Down to three in Salmon Run [19-20-14, 14/600]

11th February 2018 – 7.00 pm

I haven't used a Mini-splatling for a while. I quite enjoyed it before, so I should be okay with it in Salmon Run. And things start okay, until I line up the rear of a Scrapper, and get bumped in to the high tide. How embarrassing. I get splatted again soon, but after I make a good throw to get a Splat Bomb in to a Flyfish launcher. Sticking the landing would have helped.

Between splatting the Maws and trying to avoid the Steel Eel, we've lost a squidmate. Dunno what happened to them, but it helps with our current quota. I'm not sure what it will do to our chances of survival, though, and just when another Flyfish turns up at the end of the grating. Walking backwards in to water again doesn't help either. But some Golden Eggs next to the basket and the first wave finishing does help.

Splat Dualies and low tide, but with three inklings. Sure, we don't need to collect as many Golden Eggs, but I don't think the number of bosses is reduced. I think we could use both the extra firepower, and the extra body for the bosses to aim for. But let's see how it goes. It's not a great start when my squidmates are nowhere to be seen as the first two bosses appear, though.

I could really use more ink against Cohocks, which makes it tough to get close to the Flyfish. But a Maws comes close, which is a nice distraction, and when those eggs are collected the route to the Flyfish is clear. Another Maws appears, and I nearly roll a Splat Bomb its way, but instead decide to lure it closer to the basket. That kinda works, but getting chased by a Steel Eel hinders further progress.

I break out my Sting Ray to counter the Stinger and Steelhead, although I think a squidmate splats the Steelhead, and finish the Steel Eel as another one turns up with a Stinger buddy. It's all go. We've made quota quite easily, with all these bosses around, so again it's a matter of survival, such are three-inkling runs.

Medium-tide sloshing doesn't go too badly, but I have trouble with ink efficiency. The Steelhead's appearance proves tricky, and it's only thanks to a squidmate's Splat Bomb Rush that we get to keep going. I get a bit of luck when falling off a wall to avoid the Steelhead's bomb, bumping in to a splatted squidmate. I don't make it back to the basket unscathed, but the squidmate I revived does, which is good.

With only ten seconds left, it again comes down to surviving. One squidmate manages this, as the other two of us waddle around in rubber rings. But we made it, we completed the Salmon Run!

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