More splats for Marie in Splat Zones (6-4, Tri-slosher)

21st July 2017 – 7.00 pm

Green versus purple. I think I can make this more of a partisan battle than usual, just by thinking I'm fighting on the side of Marie in a daytime Splatfest. To that end, I nip along the side and around the back, and although I don't catch anyone on a perch I get to a good position to drop down on a couple of inklings. With them out of the way, and of course with the support of my squidmates, the Splat Zones become ours.

I skirt around the purple ink for a bit, not wanting to face it head-on, not with my short range, but succumb eventually, when stay a bit too long in the area. Coming back hits someone with a Disruptor, but not the inkling who squids in to my path, who splats me unceremoniously.

My next excursion goes a bit better, with an Echolocated inkling appearing right in front of me, and despite us losing the lead it looks like we are still putting up a fight, grabbing back the Splat Zones. My Bubbler protects me from inky threat, but in trying to evade it I am pinged as a squid over a grate I don't expect. So it goes.

A bit of tidying up doesn't go amiss, and my squidmates keep control of the Splat Zones as I get myself in to two-pronged trouble. More tidying up looks like a good idea after that too. Maybe I'm not inking the Splat Zones, but by inking everywhere else I am helping my squidmates get back in to good positions smoothly.

I don't quite hit the Burst Bomber with a Disruptor, but a squidmate splats them anyway. We both surge forwards, taking advantage of the gain in turf, and that puts me right next to an active Inkzooka, who I splat with brutal efficiency. And once more the Splat Zones are ours.

I squid around the back to frustrate the movements of the purple team like they did to us, but it doesn't really work when no one's there. That's okay, as I see where they are and move up to flank them. One is splatted by a squidmate, which saves me the trouble, and I get the other one. Just in time too, as the battle is won! Woomy!

Luck goes both ways in Splat Zones (6-8, Carbon Roller Deco)

21st July 2017 – 7.00 am

I aim for the short-cut to the Splat Zones with my Seeker, and get pretty close from that angle. A bit of flicking and I'm right there, really quickly, just about wishing that maybe I had dragged my heels a bit. A squidmate also gets splatted pretty quickly, and I think she jumps to share the misfortune between us.

I come back along the more traditional route and immediately get caught up with an encroaching inkling. My ink tank doesn't fill up enough for a Seeker, and my flicking won't do much from where I am, but a bit of a pause in the ink, and a bit of luck with my target standing stock-still to launch an Inkstrike, and I'm on my way.

My Seeker Rush charges, but perhaps dropping in to the middle of occupied Splat Zones is not the best option for maximising their ink. So it goes, although that Kraken got away with a nose dip in the water. Thankfully, my squidmates are having better luck, capturing the Splat Zones and starting our score. We're only fifty points behind!

A bit of height keeps me out of harm's way for a bit, but not from Burst Bombs or Blasters. I hope to be effective soon, and try to help a little by inking over some teal ink near our base, before doing an unnecessary hop to launch a Seeker. Heading back to approach the Splat Zones with some reach, I pretty much bump in to an inkling, and flail about, not quite remembering what I should be doing, before getting the splat. That's more like it.

A threat comes from the side that I don't so much avoid but get rescued from by a squidmate, and that lets me help ink the Splat Zones at last. I manage to avoid squidding right in to a Killer Wail, good job, which also protects me from a Splat Bomb Rush, and, after those, manage to get away from some inky threat, again probably thanks to a diligent squidmate.

I do my best to pay back my squidmates' excellent battling, and help keep the Splat Zones orange, whilst aiming for the occasional splat. Getting a Seeker splat is great, hitting the inkling from the flank, as I don't even need to aim. Spotting a threat on a platform leads to a more professional and satisfying splat.

The Splat Zones remain ours for a while, but I get caught out and make a teal splodge that doesn't help us. Even so, we're in the lead, which is excellent. I return in good spirits, and use my shoes to squeeze through the teal ink to get close to an inkling, adding my ink to help a squidmate get the splat, and from there re-take the Splat Zones. Nice!

I haven't been around the back yet. I flicked some ink up the wall earlier, mostly as a diversionary tactic, but now I head around to see what's happening. Nothing, and the inklings are heading my way. I pretty much just squid around for a bit, hoping no one catches me. But I help my squidmates police the ink in the Splat Zones, and have the good sense to get splatted by the Kraken just outside of them, to keep our score ticking over.

That's a nice jump in to the Killer Wail, so nearly avoided. At least I splat that annoying, jumping Luna Blaster on my return, although we lose the lead as we deal with inklings on the outskirts. I get another minor victory as multiple Seekers chase a Kraken through the Splat Zones, inking turf and getting the splat, when the Kraken could have just swum in to them.

We're back in control as the last few seconds of the battle count down. Can we keep control long enough to steal the victory? No. Despite our initial advantage in numbers, the teal team come back and splat us out of the way, regaining control and ending the battle. Ah well, so it goes.

It's a splattacre in Tower Control (11-11, Tri-slosher)

20th July 2017 – 7.00 pm

A bit of caution as I approach the centre of the map pays off. My Disruptors may miss their mark, but not having enough ink to throw another holds me back, keeps me safe. I splat the Luna Blaster well enough, but can't quite get under the Dynamo Roller. At least I splat him too.

I aim to get behind the green team on my return, particularly as my squidmates are on the Tower, but it looks dangerous to drop down. I wait for my moment and make my move successfully, and from there decide to ride the now-returned Tower, to keep us moving forwards. My Bubbler protects me from a Blaster, and thankfully doesn't ping me in to the water as a result, and I help to push the Tower further until the Dynamo Roller splats me from afar.

The green team look to have sacrificed an early lead for some disruption behind the lines. That needs clearing up, so I lend a tentacle before moving on to see what I can do about the Tower. Not much with a couple of inklings trying to come up the wall. But I'm not about to squid in to them, and my patience pays off. A little more patience would have been worthwhile too, but I drop down at just the wrong moment.

I get a good Disruptor throw on my way back, which lets me out-manoeuvre the Blaster, and take the opportunity to ride the Tower again. Or I would, but a Blaster and a second inkling on the other side of the water make me think again, just not quickly enough. I try to Disrupt them and abandon Tower, but it has moved on already, and I just hand the Tower to the green team.

I have the luxury of time, as my squidmates clear the Tower, so I wait and watch. That bags me a nice and easy splat, and drop down to get another. But what I couldn't see from my position was the super-jump ring just beneath me, and I don't react quickly enough to the landing inkling. My squidmates continue their good defence, though, so our lead is not in much peril.

I trade splats with the Luna Blaster a couple of times, just because that's what I seem to do, before getting a clean splat, thanks to a Disruptor. Clearing the Tower doesn't go as planned, and I don't get quite close enough to the encroaching Dynamo Roller before he can begin his swing. That's a shame, as the Tower pushes on to my side, which I now cannot defend, and, with the slightest of optimistic pauses, the green team sneaks the lead.

Adding insult to injury, the Luna Blaster plants a Splat Bomb and avoids my bucket, and super-jumping to a squidmate making a last desperate lunge with the Tower just gets me splatted. But we still have time! The battle enters extra time, a squidmate gives me a super-jumping target on the Tower, and I go for it.

With a bit of luck and a bit of support, our final opportunity isn't wasted. Just as the Dynamo Roller's green ink washes over us, we grab the lead back and win the battle! Woomy!

Being in control of the Splat Zones (4-1, Carbon Roller Deco)

20th July 2017 – 7.00 am

Oh yeah, straight up the middle with that second Seeker. Nice! I get no splat from an incautious inkling coming over the ledge, but with one on the perch I move towards the corridor to try to get around her. That takes me in to the E-litre 3K, thankfully having just fired, so I flick my way past her and onwards.

My target's gone from the perch, thanks to my squidmates. It seems like we've not only got the Splat Zones, but quite a high position. I send a Seeker to ink a bit higher, and do a flip to check out the Splat Zones. They are being Inkstriked, and I nearly am too, but we clean up quickly enough.

Inking a path up the wall gives us more options, and I head across the grating to help prevent the blue team returning, but, despite my Seekers being suited to this position, I do poorly. We keep the Splat Zones for quite a bit longer, though, and the knockout victory looks almost assured.

A blue Inkstrike hits the Splat Zones, which is counted by a yellow Inkstrike, but Slosher pressure is what forces my retreat. I am soon back in the Splat Zones and threatening, but it's a mild threat, more of a floundering. And when a Suction Bomb Rush comes flying in, I have to abandon my position, which I thankfully manage.

The hullabaloo just about dies down when a Roller drops in to my lap, which is nice, and my Seeker Rush provides some threat over the rise, and a nicely timed Inkstrike provides cover for me to move through. I hit the corridor again, but potential blue threat discourages me for a moment.

Ninja squidding gives me confidence to move up discreetly, and I hit the flank, sending a Seeker across the gap towards a potential target. But I pass another target, just about noticing in time to do a 180 as I land off the ramp and turn being splatted in to a splat. That Seeker lets me squid up the other side easily, and I can return to a position of relaitve comfort smoothly.

The Splat Zones need just a little more care and attention, and I get one more splat with a nice bit of luck, just in time to enjoy the knockout victory. Woomy!

Almost getting past the Splat Zones (9-8, Carbon Roller Deco)

19th July 2017 – 7.00 pm

Tripping over a squidmate probably works in my favour, as the slight delay lets me get just behind the inklings coming around the corner to splat us. The tables are turned on them! One more splat gets me a starting triple, but I don't get to look for a fourth. And somehow the green team still captures the Splat Zones! What are my squidmates doing?

I come back at an angle to be a bit sneaky, and it almost works, but I still make a green splotch of the Splat Zones. I am more cautious the next time, what with all the green ink around and prolonged control of the Splat Zones. An inkling could be anywhere. They're not, but it is better to find out by making it safe. And my Seeker Rush charges as a result, which I use to ink the Splat Zones nicely, although jumping in to the water may have been a mistake.

I take the third route to the Splat Zones, now nicely blue, but get overwhelmed by targets, aiming for them all and hitting none. Sorry, squidmates, I turned the Splat Zones a bit more green again. Going right has worked better for me so far, so let's do that again. I pause to assess the situation, and it looks good for an opportunistic Seeker and rolling around the Splat Zones. Yes it is, nice!

Watching for returning inklings sees one coming. A Seeker sends him one direction, and a bold jump and a 180 gets me a splat that was a bit lucky, but looks really good. Shrugging off some ink, I head to flank, getting lucky to squid under the Carbon Roller, but not flicking well enough to catch the Octoshot Replica. But the Octoshot Replica isn't as quick as my super-jumping squidmate.

I test the ink along the corridor again, and it looks okay. Going over the ledge is a new risk, one that has an inkling coming. Thankfully, his first flick isn't great, so it's a mutual splatting. I'd be happier with that if we were in control of the Splat Zones, but so it goes. A brief pause on our base looks for an squidmate to super-jump to, and I choose poorly. It's squidding back for me. Not that that goes much better.

And that's all we have time for. The green team score a knockout victory. Ah well, it was a fun battle!

Hitting the spots in Splat Zones (7-2, Carbon Roller Deco)

19th July 2017 – 7.00 am

I hold my position against an encroaching yellow inkling on the far side of our Splat Zone. She's pretty insistent too. I feel like pressing the issue, but that doesn't work so well. I probably should have enjoyed the stalemate, given that it would have kept the yellow team effectively one inkling down.

The same inkling goes on to capture our Splat Zone and splat my squidmates there. I try to make up for my defensive shortfall by sneaking up, but her sneakiness beats mine, simply by hiding outside of the Splat Zone. Thankfully, her slow rate-of-fire lets her down compared to my quick flicking, opening up a window for us to retake control.

We neutralise the Splat Zone, but don't capture it. I am hindered somewhat by a Killer Wail, and rather than walk back in to lots of inky pressure I push forwards to hit the yellow team from behind. My Seeker Rush charges at the right time, but my Seekers don't do much splatting. They do ink a path for me to approach the oblivious Splatterscope, which helps, and another lets me cross the Splat Zone to close on another inkling.

With the yellow team out of the way, I can capture their Splat Zone, and my squidmates capture ours. Now we starts scoring! There's lots of yellow ink outside of the Splat Zones still. A squidmate is taking care of some of it, which lets me push across the yellow Splat Zone again to watch for returning inklings.

The Splatterscope's return is short-lived, as is the inkling with the Killer Wail, although I don't stop the Special from firing. I don't mind, as I'm on the right side of it to continue pressing, and with a Seeker Rush ready. That gets a splat and inks a lot of turf towards the yellow base. I pick one path to squid down, which turns out to be well-chosen but not required. The yellow inkling pops up in to the inky explosion of the final Seeker hitting her Splash Wall.

I just about get away from the yellow base, survive a Splat Bomb Rush, and a Suction Bomb Rush, but my luck runs out when I push for another splat. The yellow team surge ahead to try to recapture the Splat Zones, with some urgency as our counter sits at two, but it's all to nought. I squid through our Splat Zone as my squidmates capture it, and get not much further before the yellow Splat Zone is inked blue again.

Before I know it, the battle is won. Woomy!

Hit and miss in Splat Zones (8-6, Grim Range Blaster)

18th July 2017 – 7.00 pm

Let's try a bit more with a Blaster. The Grim Range Blaster again, because the range and Burst Bombs will probably work better with Splat Zones. The range works to a point, but with blue pressure dominating the Splat Zones early on, I need to get closer. And closer still, as I jump in to a Killer Wail about to start. That works out quite well, to start with, particularly with a direct hit on the second inkling.

With some blue pressure relieved, we secure the Splat Zones for ourselves, and I look to prevent the inklings from coming down the side. My Blaster works well around the corner, but throwing a Burst Bomb at the wall doesn't do as much as I'd hoped. A bit of patience on my part, and desire to get to the Splat Zones on the blue inkling's part, gets me the splat in the end.

When it's Blaster versus Blaster, I decide to back off. That turns out to be bad timing, with a Suction Bomb Rush happening behind me. Heading the side route on the way back only runs in to the kind of pressure I was putting on the blue side, plus I am ignoring the Beakons placed by a squidmate. I use them instead, which is good, as it gets me splatted sooner, squidding in to yet another wall when trying to avoid a Killer Wail.

The Beakons are well-positioned, though, and I use a second one as a means to get behind the Splatterscope. I almost do that, but we run in to each other. Both a bit surprised, I don't get the smooth splat that I was hoping for, but I get the splat. Charging my Killer Wail, the first splat gets me a second, which looks to give us a decent turf advantage. I try to press that advantage, but am overpowered pretty quickly.

Our lead keeps increasing, at least, and the Beakons are back. I use one to head around the back again, but aiming for the other perch. That inkling certainly wasn't expecting me. Another Killer Wail charges, and I get another splat from it. But despite my height and position, I can't quite take advantage of it. I think I miss seeing that super-jump ring at the time because of the dark colour of the blue ink, and my aim lets me down at close range.

Our Beakon squidmate is doing a bang-up job with keeping them in a good position. I can keep getting back in to the battle quickly, which lets a splat happen quickly, whichever way it goes. Against me again this time, but at least it is far from the Slat Zones, preventing the blue team from doing too much.

Indeed, the pause to splat me may have been just enough time to help my squidmates re-capture the Splat Zones cleanly, and win us the knockout victory. Of course, we were likely to win anyway, but perhaps my getting splatted helped end the battle a little quicker. Either way, woomy!

Finding a groove in Splat Zones (8-5, Grim Range Blaster)

18th July 2017 – 7.00 am

I try to keep my range to start the battle, not rushing headlong in to a contested Splat Zone. It keeps me safe, and lets us feel out the initial tussle. When it looks like the yellow team have backed off from the ridge I turn to hit the corridor, when ink flies over the top from there. I get lucky with that splat, I have to say! Sure, I aimed for the ledge, but I didn't expect an inkling to wander in to my shot.

It's a bold move to wander around a corner in to fully yellow ink whilst Echolocated. Or stupid. Thankfully, I don't get splatted. The most I have to do is work out where to aim my Killer Wail. Nowhere for now, I think. I head down the corridor instead and see some targets on the opposite ledge. If only I had also seen the Dynamo Roller below me.

Super-jumping back gets me in to the thick of things quickly, and I get lucky with one splat, and not lucky enough with another. I was forced to get close by good pressure from the yellow team, which put me at a disadvantage. I head back the long way, on the other side, where I see not only the Splat Zones the wrong colour but our ledge under lots of pressure. Despite my efforts, I do nothing to alleviate that.

That Dynamo Roller is a pain. I don't think directly approaching him is the best idea, and I'm right! At least I force him to reveal himself, and a squidmate behind me gets the splat. It still leaves quite a lot of clearing up to do on my return. Best to do it now, when there's less pressure on the Splat Zones. But, my goodness, the Dynamo Roller certainly can exert some pressure on the Splat Zones from a distance! A squidmate deals with him, which is good.

I start to ink the turf just beyond the Splat Zones, but I don't reach too far. And the yellow team are returning. My Killer Wail aiming may seem a bit panicked, but I kinda know what I'm doing, and I manage to corner an inkling for the splat. I get a direct hit afterwards, which is much quicker. I should do more of them. And I do! After tidying up the Splat Zones, I manage to keep my range nicely from an approaching inkling, until the direct hit stops her in her tracks. Nice!

The yellow pressure returns to the Splat Zones, with an Inkstrike, followed by the Dynamo Roller. I take a risky route to avoid the Rollers ink, and somehow keep my footing to get a good splat, before another Inkstrike hits. Those are easily cleaned up, but I head forwards instead. Another direct hit is fun, but the inky pressure behind me is less so. I manage to stay just ahead of it, and return to the Splat Zones my squidmates have managed to control well.

I spy an inkling squidding towards me, but the string of direct hits is broken, and the Dynamo Roller's ink is felt heavily once again. But that's just fine, as our counter continues down to zero. The knockout victory is ours! Woomy!

Pushed on to the back foot in Tower Control (15-8, Tri-slosher)

17th July 2017 – 7.00 pm

My starting gambit on Ancho-V Games is pretty much decided by my position on the base. I'm at the front, so I take the shortest route to the purple team. I try to be as sneaky as possible, for someone throwing buckets of ink around, and drop quietly on to the floor, happily manage only to ink the side of the block, and surprise the Mini Splatling. I surprise the other two inklings too. Nice!

I go looking for the fourth inkling, but a squidmate splats him. That leaves the Tower all for us. As my squidmates push the Tower forwards, I decide not to concentrate us all together and head around the back. That gets me the E-litre 3K again, and some helpful ink on the Mini Splatling, until a surprise Carbon Roller circles around and above. But still the Tower moves, right to the half-way mark. Good work! Let's see if we can improve this.

But the Tower gets in to purple tentacles, and I think that charging in would not benefit me or the team. Even so, being somewhere the Carbon Roller can splat me doesn't help either, but I didn't think he could get me there. At least he's not immune to Suction Bombs. I come back to an Echolocator, which I sit out, not wanting to be such a big target for the E-litre 3K. When it drops, I head around the side to flank the purple team. One target is lost on a rising platform, another out-inks me.

The Towers, but only for a moment. A Disruptor stops the Carbon Roller for a bit longer, and that lets the Tower reset and take some pressure off us. And that E-litre 3K is a big threat on the perch. Her aim isn't perfect, thankfully, but we can't just ignore her. Once we're in a better position I go looking for her, but she's moved, maybe because of the Suction Bombs heading her way, maybe because the Tower's moving. Either way, I manage to track her down, just before I'm splatted away myself.

I head around the side again, watching for my moment, and catch an Inkzooka in action. As a bonus, the E-litre 3K advances at the same moment. Still, the Tower is going the wrong way, so I pay some attention to that, helping to splat the remaining purple inklings. I chance that the E-litre 3K is back on the perch, and she is. I'm a bit clumsy, but just about avoid her Burst Bombs. It's a shame the Carbon Roller is in range too, though.

The purple team make another push, and we defend once more. I decide to be pro-active, and take the longest route to the E-litre 3K's perch, which works out perfectly. Sure, I get squished by the Carbon Roller when moving towards the Tower, but it means the Roller isn't on the Tower.

As I lay in a puddle of my own ink, I see my squidmates controlling the Tower, trundling forwards, as the battle comes to an end. It was a tough battle, but we're victorious. Woomy!

Pushing forwards in Tower Control (9-3, Tri-slosher)

17th July 2017 – 7.00 am

More Tower Control! Probably my favourite battle mode. I used the Tri-slosher a lot in my last session and like to shake things up for variety, but Flounder Heights and Ancho-V Games are great for skirmishing, and I'd like to get some confidence back in the bucket after the frustrating Splat Zones.

The first splat doesn't quite go to plan. I think I miss where the inkling hides. Good job, purple inkling. I do better not being caught off-guard by an inkling from above, and feel pretty happy with myself, right until surprise Carbon Roller.

I support my squidmates on the Tower from above for a bit, hoping sloshing ink downwards will help, plus the odd Disruptor. But the Disruptor misses, and two sloshes on to the Inkstriker don't do quite enough. When the purple team pushes back, they aren't fazed by my Bubbler, although it takes two of them to splat me.

It looks like quite a battle up at the top of the Heights from the base, so I take a more circuitous route up there, which keeps me safe. And there's not much I can do about a Kraken on the Tower, so I head across the divide and ink some turf in preparation. On hearing an Inkzooka below, I suspect I'm in a good position to deal with it. I'm a little late to be effective against the Inkzooka itself, but I get myself a lucky quad-splat out of my ambush from behind. Nice!

Up and across, supporting from above again, and this time I dive-bomb an inkling successfully. But the Tower starts reversing, and by the time I turn around I can't stop it. I head backwards to squid up a wall, but my squidmates turn me around again. I'm not complaining! Missing the Carbon Roller is a bit of a pain, admittedly, but that's on me.

It's worth super-jumping back, at least half-way, to save some time. I then waste that time by missing my jump down, and being a bit cautious. But I use the walls well to flank the purple inklings, and help remove some inky threat from the Tower.

And, what the hell, I clamber on to the Tower to ride it victoriously to the goal. Woomy!