Trying to walk it in, in Rainmaker (9-8, Splatterscope)

25th October 2016 – 7.00 pm

Chargers versus shooters in Rainmaker. Not a great match-up, but so it goes.

There is a royal rumble in the centre of Arowana Mall to start with, where I also get a nice and lucky splat on the Rainmaker to begin. But so much ink is flying it doesn't look safe.

When the purple looks less than the yellow, I dive forwards, grab the Rainmaker, and try to clear the path above me. It works! Thanks, Rainmaker. Another blast and a bit of a squid and we take the lead, after which it looks quicker to walk for a bit.

It's a bit cheeky of me, and probably not terribly wise, to walk with the Rainmaker, and I inevitably lose it. But we have a pretty good lead. It should last us, well, longer than it actually does.

Although we put up some sort of resistance, we are being pushed back quite firmly. Losing the lead is only a matter of time, and done in such a fashion that it doesn't look like we can regain it.

Never mind. We can at least prevent their getting a knockout victory, and apart from the usual annoying Inkzooka splat against me, I do quite well overall. Perhaps I could have pressed further forwards near the end, although I wasn't aware how well my squidmates we doing then. More awareness required.

The final push in extra time is a little desperate, but it bags me an extra couple of splats, so that's okay.

Finally, someone rides the tower, in Tower Control (6-5, Splatterscope)

25th October 2016 – 7.00 am

Some more horrid battles follow my one decent one. That's a shame, as it makes my good games feel more like flukes. But I keep trying. I think. Maybe I'm just playing my alotted games before falling out of S Rank.

Here we are on Moray towers, where other Splatterscopes and E-litre 3Ks have been handing me my cloaca all evening. This battle doesn't seem so bad to start with, although my squidmates seem reluctant to ride the tower.

Well, I can do that, and, despite my first thoughts, Moray Towers is actually not a bad map for a charger to be on the tower. Lots of space, and opportunity to shoot upwards a good distance. Maybe a charger should be on the tower as a preference.

Of course, I don't do too well on the tower. That Rapid Blaster does a good job of keeping me splatted. But at least I am keeping it beyond the mid-way point, in opponent territory and not ours.

And once my squidmates start riding the tower, I find my form again. I splat the charger, keep ink turfed, distract the blue team. I actually do pretty well. And so do my squidmates!

Whilst I am distracting and distracted, the tower trundles on almost to the goal. We don't quite make it, but that's fine. We still win by a huge margin, and I end the battle on a better run than I started. I can occasionally have fun in S Rank.

Getting some decent splats in Tower Control (9-6, Splatterscope)

24th October 2016 – 7.00 pm

Back in S Rank. I hope to take it for what it is, whatever that may be, and just relax in to it. I doubt that will be true all the time, and it hasn't been so far. Two losses, one going 0-8 with the Splatterscope. Not good.

Yes, the Splatterscope. I could use the practice, and don't really want to stay in S Rank artificially too long. If I stay up, I stay up. But I am not going to bust a blood vessel trying to keep up with various weapons. I'll be me.

I banked some good Splat Zones battles the other day, which I was thinking would carry me though a dry spell in S Rank, so I am nicely surprised when I start this Tower Control battle on Museum d'Alfonsino so positively.

I stay alive, avoid some splats, and get some really nice splats in myself. They are even sweeter against opposition chargers, and that double splat is perhaps one of my finer moments in recent weeks. I should gfycat it for posterity.

It can't all go my way, and I take some hits, and am both a little unlucky and a little incautious in places. But I also show some good restraint and fairly good awareness at times.

Okay, splatting the Octobrush in mid-air was lucky. But flanking the Kelp Splat Charger from so close was making my own luck. Topping off the game with a splat on the E-litre 3K just makes the victory sweeter. Woomy!

Splatterscoping back up to S Rank in Splat Zones (7-3, Splatterscope)

24th October 2016 – 7.00 am

One victory with the Splatterscope is followed by a horrid loss. The other team were very well coordinated. So it goes, and I could use some losses to drop my rank in A+ a bit. And I could use the practice with the Splatterscope. I used to get a bunch of splats, and I'd like my skills to improve.

I take the usual perch in Camp Triggerfish, tempered with a bit of caution because of the two opposing chargers. In fact, I take the perch mostly because of those chargers. I consider it my task to keep them suppressed and allow my squidmates to move more freely.

I don't do too well at keeping the other chargers suppressed initially. But I keep trying, as well as the ink flowing over the Splat Zones. I even get in to a bit of a groove with the Splatterscope. I see inklings movements and predict them. I watch for ink and get my shots prepared.

It feels really good to bag some well-earned splats, particularly with the Splatterscope. It's been a while since it has felt powerful in my suction cups.

On the plus side, my Splat Bomb Rush gets some attention away from me, and simultaneously helps to recapture the Splat Zones for us. With one point left to count down, that secures us the knockout victory! Woomy!

On the negative side, that's enough to push me back up to S Rank. Oh well! I'll call it a day there, and see where S Rank takes me another time.

Mostly holding back in Splat Zones (2-1, Splatterscope)

23rd October 2016 – 7.00 pm

I've had a run of victories with the Tri-slosher, and am getting dangerously close to S Rank again. I can't have that, so I swap back to the Splatterscope, partly for practice, partly because I think I'll fare worse than with the Tri-slosher and maybe get some losses.

Not that I want to lose as such, and definitely won't throw the battles. And it's a little backwards, wanting to end the session with some losses rather than wins. But let's see how it goes first.

I want to take a cautious approach, certainly with Blackbelly Skatepark, and I've been paying attention to where the opposition chargers tend to perch in these Splat Zones battles. I give it a go.

There is good coverage with the Splatterscope from this position, whilst offering a good degree of protection. I am fairly deep in our own territory, and can keep an eye on the gamepad for any ink trails coming my way. I even have a view of a favourite perch of the other side's, and dissuade a Splatling from parking there.

All goes relatively well, and we hold on to the Splat Zones without much interruption. I even move forward near the end of the battle, getting a good splat in doing so, but feeling vulnerable. But not for long, as we get the victory. Woomy!

From okay to better in Splat Zones (4-7, Tri-slosher)

23rd October 2016 – 7.00 am

The tactic to squid up the middle didn't work as planned in the previous battle, but that doesn't mean it isn't sound. I gather more evidence, and maybe it isn't the best idea.

Plan B is to rain ink down on our captured Splat Zone from the fence, and that works well, to start with. Getting splatted by a Disrupted Splatterscope is a bit unfortunate, and then to be hit by his specifically aimed Killer Wail is just an insult.

I must try better. So I try better. My reaction times don't let me activate my Bubbler when attacked from behind, but I can build that up again. Flanking down the side route lets me ink plenty of turf, although I don't know where that inkling disappears to, and sitll my Bubbler doesn't recharge enough. I am splatted again.

Our lead looks to be in threat. Back to sloshing ink for from the top of the fence. I fall down a couple of times intentionally, to avoid opponent attention, and get my Bubbler charged. Just in time for that Inkzooka! I survive the onslaught and get my splat, trying to keep our ink yellow.

A flanking manoeuvre after that doesn't quite work out, but I have two inklings paying attention to me deep in their territory, so that works out well for us. Indeed, we look to have turned the battle around again, and hold the Splat Zones until the end. Good job, squidmates!

Keeping it green in Splat Zones (4-5, Tri-slosher)

22nd October 2016 – 7.00 pm

More Camp Triggerfish Splat Zones. I try a new tactic for the start of this battle, squidding right down the middle and through our Splat Zone to falnk the enemy a different way.

The plan works initially, helped by the good inking of my squidmates, but I am spotted and awaited as I cross the bridge. Never mind! I try again, pausing only ink our Splat Zone. I get a little further, but not much, and no splat. But my squidmate gets him, so that's good.

We've had inklings come around the side in the meantime, and I take time to cover up their easy squidding path, only to get splatted. Oh well. A second attempt doesn't end any better. Do I learn my lesson? Yes! I take the central route again. It doesn't seem much safer, but I hold my own against the Splat Charger.

Another opportunity to flank, another time splatted, thanks to opposing Bubblers. But the reset back to base gives me another opportunity to take on the charger and win, just as he desperately tries to get the Killer Wail out too.

All of this inking and splatting, most of it in opposition territory, ensures that the Splat Zones stay mostly our colour. We get the knockout victory with some time to spare. Woomy!

More than enough for the Splat Zones (4-2, Tri-slosher)

22nd October 2016 – 7.00 am

Sticking with the Tri-slosher, Camp Triggerfish comes up. Do I slide down the middle, or go around the side? Around the side, I think. It's worked for me before with the Tri-slosher, so let's see how it works out this time.

A bit of caution seems to work for me, letting me ink the Splat Zones and get a splat. Pressing further in to opponent territory offers new opportunities for flanking, which I take with both suction cups. I bag a couple of splats and irritate the opposition before I'm splatted back to the base.

It looks like we're losing the closer Splat Zone, so I make my way down the left route, aiming to slosh ink down from atop the fence. But by the time I get there my squidmates have the Splat Zone covered. That's fine by me. I disrupt an inkling across the gap, which is about all I can do, and watch for ink to cover.

I don't have long to wait. We're quite in control, it seems, and the count ticks down to a knockout victory fairly quickly. Woomy!

Not enough to control the Splat Zones (11-8, Tri-slosher)

21st October 2016 – 7.00 pm

I don't fancy my chances with the Splatterscope in Splat Zones, despite one of the maps being Camp Triggerfish. So what weapon shall I use. The Tri-slosher is a favourite, and that both lets me throw ink around and be mobile. Along with the Disruptor, keeping opponent ink levels low, it should do me okay.

I get a great start to this battle. I think about going around the outside to flank, but pause to get some ink in the Splat Zone. Going around the back is a good move too, with no one coming up the side.

From there, I get a bit too embroiled in a scrap that shouldn't be personal, with an inkling trying to flank us. I realise I shouldn't be doing this, so change my tack again, which does wonders for my splats and productivity.

I mix up trying to keep a bit of ink in the Splat Zones, out-flanking our opponents, and keeping the opposition flanker away from our base. It all works our rather well for me, but not quite so well for our team.

The Splat Zones stay purple more than teal, despite my best efforts to keep the other team suppressed, and I start the evening with a loss. Never mind, it was a good battle!

Letting the Splat Zones take care of themselves (6-2, Tri-slosher)

21st October 2016 – 7.00 am

As often happens when I'm having a bad streak of getting splatted and stomped, I decide to let the objective do what it wants and instead skirmish around the map.

I get to a decent spot early, but misjudge where the Dynamo Roller is, and how long it takes for him to flick. Never mind, carry on! Straight down the middle, no one will suspect that. And a diversion, sloshing ink down for a splat.

That Octobrush is made of stern stuff, certainly less squishy than the Dynamo Roller. At least, the first time I try to splat him. The second he splats like normal. That was weird.

We've got the upper hand. Maybe I am being a suitable distraction, or my squidamtes are just that good. Hopefully a combination of those effects. Either way, it lets me push pretty high on the map, and look to get one final splat before the score counts down. Nope, I get two final splats! Woomy!