Turf War, so my Rainmaker-equipped Sploosh-o-matic wouldn't have been my first choice. But it would do, I'm sure.

Of course, Turf War is a bit different from Ranked battles, where the turf itself is almost what you're battling. You aren't pressed towards the same bit of turf as in Splat Zones, or pointed towards a Tower or Rainmaker to provoke deliberate encounters with other inklings. That means a bit more running around with not much to see, for the most part.

Still, when I see another inkling, my instinct is to splat them. Or get splatted by them, it depends on various factors mostly out of my control. It is kinda fun to bump in to CallieYuga whilst he's hassling one of our chargers, and although my Curling Bomb does little, my Sploosh-o-matic is a monster at close range. Maybe not against annoying persistent jumpers, though.

We seem to get hemmed in a bit, but with the open nature of Turf War there is nearly always a way to get to some turf to be inked. I manage that, but my splatting game is lacking. Not even a Splashdown catches anyone out. Because of that, it's nice of CallieYuga to appear in front of me as a decent target, and let me splat him a second time. That gives me the confidence to perform a proper Splashdown.

With time ticking down, I head in to full inking mode, moving and inking, moving and inking. There's no shortage of blue turf to ink either, and I am able to keep running, inking, and splatting until the very end of the battle. It's a comfortable victory in the end, and, as it turns out, the Sploosh-o-matic wasn't really a poor choice, as I inked a huge amount of turf. Woomy!

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