Finding the right opportunity in Rainmaker [13(5)-7, Sploosh-o-matic]

6th February 2018 – 7.00 pm

In a display of excellent timing and positioning, I drop right in to the Roller's flick. You can't teach that. I'm not quite sure how the Roller splatted me next time, though, but I at least I also somehow survived the Rainmaker's shield exploding. But that Roller catches me again, and again I don't quite know how. I should probably try to steer clear of her.

A squidmate sneaks the lead as I try to ink my own path to the podium on the other side of the Track. I hope that comes in useful, because it doesn't look like it at the moment. I think I need to find a groove soon, as my little dance with the Aerospray clearly shows I'm struggling a bit.

I get a bit of mojo with some attacking defence, bagging a couple of splats that, with a bit more skill, could have been four. But two is good, and gives me some confidence. More defence needed, which my squidmates provide nicely, giving us an attacking opportunity that I'm around for this time. I manage to blend in to the background as well, but that doesn't help when the orange team has a lot of inkpower going in to the Rainmaker's shield.

Another concerted push gets the Rainmaker in a squidmate's tentacles with most of the orange team out of commission, and it looks like he's going to squid it all the way to the podium. And he kinda does, but is splatted just before the dunk is complete. That's bad luck, but he's pretty much won us the battle.

I ride the ink rail to the other side, being the obvious way for the orange team to clear the Rainmaker from their podium, which works out very well. It's fun to see the brush super-jump directly in to the Rainmaker's expanding shield too. And with the Rainmaker's shield burst, opportunity is knocking again.

It takes a few blasts to ensure the way forward is free, and although the ink coming from doesn't stop, it's more of an annoyance than a threat. By this time my squidmates have come back to add some support, and I'm given a clear path to the podium to dunk the Rainmaker. Woomy!

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