Celebrating the turnaround in Splat Zones [6(3)-1, Custom Splattershot Jr]

25th January 2018 – 7.00 pm

Hitting the flank at the start, with the wall for protection, keeps me safe for a bit, although I don't have much effect on the battle for the Splat Zones. A Robot Chicken is almost my downfall too, as I have to move and, perhaps impetuously, head towards the Splat Zones instead of retreating a little, which is not the smartest move when all the orange inklings are there. Still, my Ink Storm is keeping them a little on their toes.

I just about avoid a Curling Bomb Rush on my return, but that just makes the very orange Splat Zones look even more intimidating. Thankfully, there are alternative routes, and I pick the one closest to me to see if I can start to make a difference. I hope so, we don't have much longer to try.

Getting around the back coincidentally charges my Ink Storm, which encourages me to drop down after launching it to follow up with more ink. And my Ink Storm, a squidmate's Hamster Ball, and our coming from behind the orange team secures us the Splat Zones. Nice! I take advantage of our position to make the orange team's return more difficult, just as they did to us, as my squidmates splat them all back to their base. It's worth inking our side our colour again too.

The orange team come back and put up a spirited battle for the Splat Zones, but their coordination has gone, putting us more on an even keel. We can keep the Splat Zones teal whilst splatting back the odd intruder. I am even sensible enough not to engage the Octobrush directly, letting my Ink Storm provide the pressure as I hit the flank again.

I'm happy to see my Robot Chicken catch out the Splattershot, although it didn't look like it would be effective for a moment. My Ink Storm is helping get the orange team inky too, and in what seems like a short period of time, we've turned the battle around from nearly losing to nearly winning.

Given the circumstances, I think a little squid party to celebrate the imminent victory is justified. Woomy!

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