Ballsing-up Rainmaker again

23rd August 2016 – 7.00 pm

So close to dropping out of S Rank! Will it finally happen? Maybe! If I get frustrated by inking the back of a squidmate's head more times. But that's just general frustrating rearing its head. The inkling didn't jump, and it's generally a bit chaotic as we all run away from the base.

A pause to collect myself, and let the others get away, clears my head, and it's off to battle. I'm perked up fairly soon with a decent splat against an opponent trying to splat me with Burst Bombs. I don't often win those.

And again I curse myself with the Rainmaker. It's so tempting! And the Inkzooka is so annoying! To be fair, I think the first shot aimed at me hit me, and not the second. I just took a while to be splatted.

My situational awareness seems pretty good, as I noticed that Roller heading up towards our base, no doubt charging up his Special. In an excellent bit of timing, I roll a Splat Bomb down to greet the Roller, and splat he goes.

My team are doing well too. We even make a decent, concerted effort to get the Rainmaker to the podium. And, somehow, I aim between the Rainmaker's legs to splat the opposing Splatterscope inkling. Moments like that don't come along often. I should make a gfycat of it.

I even help protct our lead during a late push by the other team, snapping off a quick shot to splat the Rainmaker. And I am on top of the Rainmaker at the end of the match, concluding the battle without any tense extra time. Not a bad battle! Even if I stay in S Rank that little bit longer.

Taking the higher ground in Splat Zones

23rd August 2016 – 7.00 am

The Custom Dual Squelcher seems to be helping me be a little bit useful in S-Rank battles, and my fresh new hat looks good on me, so I continue battling.

I seem to be learning from getting crushed so much to keep my distance from the other team. Or, more likely, my squidmates do a bang up job of keeping the other team away from me.

I find a useful perch, once the water level drops, and stick to it. I find this one to be a great vantage point for Mahi-Mahi Resort Splat Zones, without too many ways to be sneaked up on. But I'm far from untouchable, and I need to keep somewhat mobile.

I must be doing okay in this battle, if only because I cover enough ink to charge my Killer Wail a number of times. I don't think I splat any inklings with it, but that's okay. Keeping them out of the Splat Zones is enough sometimes.

Splatting that Inkzooka from range was satisfying. But I tipped my hand slightly with the Bubblered Slosher. If I had waited a couple more seconds maybe I could have caught him still unawares and without a Bubbler. But never mind, another win for us!

Trying to do something in S Rank Splat Zones

22nd August 2016 – 7.00 pm

As much as I feel like a fish out of water in S-Rank battles, I hope to contribute to the team effort when I don't feel entirely demoralised.

The Custom Dual Squelcher should let me stay out of the most obvious of trouble, as long as I respect its range, which I often don't, and let me apply lots of ink to the Splat Zones.

I am quite pleased with the two soft splats right at the start of the battle. They don't really set the tone of my involvement for the rest of the battle, but that early power imbalance helps us take control to start with.

I like to think I help in my own little way, even if I still don't quite know where all the water is on Mahi-Mahi Resort.

Coming back in Splat Zones

22nd August 2016 – 7.00 am

Which way to go at the start of Splat Zones on Kelp Dome. Right! Maybe. It seems to give a decent view, but only of my spindly tentacles to a Roller below me.

I go right again, but ink ahead of me as a diversion. It doesn't really work. My Killer Wail does seem to do much either. But the sneaky route around the back becomes available, and I get my first splat.

We take a decent lead, and I seem to be getting comfortable, even without ink, right up until I am on someone's splat focus, at which point I can't squid up the side of the central column, and I get splatted embarrassingly. Well, more embarrassingly than normal.

We lose the lead, but my squidmates are on the ball. They regroup, I do what I can, and we're back to controlling the Splat Zones and keeping the other team away from them. Before you know it, we have a knockout victory. And I remain in S Rank.

Doing okay in Splat Zones

21st August 2016 – 7.00 pm

Still struggling in S-Rank battles. The Dual Squelcher seems to be a decent choice for me in Mahi-Mahi resort Splat Zones, giving me the range I need to stay out of direct trouble, and the Resort giving me enough options to stay at range.

Not that I stay out of trouble, but that's mostly because I am out-classed by just about everyone else in this rank. I think the best I can hope for is simply not dragging my team down too much.

Going behind the lines to get the drop on that Splatling was a good move. Being so clumsy when following up with the E-litre was just inevitable. But with these long-range weapons available in the suction cups of these inklings, my doom on any perch is assured.

I think I contribute in my own way in this battle. That's about as good as I can hope for, doing okay.

We blue it in Splat Zones

21st August 2016 – 7.00 am

Sometimes I use a weapon kind of how it was designed to be used. For the Dual Squelcher, I assume this to be keeping at long range and not squidding in to short-range encounters. For the Custom Dual Squelcher, the Killer Wail Special can also be used as a suppressive device. Maybe the Beakons should be dropped too, but let's not get carried away.

Mahi-Mahi resort has some decent perches, which can be hard to sneak up on, given suitable awareness, or decent time pressure. I find one and use the range of the Dual Squelcher to keep the Splat Zones covered in our ink, and the other team's inklings away.

It seems to work.

Remembering the Bubbler on Tower Control

20th August 2016 – 7.00 pm

Still stuck in S-Rank frustration, I'm back to giving the battle a solid go. I want to play Splatoon, I just don't want it to be quite so serious. Not much chance in S Rank, though.

Either way, I'm going to have to adjust to the circumstances, or make the circumstances work for me, or just stick it out. I can't say I'm having fun any more, though.

At least I am contributing in this battle, in my own way. I am even on the tower as we take the lead. I'm not so sure I want to prolong this miserable experience, however.

Keeping my distance in Tower Control

20th August 2016 – 7.00 am

I'm not having much luck, or fun, in S-Rank battles. Change of tactics! I switch from the short-range Tri-slosher to something that should let me keep my range, but without requiring the precision of a charger: the Dual Squelcher.

An early splat is not encouraging, but getting sent back to the base lets me make use of my weapon's range, as I intend. Regaining control of the tower lets us make our own push, which encourages me to move further forwards than perhaps I should. Or maybe my choice of route does that.

The pink team push up again, and again I use the Dual Squelcher's range to help keep them back. I also make use of the range to splat a charger from across the corridor, and the echolocator to catch a Dynamo Roller from surprising me.

In the end, good teamwork helps keep the other team from surpassing our lead.

Full steam ahead in Tower Control

19th August 2016 – 7.00 pm

I had no joy with the Custom Blaster in S-Rank Tower Control, so I revert to the Splattershot Jr.

Straight up the centre and on to the tower, somehow not getting splatted by the charger on his perch.

I keep riding the tower, my squidmates taking care of the other team, and place myself just out of reach of a well-thrown Suction Bomb.

As we near the goal, my Special chargers, and I remember about it! I pop the Bubbler, it gets shared to my squidmates, and I act as a meatshield in the final moments, splatted by a charger as the tower trundles to the goal.

Tower Control battles could hardly get much quicker than this.

Ups and downs in Tower Control

19th August 2016 – 7.00 am

First three pushes are in the three different routes in Arowana Mall. First is right down the middle, getting to the tower super-fast, and getting me splatted with some alacrity too. Second is to the left, to get above the approaching tower, and gets me splatted quickly.

The third route takes me to the right alley, where I narrowly dodge a Splat Bomb as I am echolocated, before splatting my opponent and following up with splatting an unsuspecting charger. Good stuff!

Another highlight is splatting the Inkzooka from above, before he gets a chance to splat me. That almost never happens.

Otherwise, I'm mostly running in to bombs, sloshed ink, or laser sights. Such is my lack of relative competence in S-Rank battles.

I decide to ink over our opponents' routes to the goal, to make it more difficult for them, rather than gt splatted even more.