Helping out in the Splat Zones [13(3)-4, Custom Splattershot Jr]

12th February 2018 – 7.00 pm

Things get orange quickly in the Splat Zones, and I don't really want to get splatted for no reason. I hold back a bit instead, biding my time, and doing that finds me opportunity in the form of an Ink Storm. That gets the orange team's attention, and although I'm caught in a pincer movement, the Curling Bomb Rush inkling behind me looks to panic and squids through a grate, whilst my Ink Storm ahead of me gets a splat.

The balance has shifted in our favour, and I use it to get behind the Splat Zones and finish inking what my Ink Storm started. The orange team come back, of course, but some combined ink efforts splat most of them away again and keep the Splat Zones purple. I run out of ink briefly, but I find heading back to base replenishes my tank.

I'm not super-jumping in to the Splat Zones. But I will ink a bigger path around the right flank for us. That charges my Ink Storm, which I use when I hit the orange team's flank, and manage not to make the same mistake the Curling Bomb Rusher did earlier. Instead, I move forwards, away from the attention of the Ink Jet, and add more ink to the Storm to splat the Aerospray.

Avoiding some Tenta Missiles finds me a super-jumper to splat, for which I'm grateful, but the rest of the orange team think less of this. So it goes. Everything is getting a bit too orange on our side of the Mainstage, which will require some manoeuvring to get through safely. I choose my side, and hear an inkling coming. Not on my watch, mister! And I think the Splattershot runs out of ink like I did earlier. But she regains just enough to splat me back.

We recapture the Splat Zones, so it's time to tidy up a bit. And we lose the Splat Zones, so I'd better move forwards. But I wait for a handy Ink Storm to provide some cover, which helps nicely. Pushing up to make it difficult for the orange team to advance turns the tables on them nicely, although we still have to watch our flanks.

We keep the Splat Zones captured for long enough to repel flanking attempts from both sides, and although I am splatted at the end, the knockout victory is ours. Woomy!

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