Splooshing it up in Rainmaker [17(2)-6, Sploosh-o-matic]

28th January 2018 – 7.00 am

Back to the Sploosh-o-matic for some Rainmaker, and this time with a nifty Ninja Squid jacket. I like it from the start, the Curling Bomb being Seeker-like, and squidding around the edge to patrol for inklings to splat. I even hit the flank to make a potential path for the Rainmaker to take, which goes a bit wrong when the other team takes the Rainmaker instead. They're squid quite fast too.

It looks like we get back under control soon enough, and I even get a Curling Bomb splat, which was not at all lucky and obviously just me working the angles. An interesting route by a squidmate grabs us the lead whilst technically being further as the inkling squids from the podium, and although he is splatted my Splashdown charges to help me regain the Rainmaker. I grab it too, once I work out that I haven't been splatted myself. That feeling doesn't last long.

That Rainmaker can move quickly through ink. Or my Sploosh-o-matic has a really short range. Probably a bit of both. I'm a bit disappointed that the Splattershot Pro just has to casually look my way to splat me, though. Our precarious lead holds, and falls, as I try to be clever and out-flank the purple team. I get my splats in the end, but we have a bit of a task to win the battle now.

I ride the rail with the Rainmaker, and it's nice to feel in-sync with a squidmate. It falls apart soon enough, the purple team defending well, but we shared a moment. The Rainmaker gets caught in an awkward spot, for both teams. If we grab it, the purple inkling will splat us from above, but if he grabs it, he has to drop down from that one-way ledge. Working our way around to him will open a path for him to grab and move the Rainmaker, but staying where we are lets him splat us from the high turf to open the same path. It was not a good position for us.

In other news, look at me maturing, by ignoring the Splattershot Pro and chasing the Rainmaker instead. A Curling Bomb up the jacksie does the trick, and I use my Splashdown to splat the Roller and stop him being an awkward nuisance. We move the Rainmaker back the other way, but again not too far, and now the purple team can taste victory.

They burst the Rainmaker free, retreat in to a sea of purple for a bit of security, then realise they don't want to lose the Rainmaker close to their podium if they can help it, so move back towards the centre, but just to shoot it a bit. There's not much we can do, so I have a little consolation dance, which makes me feel better.

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