Bubbling around the Splat Zones

28th June 2016 – 5.04 pm

I'm having a lot of fun with the Splattershot Jr in Splat Zones on Museum d'Alfonsino. It's a versatile weapon with plenty of mobility, and the Bubbler really helps get me out of a sticky spot.

Case in point, jumping headlong in to a Killer Wail ought to teach me a lesson, but not when I have a Bubbler ready! Running in to a Splat Bomb Rush ought to make me back off, but not when I have a Bubbler ready!

Of course, the Bubbler can't always be ready, so I need to be agile and alert. Or I can just ink more turf and make it ready. Either way, I disrupt the opposition quite well.

Going past the Splat Zones

27th June 2016 – 5.52 pm

Splat Zones is more than controlling the Splat Zones. If you can control the turf beyond the Splat Zones, you prevent the opposition from getting close to the objective.

Of course, first you have to secure the Splat Zones yourself, and if it were that easy, everyone would do it.

Museum d'Alfonsino is an interesting map in this mode, as there is really only one way to cross sides, and that's along the central, rotating pillar. Whilst that should make it more difficult to engage the opposition in their territory, it also comes as more of a surprise when it happens.

I like to think I struck a good balance between inking the Splat Zones, and making a nuisance of myself in this battle.

Splatting squids in Arowana Mall Tower Control

26th June 2016 – 5.14 pm

Uh-oh, does that E-litre 3K want my normal perch? Probably, as it's a good place for a charger. I get there first, though, and thankfully put in a good show for myself, splatting the first three squids that come over the top of the ridge.

The E-litre, on the other hand, has completely outflanked the opposition to get on to the opposite perch. Good job!

Everything looks like it's going to plan, and I give out a 'Nice!' in advance, but it is premature, as the other side regain control of the tower and it resets to the centre, after I take a dip in the water.

I take another dip in the water when trying to climb on the tower, and another hairy moment a bit later where my suction cups save me. Otherwise, I'm just splatting inklings left and right. It's a pretty successful battle!

Chargers galore in Urchin Underpass Tower Control

25th June 2016 – 5.52 pm

Two chargers on our team, two on their team. That generally means I need to shake up my tactics, mostly to prevent the two of us stumbling over each other's tentacles.

I try to be a bit more mobile in this game, a tactic that often doesn't work with a charger, as shown by stumbling backwards in to a Suction Bomb. But getting that double splat on the tower shortly afterwards makes up for it.

Then it's a bit of frantic manoeuvring as we push the tower forwards, past their lead, and in to a comfortable lead of our own.

I get some good shots, and some lucky splats, but it feels good to be in the heart of the action and not just getting splatted all the time.

Urchin Underpass Tower Control can get messy

24th June 2016 – 5.40 pm

I'm not sure I knew what was happening half the time in this Tower Control battle. Shoot some ink, keep your turf your colour, and squid away from trouble.

All I can say from this and the other recent battles on Urchin Underpass is that I'll try not to get salty when a charger splats me when I'm hidden as a squid on the tower.

I can do it too, apparently.

Going both ways in Tower Control

23rd June 2016 – 5.29 pm

After the normal tussle in the middle of Arowana Mall, the other team gets a really good lead, nearly reaching their goal. A better-aimed Killer Wail may have pushed them to a knockout victory too.

We have a difficult task ahead of us to get the victory. But some good coordination and support sees us get close to our goal too, just not quite close enough.

The other team manages to regroup to crush our forwards push, from which we don't quite manage to recover.

Staying behind in Tower Control

22nd June 2016 – 5.48 pm

I do my bit to hold the centre of Arowana Mall against the push of the opposition, and only when it looks clear and the tower available do I try to advance the objective. That, naturally, gets me splatted.

Back to holding our position, and as I do I note the Roller moving around to flank me. I watch his progress on my gamepad, whilst keeping tabs on the tower, and foil his ploy to catch me off-guard.

The Roller left a Beakon down the side path, and the only way to get there on Tower Control is to go back to the base. I suppose I should remember the super-jump option, but it doesn't take me long to get back anyway.

But before I can even get there, my squidmates get the tower to the goal. They just took the tower and held it. Good job!

Trying to play safe on Tower Control

21st June 2016 – 5.14 pm

I'm not too comfortable with the Splatterscope on Urchin Underpass, but as the other map in the rotation is Arowana Mall I am taking a positive can-do attitude to the Underpass today.

I don't want to be foolish and push forwards when I don't have to. I ought to provide a stable position for my squidmates, and be in the right place to prevent the opposition from progressing too far.

I make a really good start of the battle with regards to my strategy. I keep back when I need to, suppress opposition movements when I can, and push ahead when required.

In fact, the whole game is perhaps one of my best on Urchin Underpass with a charger. Fluking the splat on that Inkbrush was good fortune, as they have caused me problems in the past.

Okay, quite a few of my splats seem a bit lucky, particularly that double-splat to take control of the tower away from our opponents at the end of the battle. But if you have consistently good luck, maybe it ain't luck.

Pushing forwards as purple in Tower Control

20th June 2016 – 5.02 pm

Arowana Mall is a great map for a charger. Even when paired with Urchin Underpass int he rotation, I will take the awkward Underpass to play on the excellent Mall occasionally.

I get a good number of splats in, and only fall foul of being splatted once, pressing up the map when my squidmates have been splatted themselves.

My aim isn't quite what it could be, but the number of shots I get, the ink I turf, and the final Splat Bomb Rush make up for my inaccuracies.

Losing my cool on Tower Control

19th June 2016 – 5.50 pm

Not 'getting salty', but instead of playing the good game I manage in the first couple of minutes, I end up getting a bit panicky and looking more like a newbie.

Mutual splatting of the same Roller moments after respawning is amusing. Less amusing is getting backed in to walls and not having enough ink for a Splat Bomb. My own fault, in both cases.

Trying to control the turf instead ot the tower seems like a good idea for a Splatterscope playing support, and must have some benefit, given that the opposition are trying to control the turf, but it is the tower that is the more important centre of focus.