Splatting steve-o in Turf War [1372p, 6(1)-1, Custom Splattershot Jr]

3rd February 2018 – 7.00 am

I saw steve-o online and thought I'd join their battles for a bit. It turns out it was his daughter, but that's cool. I was never gunning for him specifically, and enjoyed the battles where we were on the same team as well. But I am attracted to chargers, and when you get close, you have to make the most of it.

The Custom Splattershot Jr works as well in Turf War as it can in Ranked battles, particularly with the Ink Storm. I charge up and launch my first Ink Storm, before trying to sneak around the side looking for the E-litre 4K. It works until a Tenta Missile hits me squarely in the squid.

There's plenty of turf still to ink near the base, which is worth doing, and my Robo Chickens will help me force some inklings away from choke points. That central part of the Maria is looking pretty... green? Yellow? Not our colour, anyway. I push up to help make a difference, my squidmates right behind me.

My manoeuvring lets me catch up with steve-o's E-litre 4K, and I'm not letting it get away. But I'm not going to gloat or press unsportingly high, a splat is just part of battling. And it's good that I turn around, as some inklings have got behind us and started making a mess of the ship.

I hear the E-litre 4K is back, and head back to support a helping Splattershot Jr. A couple of times, as it happens. But the mess in the middle won't turn pink itself, and the Turf War needs to be won.

It's a shame I didn't think to ink more turf earlier, though, as the other greenyellow inklings had secured the turf all the way to our base. I just couldn't ink enough of it to turn things around. Good battle, everyone!

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