Some back-and-forth in Splat Zones [9(1)-3, Custom Splattershot Jr]

1st February 2018 – 7.00 am

Early control of the Splat Zones is for suckers. Or for inklings who like to be splatted quickly. I speak from experience. Of course, some inklings can take advantage of pressing high quickly. I'm not one of them, and thankfully neither are the purple team. One wanders in to a Robo Chicken of mine too, which pleases me. After the initial mayhem, we capture the Splat Zones away from the other team and steal their lead.

I keep a watchful eye for approaching purple inklings, which would work out better if I could throw my Robo Chickens accurately, instead of hitting grates or bouncing off crates. Running out of ink is a bit of an impediment too. The purple team get themselves back in to the lead, a Robo Chicken bounced off a wall to land behind me still not helping somehow, but we have plenty of time, and a bit of patience is probably for the best.

Jumping in to the Splat Zones behind an Ink Storm seems like a good idea, and works really well. I think a squidmate applied some ink too, so thank you for the triple! I come a cropper to a purple Special, though, not quite noticing the last Tenta Missile's approach, and the Splat Zones are purple again. So it goes.

I make an immediate impact on my return, and follow that up with a decent Ink Storm and covering the purple tracks towards our base, but I get caught in ink again. At least I just about manage to cling to the right part of the wall to avoid being splatted immediately afterwards by more Tenta Missiles. Staying unsplatted works well to keep applying inky pressure to the Splat Zones.

The Robo Chickens do a good job of forcing the purple team to adjust their position, and two in succession push a couple of inklings back from the Splat Zones enough for us to dash in and capture them. Moving up helps us solidify our position, and although the purple team make a good final push, we hold our turf to win without entering extra time. Woomy!

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