Sneaking some splats in Rainmaker [17(3)-4, Sploosh-o-matic]

6th February 2018 – 7.00 am

That green inkling's move is easy to anticipate, opening up the centre of the Pump Track for me. I have to avoid a Curling Bomb Rush, though, but lurking on the lower track opens opportunity to splat the charger, which is pretty satisfying. I then make a similar mistake to that first green inkling, and following my Curling Bomb, whose ink is the only trail I can move through. Not even Ninja Squid will foil an attacker.

My squidmates have made good progress by the time I return, and I hope it continues, to give me time to sneak around the other way. It does, and I do, catching one inkling unawares and inking a path that is immediately inked-over by the green team. There's a pretty inky battle, and none of us come out of it unsplatted, but I really don't think that squidbagging is necessary or deserved.

I wait and watch for opportunity next, and find it when flanking the green team. The Rapid Blaster is splatted back first, but I don't care to squidbag, although that makes me lose track of the Splat Charger. I lose track of everyone, in fact, but catch up to splat the Rainmaker, and not much more.

There's green where it shouldn't be, which I take upon myself to tidy up, but cautiously, in case of intruders. No one there, and there won't be a free squidding to our podium, not on my watch. And this time I don't lose track of the Rainmaker, and drop down to stop an attempt to sneak around us. And that move ends up giving us a good run to the other side of the Track, although it's stopped earlier than I'd like.

Okay, I definitely lose track of the Rainmaker this time, moving to where I think it is going, but they took the ink rail short-cut, and steal the lead. I blame myself, in part. At least I don't quite manage to get myself splatted by squidbutting the Rainmaker's shield. There is a threat below, which is tough to get rid of, but this is why we have Splashdown.

We start moving the Rainmaker again, and I try to provide some forward support, but despite getting a good number of splats, we just can't get past the green team's defence. Good battle, everyone. Back down to A+ with me.

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