Holding the hump in Front Rolling Splatfest [2163p, 7(2)-1, Custom Splatteshot Jr]

7th February 2018 – 7.00 pm

There aren't many battles to be had with the back-rollers. Even so, I want my super sea snails, and that means becoming Queen of Toilet Rolls, so the battles are contested. Despite the known importance of inking your base, an earlier battle in Sturgeon Shipyard shows that getting to the central turf and holding has significant importance with certain maps, and Humpback Pump Track is one of those.

As such, I rush to the central mound, and do my best to hold that turf from any and all inklings. I have the good fortune that no inkling on the other team subscribes to the same philosophy, leaving me to ink a protective barrier to start with. The main problem is that threats can come from any direction, moreso here than in the Shipyard.

The Splat Charger could cause problems, but that's why I have Robo Chickens and, to some extent, the Ink Storm. I use them to at least force the charger to move, and the little automatons definitely do the trick.

The mound gets a bit inky at times, but threats are chased or splatted away, and some good mobility keeps me safe. I keep inking the central mound and use Robo Chickens to help around the edges. The main threats are actually the Ink Storms, and I manage to keep out of them until the final few seconds, where I literally can't tell which way it is moving until I am trapped.

A solid battle for me. Now I just need to meet the dastardly back-rollers whilst in this form.

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