Awkward celebration in Splat Zones [7(1)-2, Hero Charger Replica]

4th February 2018 – 7.00 pm

My previous tactic of sticking to the left worked well for my survival, if not my inking of the opposition Splat Zone, so I'm trying it again. I move up a bit, to get more coverage, and so that I'm not crowding our Goo Tuber. Early inking goes well, well enough to encourage me to push further forwards, and we capture the Splat Zones to take the lead.

The green team come back, of course, and neatly split their manoeuvres and attentions along multiple angles. Whilst it looks like I'm keeping things inked, I get caught easily from behind. There's a decent tussle for the Splat Zones, where we match the green ink fairly easily, but having to dodge Tenta Missiles provides a good opportunity for the green team, and they capture the Splat Zones.

My first Sting Ray works out well, with two splats and an assist, and that lets us recapture the Splat Zones neatly. The green team don't split their attention like before, and with the battle focussing on their Splat Zone, it's easy to keep ours purple and not worry about being hit with a buffer.

My second Sting Ray doesn't hit as much as the first, but it looks to delay one squid's appearance in the Splat Zones. But when she does turn up, it's with panache, Splashing Down then one-blast splatting me. But the battle looks won, even as I return to base, both Splat Zones looking mostly purple. I even have time for a victory dance!

But I forget how to jump, and open the map, then remember how to jump but forget how to close the map. Then remember both how to jump and close the map, and the green team neutralise one of the Splat Zones. I feel a bit silly, to be honest. I rush back to the Splat Zones, hoping that we don't get stuck with a buffer after my failed victory jig, and thankfully manage to help out to actually secure us the victory. Woomy!

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