Doing my bit for Tower Control (5-3, Tri-slosher)

26th July 2017 – 7.00 pm

I try my usual suicide run around the back of Kelp Dome, squidding towards the normal charger perch. The E-litre 3K Scope is there too, and although I get a good Disruptor throw, maybe I should have stuck with ink. I don't see which way the E-litre 3K drops until it's too late, and pay for it by hanging around in his sights. Silly me.

I head back the same way, because apparently I like punishing myself, and get punished for running in to a couple of inklings. At least I learn my lesson and head a different way. I like to think I'm defending the Tower's green progress, but my squidmates have done that and are pushing it the other way. Still, coming the long way around prevents them being flanked by the Luna Blaster.

I push up to support the Tower directly, and push a bit too far up. Maybe I don't learn. But, again, heading back the long way lets me see the E-litre 3K applying pressure, looking in the wrong direction even, and finally splat him, before moving up to actually support my squidmates properly.

The Tower is reciprocating a bit, but heading mostly forwards, and I push up aggressively, where a squidmate is already applying pressure. I squid around the side for a bit of safety, and get lucky when the Luna Blaster misses me at point blank range.

My Bubbler charges, as the Tower comes in to view! What good timing. I hop on to the Tower, pop my Bubbler, and enjoy the ride to the goal. Woomy!

Rolling 'round the Splat Zones (6-3, Carbon Roller Deco)

26th July 2017 – 7.00 am

I make my normal moves on Moray Towers Splat Zones, with the way looking clear, after securing our Splat Zone, to sneak around the side. There are no chargers, so I ignore the perch to wobble my way up behind a Seeker. I'm spotted, though, which isn't much of a surprise, and we muddle around until we splat each other. So it goes.

I take the cautious route back, getting above our Splat Zone, and actually manage to flick ink down enough to capture it. That's good, because my squidmates have the other Splat Zone capture, so we start our counter running. Nice! I tidy up a bit, and ink some turf just because, before moving on. Back around the side, and a crafty Seeker finds some vengeance, but my own craftiness doesn't work when a Carbon Roller stumbles in to me. It would be him, or the falling brush.

Back along the same route, throwing a Seeker that I have no idea how far it goes. I back off from an Inkstrike, also hearing the Brush apparently approach, and have to retreat a little to keep safe. A super-jumping squidmate looks to sneak under the brush, and I move back to get the splat. No Beakons are placed. Not that type of Brush, I suppose. I can't tell. Our Splat Zone is recaptured, the Inkzooka is avoided, and a Seeker Rush adds some ink and threat as I drop down.

I loiter with intent, looking to keep our Splat Zone safe. It looks pretty safe even without me, so I move on, squidding around the Carbon Roller this time to turn the tables. I get up to the top and roll around, making sure no squids are hiding, destroying a Beakon in the progress. Then flick ink to the Splat Zone below, and we're in control again.

One squidmate pushes further up the Towers aggressively. I follow, but I don't think I'm required, so just take care of the surrounding turf for now. I think I do okay, until my inking takes me away from a safe-looking Splat Zone that gets recaptured under my nose. And whilst our own Splat Zone is captured! Damn, my negligence has given us a massive buffer.

I move back to help recover the yellow Splat Zone, which I do with the helps of a squidmate, our other squidmates recapturing our own Splat Zone. We won't get the knockout victory, but we should win the battle.

With thirty seconds to go, I go through our Splat Zone and towards the yellow one, getting a fun Seeker splat on my way. A flick here and there, and we have control of both Splat Zones as the clock runs out, allowing me a couple of seconds for a little victory dance. Woomy!

Doubling up the splats in Splat Zones (8-4, Tri-slosher)

25th July 2017 – 7.00 pm

I don't rush to the Splat Zones. Our own doesn't get contested quickly on Moray Towers, which lets me ink a fuller path and build more of a Bubbler charge as I move. The Splat Zone is captured easily enough, and with no approaching threat I drop down. A green inkling is making a move to flank, so I cut back and put a stop to that nonsense.

Whilst I'm there, I move across the gap and to the green Splat Zone, which seems unattended. That's good, and I neutralise their Splat Zone as they neutralise ours with an Inkstrike. I finish the job, giving us a slight advantage, helped by my squidmates recapturing our Splat Zone and starting our counter. Nice!

I move up and around, keeping the Splat Zone inked and watching my back. An inkling approaches, and I approach with caution. Not quite enough caution, perhaps, but I slow her down pretty effectively. I ink an alternative path on my way back, and find a nice pair of targets when I hit the bottom. Splatting them lets me get back to the green Splat Zone, and although I squid underneath a Dynamo Roller, I don't squid quite far enough.

My bucket's ink doesn't reach where I want it to from the ledge, so drop down, being cautious whilst Echolocated. Some green ink comes from above and behind, forcing me to move away. I look for the source, and she falls past me. Sorted. I turn and actually splat an inkling, before finding myself too close to the Dynamo Roller again.

I miss the Dual Squelcher's return, but thankfully she doesn't want to catch me behind her just there. Instead, she races back up the ramps, looking to get in to a better position, which she does. I just about sneak close enough for my sloshes to count, though, stopping her properly this time. A drop down and squidding back around to a Splash Wall finds the pair from earlier, and splats them both again. I get a bit inky myself.

I move across to the green Splat Zone, still nice and purple, and give a victory 'Nice!', which, as usual, is a bit premature. Our counter stops at one, of all numbers, partly because the Dynamo Roller is flicking ink everywhere from above, partly because the Dual Squelcher splats me and I help to turn the Splat Zone green. Oops.

I move back quickly, looking towards the green Splat Zone, but turning towards ours. It's more important to keep our Splat Zone purple, prevent the green team capturing both zones and burdening us with a big buffer to work through. I work as a diversion from the green inklings there, and to slosh ink around, and my squidmates recapture the green Splat Zone. The battle is won, woomy!

Up and down the Moray Towers Splat Zones (7-4, Tri-slosher)

25th July 2017 – 7.00 am

Sloshing over the Splat Zones seems like the best use of my bucket on Moray Towers, so I tend to take a defensive route to start these battles. That goes well, so I try to get sneaky around the side of the other team. I get around the side, destroy a Beakon, and splat the E-litre 3K nicely, but don't activate my Bubbler in time to avoid some ink from behind.

I take the scenic route again. Our Splat Zone is fine, so I move on. I take the direct route to the teal Splat Zone this time. That works out nicely, as the E-litre 3K has moved down there, and isn't quite prepared for a bucket getting so close. I move away from some ink hitting my flank, and an Echolocator shows that we are converging anyway at the bottom of the rank. I show my amazing reflexes by popping my Bubbler a second after splatting the inkling.

I go back and finish the job of capturing the teal Splat Zone, starting our counter ticking over. Our Splat Zone becomes contested, but it's probably best if I help ensure the teal Splat Zone stays non-teal for now. I consider my options for moving up, fail to ink one wall, and decide to move away from there before I am spotted. A second attempt at a second wall goes better for inking, worse for being spotted.

The teal team have moved high up our side of the Towers. I cover the tracks, preventing easy flanking, but doing so lets them capture the Splat Zones. So be it, we have plenty of time, and with my back covered by purple ink I feel safer in sloshing over the ledge on to our Splat Zone again. We manage to recover the situation after only just losing the lead, which we can deal with.

Indeed, it's not long before my squidmates capture the teal Splat Zone again, after I look for a sneakier, riskier, and probably pointless wall to ink across a gap, and the lead is ours again. Our Splat Zone is contested soon after, which I move back to help with, before heading back the other way as the teal Splat Zone is teal again. There's lots of moving, but the flow of ink seems to be mostly under control.

With the teal team pushed back, I head up the wall again. I pause only because I'm surprised that the wall is fully inked, a squidmate having had better luck getting up here than I did earlier. Good job! I make it to the top, splat an unfortunate super-jumper, then get a bit too intimate with an Inkbrush. But still our counter ticks downwards.

When an Echolocator hits, I retreat to a defensive position, turning a teal wall purple as I go. That helps keep our Splat Zone purple, even if the teal Splat Zone becomes contested, and even though I'm splatted away as the battle ends, it's too late to capture the Splat Zones to force the battle in to extra time. Woomy!

Finding some breathing room in Splat Zones (7-4, Tri-slosher)

24th July 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm back in S Rank, and not faring too well overall. I pull out the Tri-slosher in a bid to be as competent as possible, but it doesn't always work. Thankfully, my squidmates know what they're doing, and take care of things whilst I squid around being target practice for the blue team.

At least I can add my ink to the Splat Zones fairly effectively, although I really should avoid squidding through them, as being splatted makes a big blue splotch in my wake. When everything is a little calm, I can even lie in wait for the Luna Blaster to appear, and get a lucky splat. A Disruptor on the .52 Gal doesn't go astray either, even if I make a mess of the Splat Zones again as a result.

I get a break when my squidmates are catching the blue team's attention and an Instrike hits the Splat Zones. One inkling is beneath the blue E-litre 3K, and my sloshing catches both slightly unawares. That lets me move around to where another inkling rather incautiously launches an Inkstrike in the open. And, with my Bubbler going, I go looking for the Luna Blaster, just about squidding past her blast to get the quad. Nice!

I keep the streak going for a bit longer. There is a calm as we hold the Splat Zones, and I see the E-litre 3K Burst Bombing her way forwards, catching her with a slosh that looks to finish a splat. Some inky pressure comes from above, but a Disruptor hits nicely. The inkling triggers a Suction Bomb Rush to counter the Disruptor, but some upwards sloshing stops that too. I finally get caught in the back by the Luna Blaster, which was perhaps inevitable.

Our control of the Splat Zones continues, though, and I help cover over the odd Suction Bomb here and there. A Suction Bomb Rush comes flying in, giving me more blue ink to cover. Instead, a Disruptor on the Rusher reduces their mobility, and a squidmate's Inkstrike recovers Splat Zone control.

I surge forwards to see what pressure I can apply to the E-litre 3K again, but the battle is won before I get there. Woomy!

Chaotic Rainmaker (5-8, Grim Range Blaster)

24th July 2017 – 7.00 am

The teal team makes a good break with the Rainmaker, which either goes unnoticed by my team or they are mostly splatted. At least I don't ignore the objective, hoping someone else takes care of it, because I think it would have been a really quick battle otherwise.

I get behind the Rainmaker, for safety, and a Killer Wail comes at the right time too. It clears the path ahead as the Rainmaker is burst out of its shield, and gets a handy splat. The path forwards isn't clear though, and although I don't quite ink the ramp, at least our initial movement to the centre of the map has inked the path above me.

That Inkzooka doesn't hit me, but it often doesn't. The Rainmaker is not in a convenient place for the teal team, though, and it stays there for my return. We burst the shield again, and I have another go moving the Rainmaker forwards. It goes pretty well, clearing the way a little to start with, and an accidental fall inspiring my movement across the centre.

Something happens when I super-jump back. I'm not sure what for a moment. But a squidmate ends up with the Rainmaker and pushing forwards. And keeps pushing forwards, my splat-cam showing me him reaching the ramp, and I watch the movement gauge at the top of the screen as he surges in to the lead. Nice! That didn't look likely to happen from the teal team's early start.

Super-jumping back keeps me safe, and I fall back a little so that the Rainmaker's shield doesn't splat me. The Rainmaker sits tantalisingly on the ridge, and a excellently timed Inkstrike comes in to encourage me to grab it. That's when the Inkzooka reappears. So it goes. Our position remains good, and we keep the Rainmaker near the podium for a bit longer.

We stop the teal team at the half-way mark, and get another push. I head down the side this time, but am intercepted and pushed backwards. Not my best decision, in retrospect. But a nice lob of a Burst Bomb does just enough to splat the Rainmaker at the half-way mark again. The Inkzooka starts splatting everyone from the ledge, and I move to splat the wielder. Unfortunately, I grab the Rainmaker by accident, and, when trying to make the most of it, don't quite make the jump I had planned to be awesome.

Another break by the teal team heads the same way, and although my Killer Wail isn't needed to stop the Rainmaker, thank goodness, it helps burst the shield. We are back in control and move steadily forwards as the clock ticks down, leaving the teal team with only two shining moments in a battle where we otherwise mostly were in control. Woomy!

Tough tussle over the Splat Zones (11-8, Tri-slosher)

23rd July 2017 – 7.00 pm

Three of us head away from the Splat Zones to start with. It seems to work out just fine, to be fair. I catch two oncoming inklings, taking the route from the opposite side, Disrupting one and slinking to the side of the other. Jumping across the ramp doesn't quite let me disrupt another inkling, but he's discouraged from staying on the perch. And by that point, we're all nicely together in the Splat Zones and in control. Nice!

I move up, find no inklings, drop back down, and splat an inkling on the ramp before the falling ink can splat me. A Disruptor hitting a block next to me doesn't help, although it is fairly normal, but using that block buys me enough time for my Bubbler to charge. The other inkling's Kraken charges too, but is more for survival and ignores my Bubblered self. That suits me, and I run away too, back up the top for another slinking splat.

I try to apply some pressure from above, which pretty much works. I probably shouldn't have dropped down, but there you go. My squidmates recapture the Splat Zones after a brief interruption, so all looks well. I look towards the Splat Zones on my return, and as they seem okay I jink to the other side of the Depot. I see an orange inkling hop across the ramp, so move to clean up behind him, failing to be careful in case a second inkling is on the ramp. Oh well.

I head around the side of the Splat Zones and use the height advantage again. I help get a splat, which is good, and drop down to ink the Zones, stumbling in to another inkling who I Disrupt and splat. That Disruptor uses up most of my ink, though, so I struggle for a bit, until I take a breather. That lets the orange team return. My Bubbler protects me for a bit, but I have to flee as Suction Bombs come flying in.

I squid around, trying to keep the orange ink at bay. I do okay, but appear to be mostly on my own for the moment. I eventually get blindsided as the orange team pour in, and my squidmates are busy elsewhere. At least our Splatterscope avenges me, and splats a super-jumper. That stops the orange counter too. Nice! I head back on the other side to the Splat Zones, avoid the obvious trap of the orange ramp, and, although cautious heading up the other side, still get found by the same Splattershot Pro as before. More fool me.

We have orange pressure all around us now. This is not looking good. I sidestep most of it, the Splat Zones needing attention too, and am happy to hear my Bubbler charge. I get a good Disruptor throw as I drop down as well, and the poor target forgets, as I always do, that you can super-jump back to base, instead choosing to hide ineffectively from my bucket. And, with that, the Splat Zones are teal once more. That gives them a buffer to work through too, which helps us. Good thing too, because Specials are activated all over the place, making the Splat Zones orange very quickly.

I run in to the Splattershot Pro again to start with, and although my next sortie gets me across the Splat Zones and in to action, it's in to a bit more action than desired. It helps with capturing the Splat Zones, though, pushing the orange buffer up a bit more. And heading around the side and over a ramp flanks an Inkzooka effectively, and some cautious sloshing helps neutralise the Splat Zones.

I find the source of the orange ink, with his back to me no less, and splat him as the clock ticks down. With a charged Bubbler, the Splat Zones neutral, and our team with the lead, the battle looks won. I pop the Bubbler as a precaution and slosh away, before once again feeling an unfortunate drawback to Ink Resistance shoes.

Beyond the Splat Zones (5-1, Tri-slosher)

23rd July 2017 – 7.00 am

Well, my opening gambit doesn't work so well. I don't know why my Disruptor doesn't hit the Carbon Roller, maybe because I hit the blocks instead, but it means he can react quickly to my presence. I am splatted back to base.

The Splat Zones are green for a bit. With a bit of pressure we turn them blue, but not for long. A nicely aimed Wail keeps me from doing much with my bucket, and the inkling responsible manages to hide in the smallest puddle of ink quite well, but I find him eventually, whilst my squidmates capture the Splat Zones.

I am kept in the Splat Zones by rising platforms, but sloshing ink around always seems to help. I finally get out of there and around the back, where I don't do a great deal, but do manage not to get caught out by the Carbon Roller, although I nearly mess that up thinking he's gone when he hasn't.

I squid away and back again, using my Bubbler to get close to the Splatterscope, unfortunately for him, particularly as I hit him with a Disruptor too. I move back towards the Splat Zones, spotting a target, but get there only to be moral support, as my squidmates have everything sorted out. Nice!

Heading back towards the green team sees an Inkstrike being prepared, and although I can't stop it I get in to good position to ensure the post-strike splat. A Disruptor stops me going much further, but I splat the thrower and can just sit there, feeling sorry for myself. Not for long, though.

The Disruptor wears off and I flop around, which I'll claim to be a victory celebration, as we win the battle by a knockout victory. Woomy!

Squidding around the Splat Zones (6-3, Tri-slosher)

22nd July 2017 – 7.00 pm

My early attempt to splat the E-litre 3K on the perch near the moving platform doesn't quite work, and I don't make the jump across. But falling down lets me look towards the Splat Zones, and get a splat without popping my Bubbler. But the Bubbler may have helped against the E-litre 3K's aim. So it goes.

I avoid the E-litre 3K's gaze for now, looking to go around the side, and hit some different pressure. It doesn't stick around, letting me hit the Splat Zones, and my Bubbler helps me slosh uninterrupted to help capture the Splat Zones. I move on, thinking of jumping on to the E-litre 3K, but that super-jumping ring catches my attention. I don't see the Suction Bomb at all.

A bit of tidying up never hurts, and although our counter is stopped we don't lose control of the Splat Zones for too long. I spy an opportunity to press ahead, and, with a bit of caution from potentially returning inklings, mess up the teal team's side of the map. When it looks safe, I head around the side to look for the E-litre 3K. She's not there, but the Jet Squelcher is, and looking the wrong way too.

Heading back towards the oncoming teal team, finds the E-litre 3K returning, and the close range favours my bucket. Close range, and my Bubbler. Pushing further finds another inkling, and I complete a good triple, before heading back to the Splat Zones. They remain nicely purple, good.

I circle around again, and am not the only one pressing back the teal team. But although we prevent a couple of inklings from getting further, a couple of teal inklings are at the Splat Zones, and capture them. Quite why I don't turn around to focus on the objective is beyond me, as I'm not really helping at the moment, but thankfully our other squidmates are dealing with the Splat Zones.

I splat the E-litre 3K again, once her Burst Bombs run out and I realise my Tri-slosher disperses ink nicely, and it's off to the Splat Zones with me. I help keep one side purple as the other gets hit with an Inkstrike, but a second Inkstrike hits straight after. It's a blip in our control, but one that forces a buffer for us to work through.

I support our Splatterscope against the E-litre 3K, getting the final ink for the splat, but miss the super-jumper. The Splat Zones switch colours briefly again, and I head around the back, finding little action until I drop back down near the Splat Zones. My Bubbler keeps me safe for a bit, but I don't track the Suction Bomb Rusher well enough to let me escape when my Bubbler dissipates.

There's not much left to do if we capture the Splat Zones again, which my squidmates do before I get back, and this is one occasion where my 'Nice!' is not premature. Woomy!

Can't get close to the Splat Zones (4-5, Tri-slosher)

22nd July 2017 – 7.00 am

Running in to a Splat Bomb is not a great start to the battle. It's a nice throw, though, and rolls just at my feet from behind the fan, and my already meagre reaction time is simply not good enough to get away in time.

The teal team capture the Splat Zones quickly, and push high to keep us from getting anywhere near them with brutal efficiency. I get some height to try to push them back without too much danger, buy my little bucket can't quite reach.

I drop down and throw a Disruptor, which helps, as does my Bubbler, and I nearly get to where I can see the Splat Zones, but a lone Burst Bomb, just when I am without my Bubbler and already damaged, stops me in my tracks. There's a brief moment where the Splat Zones aren't teal, but it is brief.

I head back along a long but safer route, and manage to get in to the Splat Zones. The turf I ink helps charge my Bubbler again, which lets me stick around the Splat Zones long enough to neutralise them, and help capture them. But a small barrage of ink hits me unexpectedly from over a ledge, turning a splat in my favour to one against me quickly.

At least we have a score on the board. Those eight points may be all we get. Heading down the short side route just corners me. I think I hit the Slosher with enough ink for a splat, but apparently not, and the Bamboozler had a bead on me anyway.

Our path to the Splat Zones is under teal ink again. I try to do what I can about that, but am conscious of the teal team's score, so push forwards sooner rather than later. Another Bubbler is charged, and I get to run around the Splat Zones sloshing for a bit, at least neutralising them, but an Sloshed again before too long.

The battle is over before I even reappear on our base. That was quick. I'm not quite sure what happened.