Blasting the Grizzco way in Salmon Run [21-21-22, 22/564]

24th January 2018 – 7.00 am

Mystery weapon time! Luna Blaster isn't so bad, I suppose, but I feel dirty wielding it. My inexpertise clearly shows too against the early Drizzlers, but I finally find a boss I can help with, and eventually even start collecting Golden Eggs. And, as it turns out, the bosses are all either fairly benign, fit nicely with some close-range blasting, or don't aim for me. Everything works out in the first wave quite nicely.

Dapple Dualies next, which is okay, and better than the Dynamo Roller I can see a squidmate got. It's low tide too, which is good, but the sky is darkening, which is rarely good. The cannons pop out of the ground, so we have Cohocks heading our way. I like using the cannons, but a squidmate gets to one first, so I trust him to do the blasting and I start looking for Golden Eggs.

In fact, all three of my squidmates are in cannons. That's a lot of firepower, but it rather limits our egg-collecting ability. Still, I'm okay with squidding backwards and forwards, with all this rockets protecting me. One squidmate realises the imbalance and comes out of the cannon to help with the collecting, and we pretty much just need to collect all the Golden Eggs now lying around.

Thanks to a lack of Flyfish to start with, and some good cannon shooting, the Cohock wave is completed very smoothly indeed. Some Cohocks get close near the end, but a bit of teamwork ensures everything works out nicely. And with the third wave, I get the Grizzco Blaster. It feels pretty sweet, and makes the Rapid Blaster look like an E-litre 4K. I can only imagine each blast is pretty weak, but this is the kind of weapon I really enjoy.

Low tide again, this time with clear skies, so I can just run around blasting at anything that moves. I don't hit a great deal to start with, partly down to range issues, but bosses are being splatted, so that's okay. And I use my first Splashdown on the bastard double-headed Steel Eel coming my way, just to be sure.

It takes three attempts to hit the Steelhead, and it's a squidmate more comfortable with the Grizzco Blaster who gets the splat. But at least we're managing, for the most part. I head out to splat a Scrapper, then stay for a Steelhead, but I run low on ink and surrounded by exploding ink when heading back to try to help two splatted squidmates. Thankfully, they are revived by our fourth.

We easily make quota, and the Specials are brought out for a bit of fun and a touch of survival at the end of the wave. I like that Blaster. I hope I get to use it again.

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