Awkward last wave in Salmon Run [22-28-19, 23/567]

12th February 2018 – 7.00 am

Uh-oh, dark skies. At least at the Spawning Grounds we can rush to the low-tide area, and not have to wait for the cannon on top of the rusted ship in Marooner's Bay to pop up. And the cannons do pop up. Cohocks! I'll hop in a cannon and wreak havoc! As will two of my squidmates. Okay, I'll hop out and go on Golden Egg-collecting duty, lest we fail the wave.

Maws choosing to pop up right in front of the cannon is unfortunate for Maws, but not for us. That, plus the Scrapper, gives us a nice little haul of Golden Eggs to quickly pop in to the basket, before heading further afield to collect some strays. A pretty successful Cohock wave, I would say.

Splat Dualies at high tide next. That'll do. I make my signature backwards fall in to the water, whilst we deal with wave after wave of Steelheads. After a while, it's nice to see a Maws, Scrapper, and Steel Eel, if just for the change. We deal with everything pretty smoothly, high tide keeping the Golden Eggs close, although my being splatted late in the wave, using a probably unnecessary Splashdown, and not getting my Golden Egg back to the basket could have worked out better.

Low tide again, and with the Mini-splatling. The opening Stinger is easy pickings, and the Flyfish that follows is close enough to not cause problems. But then it's right across to the other side for another Flyfish and Steelhead, which wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have some Smallfry smacking me with a spoon.

I think I thought I had the Sting Ray when I use my next Splashdown. As such, it's not very effective. But I've escaped the Smallfry, which I suppose is something. It's less embarrassing to be splatted by one of several bosses all targeting you. But after the apparent ease of the first two waves, we are now getting overwhelmed.

Three Stingers appear, on two different parts of the coast, and that Steelhead is still loping along. Who's got the charger anyway? But we just about scrape together enough Golden Eggs to make quota, and the low-tide gives us the room to run away for the last few seconds to survive the wave. It could have gone better, but it's another successful Salmon Run.

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