Forward support in Tower Control (9-2, Tri-slosher)

27th June 2017 – 7.00 pm

Less forward and more sideways to start with. I kind of saunter over there too, not really rushing, both wanting to build a bit of charge in to my Bubbler and wanting to see if anyone is coming on the teal team. Yes, one is, and a Disruptor catches him nicely. I should use them more often, really.

I round the corner and hear my ink hit something, and get a bit lucky in my turning to get the splat. Another inkling maybe eludes me, I'm not sure, before I'm introduced to the mighty flicking of the Dynamo Roller. I'm tidying up the mess she's made first, then heading right back the way I came, and getting some height.

The Dynamo Roller is a bit more agile than its size would suggest, going here, there, up and along. I get the splat, but not quickly enough, and I feel the force of ink once again. Meanwhile, the Tower mostly stays where it is.

There's a lot of ink to the left of our base, and that is not healthy for us. I gain some height again to slosh away the teal ink, and anticipate the inkling coming up to shoo me away. My plan works better than his. I pause for opportunity, and opportunity drops in to my lap. And as the Tower is now moving in a positive direction, I decide to help it along.

I discourage inklings from coming over the perch, then use a friendly Echolocator to good advantage, splatting an already inky Dynamo Roller, and, instead of heading towards the goal, note that another inkling is threatening the Tower in the other direction. That's another splat. Now to head towards the goal.

One inkling drops in front of me, for a convenient splat, and from there I ink some turf whilst looking for more inklings. The ramp looks clear, with a friendly Inkzooka blasting over it, so I turn back towards the corner, where I get a bit lucky against the Range Blaster. All the while, the Tower trundles forwards, and hits the goal. Woomy!

Tenacity in Tower Control (7-6, Carbon Roller Deco)

27th June 2017 – 7.00 am

The green team push up pretty aggressively to start the battle, and I feel a bit impotent against the two-pronged approach. That isn't helped by a mistimed jump/Seeker throw that does nothing. At least I time my jump in to the Killer Wail a bit better, although it's frustrating to hear my ink hit something a few times and not see a squidy ghost at all.

I round the corner to meet the Tower, but, somehow, the green inklings know where the Tower is going too. I clear one inkling off the Tower, but only by standing on a Splat Bomb, and that green inkling is replaced by two more. I try to forge a path of ink through the green turf, but am foiled by a jumper, which is personally irritating but I was out of my range anyway.

I start to reclaim some turf, knowing that we won't be able to do much if we can't move but they can, and naturally run in to a spot of bother soon enough. In retrospect, sneaking behind the Splash Wall was never going to end well for me, but at least I splat the .52 Gal too.

As I come back, it looks like there's some healthy battling going on, so I take the opportunity to push the Tower forwards. Getting off again seems like a good idea before long, and this time I respect the Splash Wall and somehow manage to extricate myself from the situation, resetting much like the Tower.

Seekers versus Seekers has neither side win, and I don't manage to hop on to the Tower as it decides to head backwards again, but I push forwards to try to relieve some green pressure. I nearly do, but the inkling has good reflexes, and transforms in to a Kraken as my flick hits home. I dunno how I get out of there, but, for a second time, I do. Going back finds the same trouble in different form, and when a new Splash Wall gets thrown in front of me I don't really have an escape route. I don't mind, as I splat two inklings this time.

My squidmates are pushing the Tower as I return, and to keep the push going I dare a super-jump. I land safely, ink the Tower's floor, and have a green Splash Wall work in my favour, as its owner stands too far back to get a good bead on me. Once again, though, the green team know where the Tower is headed, and head around the corner to try to stop me.

I get lucky by squidding in the ink at just the right time and place, and popping up to flick one inkling away gets two instead. Nice! Even better, the Splash Wall is just offset enough to let me ride the Tower through it. And that gives us the lead! Now our confidence is high, we have support, and the green team are perhaps panicking a little.

The Tower keeps moving, me and my squidmates throw ink around. With a splat here and there, and some decent consecutive hops on to the Tower to keep it moving, and we turn the battle around from being under pressure to winning a knockout victory! Woomy!

Almost across the bridge in Tower Control (12-6, Carbon Roller Deco)

26th June 2017 – 7.00 pm

I can get to the Tower on Hammerhead Bridge pretty quickly as a Carbon roller, but as a Carbon Roller I'm not sure that I should be getting there quickly. Still, that Seeker does a good job, I avoid a Suction Bomb, and we take an early if insignificant lead. That E-litre 3K looks like he'll be a pain though.

The yellow team push back, but are easily forced off the Tower, and we get another go ourselves. With some support, and a mostly useless Seeker Rush, we get almost half-way to the goal. I nearly manage to keep the push going, but even though I splat the inkling in front of me, inky pressure comes in from behind. That's okay, as my squidmates are back on the Tower and keep it moving. That's probably worth super-jumping to!

I land in the middle of a bit of a mess, which isn't particularly surprising. There's a decent tussle for the Tower, and we manage to make the purple ink overcome the yellow for the most part, and by the time most of the inklings on both sides are splatted, I'm still there to keep the push going, and the E-litre 3K is there trying to stop me.

My squidmates come back, super-jumping in, as I position myself nicely to avoid a Suction Bomb's explosion. A yellow inkling tries to hijack the Tower, and is splatted away, but the E-litre 3K finally gets his Burst Bobs working on me. And we were so close to reaching the goal! Still, that's a really good lead that the other team need to overcome.

I'd be more confident about our defence if my first attempt went a bit better. My flick at one inkling mostly hits a wall, I don't manage to splat an inkling hopping on to the Tower, and I am overwhelmed from at least two sides when trying to flick in to get them off from below. We have plenty of time to stop the push, though, and I get back in to the action soon enough.

Maybe I muck up the Seeker throw, and the wall squidding, and slip through a grate, but these are minor trifles. I get back up, splat the yellow vanguard, and move on to clear the Tower, albeit in stages. We stop the yellow inklings from coming back as a team, letting the Tower coast back towards the middle of the bridge, but still they come. I do my bit by using a Seeker Rush to keep the E-litre 3K guessing, then my Ninja Squid t-shirt to get underneath him for a sneaky splat. Nice!

Walking in to the Suction Bomb is less nice, but becoming something of a motif for me. I come back to a bridge with too much yellow ink everywhere, and start rectifying that, whilst my squidmates push the Tower again. I tidy up a bit behind them, and then a bit in front of them. That Seeker did some excellent seeking, and I do my own seeking of the E-litre 3K.

The push comes to and end, but the battle is nearly over too. The yellow team have one last attempt, sending the battle in to extra time, and although my initial tries to clear the Tower are a little sloppy, I hop on and make sure of the splat to retake control of the Tower and end the battle. Woomy!

Distracting the opposition in Tower Control (16-7, Tri-slosher)

26th June 2017 – 7.00 am

I head for the flank to get behind the orange team immediately, and am glad that the Inkbrush moves a bit faster than me, putting her around the corner and somewhat unaware of me initially. From there, and a little conscious of how many orange inklings have been splatted, and may be about to come from behind, I move around to help with the Tower. And coming from behind helps me stay a little safer.

I start moving the Tower back, but with orange inklings obviously climbing the central column, I sensibly hop off again before I'm too easy a target, which helps keep the Tower clear and lets us give it a proper push. I try to get behind the orange team again, a bit early given where the Tower is, and use a bit of height to good advantage. I should probably move away at that point, as I have their attention, but I'm not good at doing that.

The Tower is nicely forwards. I could help by going directly to it, but I often find that sneaking around the back helps a bit better, as long as I can get there in time. I don't this time, but I still apply some pressure, going out and coming back, even if I make a meal out of a stationary Inkstrike-in-progress.

I ink some turf teal, then push for a splat or two to take the pressure off the team, sneaking under a Splash Wall with a Bubbler active for good measure. That gets one splat, and pushes another inkling backwards. I then almost do something really silly, but realise that squidding in to the E-litre 3K's sights with an Echolocator on me would end badly. A bit of height worked last time, but a bit of distance helps the E-litre 3K just as well.

My squidmates have made another good push, surpassing the lead they previously achieved. I can't help by the time I'm back at base, so I squid to the middle to look at inking turf and keeping the orange team back. I spot a good target, but jump behind the railings. Never mind, that wall helps me again. It's a good wall, that. I hide from the E-litre 3K, who appears when it looks like he's running from a Kraken of ours. Nice! And the Tower's coming forwards again, so I head around and along the channel to ink it teal.

There's some orange ink coming from somewhere, and it's up on the ledge. I go up to put a stop to it, but a small patch of orange prevents me from squidding on to the ledge myself. No matter, my bucket sloshes upwards. I think I've done a good job, and it takes me a couple of seconds to realise that the second splat was not the second inkling. The Tower keeps moving, and almost gets to the goal. Nice! This battle is probably ours, as long as we don't collapse.

I don't really help with keeping the Tower free of orange inklings, which is perhaps why I am better skirmishing in the Skatepark. I come back to convince myself that I am useful in that way, hitting the orange team from behind, but getting just a bit too much ink on me to get the quad-splat. But with only the E-litre 3K left, and him standing off the Tower, the good advance by the orange team is halted.

Or I think it's halted. The E-litre 3K jumps on the Tower, and his squidmates super-jump to him, and the Tower keeps coming. Hopefully with cool heads, my squidmates keep the ink flowing, and I lend a hand from behind, and we prevent our good lead from being bettered, riding the Tower to keep it away from our goal.

I bump in to the E-litre 3K and happily have the advantage with my Tri-slosher, but am a bit behind another inkling to get the splat before she is back on the Tower. I try to chase it up the column, but am hit from behind by the Brush. Thankfully, my squidmates are there as reliably as they have been for the rest of the battle, retaking the Tower and rewarding us the victory. Woomy!

Quick sprint in Tower Control (5-0, Grim Range Blaster)

25th June 2017 – 7.00 pm

I look to hit the blue team's flank initially, but seeing the flurry of activity in the middle of the map changes my mind, particularly as my angle of approach looks good. I get a nice direct hit on one inkling, and can squid under the sight of the Splattterscope. I don't anticipate her movement after the first indirect hit, but a third shot catches her again for the splat.

The Tower is under squidmate control and no blue inklings are ahead of me, so I switch directions to focus on the path of the Tower. A Burst Bomb spreads some ink, a Killer Wail keeps the general channel clear, and a bit of luck keeps me just about clear of a Splat Bomb. After the Wail, I help a squidmate under pressure, and fall back behind the approaching Tower.

There's a brief pause as we make sure the mutually splatted inkling was the only one on the ledge, and we're moving again. I press ahead, feeling confident, getting a nice splat on an incoming inkling, and a better splat with a direct hit. The Killer Wail may not be needed, and the Burst Bomb hitting the Tower's column definitely did nothing, but that's fine. We've hit the goal. Woomy!

Helping with the push in Tower Control (6-3, Grim Range Blaster)

25th June 2017 – 7.00 am

Oops, in trying to keep my forward motion up whilst blasting, I jump in front of the charger. That's exactly what I don't like when battling with a charger, so I'm sorry about doing that. I'm aiming to hit the perch on our right, though, where the range of my Grim Range Blaster may be handy. I've still not quite understood the utility of Burst Bombs either, or I'd be using them to ink the wall much more efficiently.

My first encounter doesn't go well. I get a glancing hit before the inkling disappears, but he's clearly still watching, because he strikes when I turn to retreat. Nice move, that. The orange team wrests the Tower from us and makes a push, taking the lead, but we regroup and clear the Tower without too much fuss, and start pushing it the other way again.

We jump off before too soon, as orange ink comes raining in. But once the inklings are dealt with, pretty swiftly too, we get the Tower moving again. Not me, though, as I backed in to a nicely thrown Splat Bomb. Rather than super-jumping to support, or going directly towards the Tower, I head around the side. Blackbelly Skatepark is small enough where this works well, and often catches the defending team looking in the wrong direction.

I get a splat from behind, not that I'm sure my squidmates didn't have the situation under control, but the inking I did to get there charges my Killer Wail, which helps keep a path clear of inklings. They can, of course, simply hide around a corner, but my Grim Range Blaster splats one who tries. Just the one, though, another splatting me and a squidmate in return.

One squidmate remains on the Tower, however, and refuses to be splatted off it as it trundles on to hit the goal. That was quick. Woomy!

Missing my moment in Tower Control (13-5, Grim Range Blaster)

24th June 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm trying the Grim Range Blaster in Tower Control, hoping to get the hang of the Burst/Blast combo. Judging by the start of the battle, I need more practice. I still haven't quite worked out the utility of Burst Bombs on vertical surfaces either, but I'll get there. Just as I get to the Tower at the right angle to clear it of two inklings. Nice!

I push up and hear a hit as I round the corner firing. I don't quite spot the inkling setting up the Inkstrike in time to stop it, but they also don't get clear in time to avoid the splat. And maybe my aim isn't good enough for a direct hit to avoid getting splatted myself, but I'm happy to make the splat mutual in itself, getting the quad-splat is a happy bonus.

The Tower gets in the way a bit of my Blasting, so I'm doubly happy when a squidmate hops on and gets it moving. Even better, my Killer Wail is charged. I take care with aiming it, knowing about the change in elevation ahead, and push forwards as it wails away, seeing if any inklings are hiding in their ink. They're not, and that opens up a good support channel for us.

I don't prioritise my targets too well when I move forwards again, but it all works out, thanks to my squidmates. I imagine I split the purple inklings' focus too. The Tower keeps coming forwards, which is the main thing, and my support starts helping directly. I don't quite get a splat in time to keep my squidmate on the Tower, but I think I can jump on to the side of the Tower to squid on to it and keep it moving the last little distance. But not like that I can't.

The purple team just about save the knockout defeat, and start moving the Tower back. The pressure's on them, though, and being a bit more relaxed tends to help with the defensive side. We have a lot of wriggle room available to us. It also helps to get two sitting ducks on the Tower. It's also good that we push the Tower again, as Camp Triggerfish is a bit stretched not to be playing the objective.

I spy the purple inkling running over the bridge. I'm glad she doesn't see my until I get my second shot away. I also spy the inkling waiting on the ledge. My aim is a bit scattered here too, but it gets better with a target right in front of me. It looks like another inkling was around elsewhere, as the Tower is cleared and starts heading back. I chuck a Burst Bomb across the divide to try to stop our next push failing too soon, but that just makes the inkling angry and turn in to a Kraken. I'm glad they didn't see where I decided to hide.

A Killer Wail clears the way ahead and forces an inkling to hide in an obvious place, but his squidmates appear as I consider riding the Tower, and there are just too many for me to splat before the ink overwhelms me. I come back and am glad a squidmate is around for support, before getting a nice lucky splat. I'm not as lucky with the Inkstriker on the Tower, but that's okay. I stay safe for a bit, and the Tower moves forwards once more.

We're not going to improve on our score in the short time left, but the purple team are unlikely to get close to it too, having to travel almost the full distance of the map. Indeed, the Tower is lost by them almost as soon as it is taken, and the battle ends with our victory. Woomy!

Sticking around the Splat Zones (6-1, Kelp Splat Charger)

24th June 2017 – 7.00 am

That rotating central plinth in the Museum is a great place to plant a Sprinkler for Splat Zones. It also occasionally makes a great place to aim at sitting targets. If only my aim was better, I'd get more splats. Still, I'm spreading ink with each missed shot, and my squidmates can get the splats, so it's all good.

From where I'm standing, turf control looks like a good option too. As long as I can prevent purple inklings getting across to this side, I should be relatively safe, and keeping as much turf green as possible helps the team in general. The occasional splat doesn't hurt either, and moving across at just the right time to catch a squid dropping in to the fray is quite pleasing.

A Killer Wail here and there helps control squid movement, and bags me a splat or two, which is nice. But quite beats getting a splat with the Sprinkler. There is the odd moment where there's no more turf in range for me to ink. That's okay, and I'm not tempted to abandon my good position to look for more. I'm sure I'm best served up here.

Ink turf, throw Sprinkler, get a splat. Our side is finally breached, and I can't snap a shot off quickly enough to prevent it. But on being splatted I see that our counter is down to three, and send out a congratulatory 'Nice!' to the team. The Splat Zones are neutralised, but as long as we get them back without the purple team taking control, the battle will be over in moments.

So, of course, the purple team take control of the Splat Zones at the crucial moment, pumping up our virtual score that we'll now have to overcome. So it goes. I go straight in to recovery mode, and now we really are fighting over the Splat Zones. My Killer Wail charges at just the right time to prevent another incursion to our side, which helps, and that lets me concentrate on spreading ink.

It takes a lot of ink and a fair few Specials before we stop the continuing drop of the purple counter, but at least when we do, and control the Splat Zones again, we have pushed their virtual score up, to add a bit more of a buffer between us again. Not that we were quite in any danger, but it's better that they don't get too close.

I don't think I know the inkling who comes to celebrate with me, or why he's doing it, but, yeah, I'm having fun too! As long as we don't let that purple inkling or Kraken across to our side, I'm all for a bit of squidding around. And it's a bit close, the game heading in to extra time, and a purple inkling encroaching on our platform, but my squiddy friend takes the hit, and we clear up the Splat Zones to end the battle in our favour. Woomy!

A few good splats around the Splat Zones (7-5, Kelp Splat Charger)

23rd June 2017 – 7.00 pm

Me and Slosher have the same idea to start the battle, and although we don't get to the Splat Zone in time to ink it, I hope that inking the way to this perch will pay off later. For now, I try to keep the channels blue, and clear up the occasional Inkstrike. I remember my Sprinkler earlier than I use it too, it just seems a bit pointless whilst most of the turf is blue.

When I finally drop down from the perch, trying to make a more positive difference, I get a splat, but am a bit close to prevent it being mutual. I would say never mind, but by the time I get back to our Splat Zone it's looking a bit patchy. A bit of ink covers that up, but the green team are pushing for our Splat Zone. I also do a bit of pushing, timing a shot on the Kraken just about right to prevent my splatting.

I get a couple of good splats to keep the green team out of our Splat Zone, and although my Splat Charger doesn't quite catch the Slosher, my Killer Wail does. We recover our Splat Zone, but it seems a similar tussle was happening in the green Splat Zone, which is also recovered at about the same time. The score remains tied.

I do my best to keep our Splat Zone free from assault, mostly by inking the direct channel to it. The Heavy Splatling seems intent on an incursion, though, but a bit of jinking sees him coming, and I get the splat to discourage him for now. The Slosher gets the same treatment, but from further away. Nice!

We're still in stalemate, so I try to ink other channels to support my squidmates' attempts to get to the green Splat Zones. But that leaves our Splat Zone a little open. Thankfully, we recover it before the green team starts scoring. That opens up the way for our own assault, and finally both Splat Zones are the same colour, and that colour is blue!

We don't keep both Splat Zones for long, but we have the lead in what has so far been a tight contest. Sadly, things start going a bit awry. Being splatted by the .96 Gal is almost inevitable, and I return to splat the Slosher out of Splat Zone. But missing the Heavy Splatling and having the far channel open for ingress allows the .96 Gal to make a reappearance on my flank.

With our defence a little short, the green team control the Splat Zones, and we are quickly overwhelmed. Had I realised, I would have gone to the perch, instead I am on the ground, so instead try to sneak behind the green team whilst their attention is on us. Unfortunately, one inkling remains behind, and I don't really have the best weapon for what I'm trying to do.

Now I go to the perch, but my aim is just slightly off, and when it looks like I have a bead on an inkling a squidmate super-jumps her head in my way. So it goes. The green team made a successful assault, and held on to the Splat Zones when it mattered.

More luck than judgment in Splat Zones (11-4, Carbon Roller Deco)

23rd June 2017 – 7.00 am

A Seeker or two to start the battle and get the ink flowing works well. Trying to squid up the rotating central plinth goes less well, and is a bit embarrassing. I don't really know how I'm not splatted off it either, but it's good that I both survive and give up, as that opens up opportunities for a couple of splats, and from there we capture the Splat Zones.

I manage to get on to the rotating plinth and, with a squidmate, head across to the orange side. We take the lead as the orange team regroup, and I, well, don't do much. I don't think there's much to do, but there probably is. An Echolocator on the orange team shows me inklings coming my way, so I spring in to action and manage to miss a splat and drop down from my vantage point as my target transforms in to a Kraken. Ah well.

The shadow I flick at is a squidmate, but I can pretend I was inking turf. I move back to the plinth to cross to the orange side again, but hide from an Inkzooka and Killer Wail, and then a second Killer Wail. It's like they don't want me over there. And with the Splat Zones now orange, I think my Seeker Rush would be appropriate.

The Rush probably does something, I can't tell from the bottom of the ramp, but I still want to get across to the other side. Some ink gets shot my way, which I absorb, but that makes the Sprinkler on the plinth a bit dangerous. The inklings up there are more dangerous, and it's good that I accidentally bump in to one. The flick knocks me back off the plinth, saving me from the Dual Squelcher and putting me in a position to splat him too.

I'm feeling my luck must come to an end soon. I push the point by running in to the Dual Squelcher, but I suppose it's difficult to back out of their range. The orange ink around our base is a little concerning. The Inkzooka hitting me from there is a bit more concerning. But never mind. I come back to the Splat Zones a bit obliquely, but add some ink to stop the enemy counter briefly, before failing to jump on to a target, who becomes a Kraken. So it goes.

An orange inkling looks to want to cause some disruption by climbing our rotating platform. I thwart his plans, by surprising him up there, before successfully crossing the Splat Zones. It takes me a while before I do anything over there, but having an orange inkling or two just know I'm there may be distracting them enough for my squidmates to hold the Splat Zones for a while.

One inkling finally drops in to my path, and I feel a bit mean about splatting him, until I realise he was wielding the Inkzooka earlier. Even so, I move out to stop my being a target, and by doing so get a couple more inklings drop in front of me. Nice! That lets me roll through the Splat Zone in relative safely, neutralising them, and helping the team re-capture the Zones.

A couple of Killer Wails are easily avoided, my Seeker Rush might have helped with something, and another crossing to the orange side just misses a super-jumper. A bit of tenacity catches that inkling, and I catch my breath off to the back. Moving up and sitting on a ledge has the Brush run in to me, but not literally, but I bump my beak in to the wall at the side when trying to dodge a Suction Bomb.

But no matter, the Splat Zones were ours and the battle is won by a knockout victory with ten seconds to spare. Woomy!