Getting a little too close for comfort in Salmon Run [16-26-20, 14/482]

25th January 2018 – 7.00 am

The H-3 Nozzlenose is a surprise weapon, and one that I have barely practiced with. This could be a disastrous first wave. Even just inking the Spawning Grounds before the salmonids appear has my feeling uncomfortable with it. At least the first boss being a Steelhead appear below me gives me an easy start. Better than the Stinger half-way across the Grounds aiming for me, anyway.

Multiple Drizzlers appear, plus some Flyfish, and a Stinger. Thankfully, the ink rain from the Drizzlers doesn't all head in the same direction, and we splat the Flyfish and Stinger pretty quickly. But dropping a Golden Egg off at the basket has a Steelhead wandering nearby, and we can't quite splat him before the bomb is launched. Despite reaching quota, we are now three inklings down.

A squidmate tries to revive us with a Splashdown, but it comes a second too soon for our rubber rings to appear, and has little effect. He tries it again, which can hardly be considered a waste given the circumstances, and has better luck, reviving all three of us. That was close! We can grab a couple more Golden Eggs, before falling through a grate and getting splatted by a Stinger as the round ends, like true profreshionals.

The Tri-slosher is a much more favourable weapon for me, and I have buckets of fun with it and the Sting Ray, splatting Stingers, Steel Eels, and the occasional Steelhead, before a Steel Eel takes exception to me and bumps me in to the water. We're well above our quota by the point anyway, and hardly in much threat, and we have a very successful second wave.

Getting the .52 Gal for the third wave could be worse. At least I have some mobility with the weapon, and some decent range and firepower with it. The first two bosses are tidily close together, I find a Scrapper next to the egg basket after that, and even Maws is nearby. The first problematic boss is a Flyfish down near the gangplanks, made a little more awkward by another Flyfish somewhere being mid-launch.

Our Splat Bomb throws are a bit shaky, but the Flyfish is splatted, as a Steel Eel wants to eat me. Not today, you won't! But as I move in to collect a Golden Egg and turn to splat the Steel Eel, it seems things have gone a bit awry behind me. Two squidmates are splatted, a third quickly follows, and the head of the splatted Steel Eel is coming for me from one side, a Scrapper from another, a wall blocks a third side, and Maws is underneath me. And we just need this one Golden Egg to make quota!

Thankfully, I realise my squidmates are down and that I simply can't take unnecessary risks, so back off and make sure I keep to a nice inked route, keeping myself out of harm's way until I can safely revive a squidmate or two. My squidmates are coming to me too, and my path takes me back to two of them, where a Splat Bomb revives them both.

I bounce off a Scrapper as I continue on to the basket, a revived squidmate beating me to making quota, and then start worrying about all the boss salmonids around. It's no big deal. Avoid a Maws, get booped by the Scrapper, move away from the Flyfish rockets, and revive another squidmate just as I get splatted.

I think surviving that run is worth a little celebrating. Woomy!

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