Hunt the Goldie and a Mothership in Salmon Run [19-27-23, 20/498]

26th January 2018 – 7.00 am

Giddy-up! The Grizzco Blaster to start with. But that's all Mr Grizz is being generous with, as the first wave is a medium-tide Hunt-the-Goldie. Still, a squidmate finds the Goldie quickly, and we dogpile on it for the Golden Eggs, bagging us eleven on the first attempt. Not too shabby. Goldie is found quickly again and we make quota with ease, and we're all happy to keep things at that. Two of my squidmates want to make sure too, calling everyone to the basket. I'm happy to have a little squid party.

Back to the job, with an N-ZAP '85 in hand. Good choice. This time is a normal wave of salmonids and bosses, and it takes me a surprising amount of time to get in to the swing of things, mostly shooting ineffectively at bosses or just the little salmonids. But my squidmates are doing better, or must be because we're all still floating, and I get in to a groove after a while. We collect a healthy batch of Golden Eggs to take us in to the third wave.

I like the Splattershot too. But the tide is coming in, the sky is darkening. We have a mothership incoming! These can be a pain, but we all know what we have to do, and thanks to the high tide we even get a nice concentration of Golden Eggs not too far from the basket. We're having more problems collecting them than anything.

We force away the mothership, easily make quota, and have a little Special-throwing party at the end to celebrate another successful Salmon Run. Woomy!

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