Lots of splatting in Tower Control (15-6, Tri-slosher)

20th September 2017 – 7.00 pm

I rush forwards, hoping to get up the wall and around the side, but the flow of yellow ink coming towards me as I approach the middle encourages me to hold back. Well, a little. I can use the wall to hide from the Squiffer, and although hiding becomes problematic when a Point Sensor hits me, this is why I have my Cold-blooded shirt. The Point Sensor drops soon enough, and now my problem is a lack of ink. That's solved by my Bubbler, though, and I finally get the splats rolling.

I think the Tower is following behind me, but it seems my squidmates have been knocked off. I make the most of my position to keep going forwards and circling back, getting in to a good position to flank the returning yellow inklings. But one sneaky inkling follows me, and dumps an excellently placed Splat Bomb right by my feet. Worse still, the Tower continues in the yellow direction.

I come back to reclaim the Tower, after my squidmates clear the yellow inklings off of it, and after we've lost the lead. We start another push, and when it looks like it's moving well enough, I head around the back again. I have a tendency not to go along the beaten track. Still, my squidmates retake the lead immediately, as I'm being ineffective at the edges. I catch the speedy Splattershot with a Disruptor, but their ugly shoes still let them squid behind me. So it goes.

I'm persisting with the back route, hoping I'll make something happen, and I think just getting through all that yellow ink is an achievement. Maybe not a worth achievement in Tower Control, but still. I find inklings to slosh when coming from behind, but don't react quickly enough to them popping out of the ink to get an easy splat. Instead, the Squiffer and I pop our Bubblers in turn to try to splat the other. Somehow, I come out on top, and the Tower is moving in the right direction again.

I resist the urge to go pointlessly around the back again, and move up to support the Tower directly. I don't think my Disruptors help, but I manage to survive the yellow onslaught, and, whilst under a Point Sensor, out-manoeuvre the Squiffer, and somehow manage not to get squished by the Roller, to clamber on to the Tower to keep the push going a little longer.

My squidmates super-jump back to me, and that frees me up to go skirmishing. I miss the inkling squidding past me as I hop off the Tower during the battle, but I see him now. Even so, I move up to get three splats, with help from my Bubbler, and when I'm looking for the fourth the Tower starts moving in the wrong direction, so I know where he is. Sadly, my quad-splat is thwarted by the purple bucket.

I get my revenge on the bucket quickly. I hear the Special being activated and see the Kraken on the Tower. I sensibly hold back, and push forwards when the Kraken should be disappearing. My timing works well, and I splat the Slosher when he's an inkling again. I don't last much longer, but the Tower is reset, which is good.

One minute to go, why not head around the back again? Because I don't achieve anything, I suppose. The Squiffer tries to find me, but sensibly moves on, and when I arguably also sensibly circle back to find him, I only find his shoes after a squidmate gets the splat. I take the hint and try to move the Tower, being on the right side of a Splash Wall to do so, but flounder against its sides, so just move up to support indirectly.

I take on the Slosher face-to-face, and get lucky with a mutual splat, given our range disparity, and return hoping to make a difference by helping end the period of extra time, but I just squid in to a Splat Bomb on the Tower. As always, my squidmates have my back, and stop the yellow push for the victory. Woomy!

Good ends to an average middle in Tower Control (11-5, Tri-slosher)

20th September 2017 – 7.00 am

A super-aggressive start from me, but one that is also somewhat measured. Finding an unexpected path often leads to splats, and being able to sidestep a Splash Wall certainly helps. I'm a little disappointed that I miss the fourth inkling, but it's all good. The yellow team is temporarily out of the way, and we start pushing the Tower forwards.

The yellow team return, and although I push up I clearly am not in the best position, as they squid past me and take control of the Tower. I keep moving and sloshing, making movement difficult for the yellow inklings, as I work my way back to the Tower. My squidmates have cleared it and are pushing it back as I get there, and we work together to keep it moving.

I spot an opportunity to get around the back again, but although I get around there, I'm not particularly effective. I backtrack again, pausing as I am distracted by a squidmate's Splat Bomb Rush, and nearly get caught in a Killer Wail. I don't think my Bubbler was necessary then, but it's better to be safe than sorry, and I make it back to claim the Tower again.

A nice bit of inking from the Berry Splattershot Pro gets me off the Tower quickly, and my unsplatted streak doesn't quite make two minutes. Still, that was quite an opening. My confidence becomes overconfidence, though, coupled with the other team starting to turn the turf yellow. It doesn't help that the Grim Range Blaster seems to disappear underneath me, as he's not even wearing ink-resistant shoes, but as he doesn't splat me it doesn't really matter.

The yellow team make some nice pushes, and although we just about keep them back, there is an awful lot of yellow ink all over the place. We can't have that and except to keep our lead. I hit the flank, risking missing the Tower, and just about cause enough disruption to help my squidmates reclaim the Tower. But the battle's getting close!

I head along the other flank, looking to get as high up the Underpass as I can whilst the Tower stays neutral, and get pretty far. I think I'm being followed at one point, but if I am the inkling gives up on me. That's good, as I move on as a super-jumping inkling lands, narrowly dodge their Suction Bomb, another inkling's Killer Wail, and have my Bubbler charged as my squidmate's approach with the Tower, extending our lead. Nice!

With thirty seconds to go, this battle looks wrapped up. I pop my Bubbler as the yellow inklings appear, and try to hop off the Tower to get some splats. I'm pushed back by ink, though, but I change tack and hop back on the Tower. I try to hop off and on to the ledge again, but it's perhaps lucky that I fall, right in to the path of the yellow inklings.

A couple of splats clears the way forwards, and I get back on to the Tower as my squidmates continue their superb support. The clock ticks down, and with less than a second to go, three of us celebrate getting the knockout victory. I particularly liked my squidmate firing her ink in to the air. Woomy!

Almost knowing when to push in Tower Control (6-2, Tri-slosher)

19th September 2017 – 7.00 pm

I do like trying to speed to the middle and around the side in Urchin Underpass. Fairly often, like this battle, a Blaster just about catches me in the act, and their indirect fire puts a stop to my efforts. I take a more conventional route to return, inking more of a path for my squidmates, and needing to pause for a Kraken.

I don't manage to clear the Tower, but hopefully my ink was additional pressure, pushing the Luna Blaster in to harm's way. I move up, where nothing's happening, and move back when it sounds like the Tower needs support, clambering on at the same time as a blue inkling. She doesn't have a charged Bubbler, though, so I come out best.

My squidmates hop on too, sharing the Bubbler, so I push forwards to help clear a path. It's not straightforwards, even with most of a Bubbler remaining, but some jinking helps keep the blue inklings guessing, and what may be a misstep lands the Kelp Splatterscope under my bucket.

I push up even further, to the goal and beyond, catching the N-ZAP partly by surprise, and rather aggressively splatting the Splatterscope on his immediate return. But I don't like to harry opponents outside their base too much, so I keep moving, back to support the Tower more directly.

The Tower is moving forwards nicely, without any blue pressure on it, so I turn to help push back any oncoming inklings. That works quite well, thanks to having a Bubbler charged and ready, and a squidmate by my side sharing it.

My enthusiasm gets the better of me, though, and I squid forwards right in to a Splat Bomb. Never mind, the Tower keeps trundling right to the goal. Woomy!

One-way Tower Control (4-1, Grim Range Blaster)

19th September 2017 – 7.00 am

I normally take the side route to flank the opposition with a bucket, but can it work with the Grim Range Blaster? Well, just about. It would work better if I could aim, although, to be fair, on review it seems the inkling squids in to the ink the very moment I shoot. Thankfully, coming from an unexpected angle is surprising enough to get me a second shot.

A couple of opportunistic shots where inklings generally are right about now gets me a second splat, and from there I start pushing the Tower, aware of the inkling below me. But I think I'm enough of a threat with my Blaster for her to rethink her approach. Now I just need to worry about inklings returning from their base. I get a bit lucky with the Luna Blaster, unlike my squidmate, and a different squidmate takes care of another inkling.

Now a charger is lining me up. I dodge one shot, somehow, and line up my Killer Wail to hopefully clear some kind of path, but the angle I'm on is not great, and the inkling from before reveals her new, more effective approach. It would have been more effective still if she hadn't jumped on to the Tower, where my Killer Wail was still in effect.

A squidmate super-jumps to the Tower as I depart, and I super-jump to them. I didn't really need to, as it turns out, but you never know, and at least I land my feet on the Tower as we trundle to the goal. Woomy!

Going two down in Splat Zones (7-5, Tri-slosher)

18th September 2017 – 7.00 pm

One inkling is left for dust on the base as the rest of us leave. I'm sure she'll catch up. I'm buoyed by my early splat on the E-litre 3K to think more of it. I do some diversionary inking, but feel no pressing need to head around the back just yet, and drop down to the main floor again. The purple team ink the Splat Zones, but a bit of patience draws one of them to me, and I surprise splat them before moving in to cover the purple ink.

Splat Zones neutralised, that E-litre 3K needs a little pressure if we're going to take control of the Splat Zones again. I move up on to the platform, knowing that the E-litre 3K won't be beaten quite so simply again, but my Bubbler is charged. Naturally, the E-litre 3K has moved away, but a Splattershot has appeared to get splatted whilst I'm safe in the Bubbler, and a bit of indiscriminate sloshing finds the charger anyway. And we're back in the lead, nice!

I'm splatted back to base to see our inkling still slouching there. She disappears a few seconds later, not having moved, putting us one down. That is unfortunate, but we seem to have done okay up until now. We battle over the Splat Zones for a bit, and I am splatted away when I get a bit close to the Splattershot, and everything still seems evenly contested.

I head back to sneak up the back of the moving platform, which maybe works a little, but am faced by an N-ZAP, feared by me and my bucket. She stumbles backwards, though, and my Bubbler chargers. I'm not sure where she goes, but I splat something, and follow the only possible ink trail around the side. I think this is where she went, and maybe she did, but I run in to the Splattershot again. My Bubbler charges a moment too late.

My route around the side of the platform works like a charm this time, surprising the E-litre 3K and the N-ZAP. The Splat Zones are purple, though, and we lose the lead. Well, too late to save them directly, so I check the perch for inklings first, before dropping down to help with the Splat Zones directly. We retake control, but only until I am hit in the middle of the Splat Zones by an Inkzooka. So it goes.

The E-litre 3K bamboozles me as I return, using a Ninja Squid t-shirt when I don't expect it, playing me perfectly to hit me with Burst Bombs. And now we really look like we're in trouble, as a second inkling is staring in to space on our base. Never mind, we can only do our best. But with so little ink on our side, and the purple team pressing high as a result, I can barely get to the Splat Zones before the battle is lost.

It wasn't a bad battle, really, particularly as we were an inkling down from the start. These things happen.

Accidentally picking on the Carbon Roller in Splat Zones (8-0, Carbon Roller Deco)

18th September 2017 – 7.00 am

I don't aggressively plunge myself in to a silly situation to start this battle, and I survive more than fifteen seconds. I should hang back and be sensible more often. I send out Seekers to make ink tracks, and try to keep myself safe. We lose the Splat Zones to start with, but we're able to take control ourselves pretty quickly.

I move up when it looks safer, and although trouble starts to appear, a bit of dodging not only keeps me safe but provides me opportunity to drop on an inkling for a splat. I'm not going to say no to opportunity. I do get a bit cocky immediately, though, and nearly get splatted by being in obviously the wrong place. Turning back doesn't look better, with a teal Seeker Rush underway, but I pause and watch for my moment, and splat the Carbon Roller nicely.

I cover the ink trail leading back to our base as a precaution, and launch my Seeker Rush when I have a lot of turf in front of me. I don't follow my Seekers, not wanting to be too obvious, and jinking brings the Carbon Roller right in front of me again. A bit more inking, and an opportunistic Seeker actually seeks and splats someone. Nice!

A couple of teal Inkstrikes neutralise the Splat Zones but don't capture them, and as the ink comes rushing in a second time I decide to try and flank. I bump in to something which can't be a Seeker, and luckily my reactions let me splat the Carbon Roller again before he can flick at me. I hope he's not getting too frustrated with our run-ins.

I continue up the corridor, and get lucky with my timing popping out of there. Some ink starts chasing me, but only as I drop over the ledge, at which point a turn and flick gets a splat. I roll around the container and get a fairly lucky splat, and squid this way and that to line up a third, which a squidmate gets instead. That deserves a 'Nice!'

The Splat Zones are purple again, without them having been teal, so there's no buffer. I launch another Seeker Rush. My counterpart is doing the same, which necessitates a dodge, and somehow a Seeker of mine splats him on top of the container, coincidentally as an Inkstrike hits. I'll take it, but it feels like I'm picking on the Carbon Roller now.

Our counter keeps ticking down, and there are no teal inklings approaching quickly enough to stop it. I just about have time for a short victory dance. Woomy!

A little patience sometimes helps in Splat Zones (12-4, Carbon Roller Deco)

17th September 2017 – 7.00 pm

There's a charger on the other team, so my starting gambit is to head right around the back to see if I can splat them on their perch. She's not on the perch, though, and before I drop down to catch her from behind, a squidmate has done it first. And my other squidmates have taken control of the Splat Zones from the yellow team. I don't think I did much good. At least my Seeker Rush charges, which I use to mediocre effect, before foolishly pressing straight towards an inkling whilst Echolocated. I can do better than this.

I almost take a more direct route back, but divert down the corridor to keep it inked. That plan goes awry too, as I get in to a silly stand-off with the Splatterscope. At least it works for me this time, as my patience for wasting time appears to be greater than hers. I still am a bit reckless when heading for the splat, but I get it. Another Seeker Rush charges too, and I use that more successfully as well. One splat, the Splat Zones covered, but why do I press forwards when Echolocated?!

I sneak around the side and assess the situation. One yellow inkling is splatted, so maybe it's not a good time to head up the ramp. And we're in control of the Splat Zones, so do I need to go anywhere? Actually, yeah, as they are super-jumping past me, it seems. And with the Splatterscope where I can see her, I have an opportunity to do something. My timing to move forwards isn't great, though, but at least I survive the encounter.

I keep moving, and am happy to see the Splatterscope still on the container. I pause at the ledge, to ensure the ink is in place for a smooth jump, and make my move. So satisfying. Dropping down avenges a squidmate too, and the Splat Zones are back under our control. I start laying down more blue ink around the edges, and spy a yellow inkling. My flick hits, but superficially, and by the time I approach from a different angle a Bubbler is up. That could be bad.

Despite the Bubbler, my manoeuvring gets me unnoticed by the inkling, and the Echolocator doesn't matter when my timing works so well with a Seeker Rush. I splat the Bubbler, his friend coming to find me, and throw another one out for luck, which also hits. A little more ink and we recapture the Splat Zones too. Nice! I narrowly miss being splatted by the Splatterscope as well, but push my luck when I push up through a Splat Bomb Rush to splat her mid-Rush. It wasn't her who splatted me, though, so it kinda worked out.

There's too much yellow ink on my return. A Seeker helps, but the corridor seems a better approach. My Seeker hits too, rather unexpectedly, spurring me on to be a little more aggressive. The Killer Wail helps to hide me, but I'm still surprise the yellow inkling doesn't notice my flanking. I have to retreat when Echolocated again, but even that pushes me in to a yellow inkling. There's more to do when I turn around, and although the Splatterscope looks to be sitting on a crate for me, the yellow ink surrounding her is quite protective.

Noticing our lead about to be taken, I push ahead to add some ink to the Splat Zones. They are neutralised just in time, so I try to stop more yellow ink appearing by surprise, but am caught out again by the Splatterscope. That's careless of me. I try to be more sensible on my return, and I kind of am, but the yellow team just won't be stopped. Just paused briefly. So it goes.

Not many splats on the yellow team, but lots of ink. There's something to be learnt from that, I have no doubt.

Wail be me in Splat Zones (5-3, Kelp Splat Charger)

17th September 2017 – 7.00 am

The raised corridor seems to be the best route to take for a charger at the start of Port Mackerel Splat Zones. If nothing else, it inks a vital path for later use, should our Splat Zone come under pressure, and it is a nice place to start the battle in itself, to be in a good position and see what early moves each team makes.

My inking gets me close to having a Killer Wail, so I look for some uninked turf to get it charged. But when I do, I realise the angles are all wrong. Dropping down fixes that, and to good effect. It also puts me on the ground, where I can patrol the channels, looking for incursions. All looks good, though, as shown by my squidmates capturing both Splat Zones.

I squid up and throw an opportunistic Sprinkler in to the purple Splat Zone, before inking more paths between the containers. An Echolocator encourages me to retreat to relative safety. Circumstances start to look a bit hairy as the purple team's Specials charge, but our Splat Zone remains unsullied for the most part.

The purple team are on a charge, though, undeterred by being splatted away. Incursions come from multiple angles, and although a Killer Wail splats the E-litre 3K, an Inkstrike and Roller coming from different directions gets me, as well as our Splat Zone, in to trouble. A squidmate tidies up the Inkstrike, however, and I return to my raised perch to help push the purple ink away.

My squidmates are doing a better job than me at splatting the purple team, but at least I can keep the channels inked efficiently. It goes a bit wrong when we are Echolocated and I look down a channel with a purple Kraken headed my way. I just about out-run it, and nearly get a partially charged shot on target, but the miss and my resulting splatting won't make the highlights.

The purple team control the Splat Zones! I rush back to my perch, but pause early, relying on my Splat Chargers range to lay down some ink without compromising my safety, moving up when the Splat Zone turns yellow again. I cover the channels again, miss the Roller by not having enough confidence in an early shot, and eventually get flushed out of the Splat Zone by a simultaneous Inkstrike and Inkzooka double-threat, which gets me squidding right in to trouble.

As the clock runs down, the purple team make a concerted push to control the Splat Zones to take the lead. They do the first, which puts a lot of pressure on us to defend as the battle enters extra time. My shots over the containers help a little, but the purple charger gets wise and sends interfering ink my way.

I move around to the side, hoping to stay hidden and help re-take control of our Splat Zone. It works fairly well, but would work better if the purple inklings were splatted away. My aiming won't do that, but a Killer Wail might. One inkling lets me know where he is by aiming up at me, so I angle the Killer Wail down and splat him away. And, it seems, an inkling super-jumping to him.

With a couple of purple inklings out of the way, and us just needing a little more ink in the Splat Zone, we manage to defend successfully to secure the victory. I even have time for a victory hop. Woomy!

Warming up in Splat Zones (7-3, Kelp Splat Charger)

16th September 2017 – 7.00 pm

Oh yeah, I don't shoot the back of a squidmate's head. I'm learning. At least in parts. I don't think my aim has improved much. But I think I realised why recently, some time after this battle though, that taking my finger off the trigger jolts my aim a little. If I work on steadying that, maybe I can make more shots.

I don't do a great deal in the first minute of the battle. One Sprinkler throw is pretty good, the others land poorly. I am forced from my perch by an Inkzooka, which I don't out-draw but a squidmate happily splats. I overlay my Killer Wail with one already running, which is a bit of a waste. And I can't hit a Dynamo Roller stuck in ink. At least I finally get a splat, and a direct hit at that. If only I didn't end up standing next to a Splat Bomb, mostly thanks to missing an earlier shot against the Splatterscope.

I am a little cautious on my return, seeing the Splatterscope close enough to splat me off the crate. My Sprinklers don't do a great deal to prevent the Splat Zones turning green, but I do finally remember the corner I can stand on to get a better angle. I trade a missed shot with the Splatterscope, before a cheeky monkey launches an Inkstrike beneath my feet. Well I never did.

We lose the lead, the perch is being threatened, and dual Killer Wails do nothing. Better aim is needed all around, I would say. I take some time to tidy up around me, miss a couple of shots, but finally hit something with a Killer Wail. My squidmates are doing well too, having splatted the rest of the green team away and re-captured the Splat Zones, restarting our counter and letting me move across to a more open perch.

I do some more tidying, but without much green ink hitting our side the Splat Zones, I think that moving up will do more good. Maybe, if I were a bit smoother with the charger. I think I am doing well to hide my laser from the Splatterscope, but it seems evident that he's properly peeking, splatting me away easily. But moving up increased the pressure, and we retain control of the Splat Zones long enough to take the lead. Nice!

Inking here and there helps the team, more than my lack of splats, and giving way to our Splatling seems to make sense. I can be a distraction more than a splatter. I also help flush out the green inklings when they splat me. I lay down more ink, hoping that this makes me a meaningful and valued member of the team, and finally get another aimed splat, this time stealing it from our Inkzooka. I hope he didn't mind.

With little time to go, I help try to keep the green team pushed back, using my Splat Chargers range to ink the paths towards the Splat Zones. I get another aimed splat, which is nice, but the Roller was coming right for me. When a shooter goes left-to-right ahead of me, I keep missing. I really need more practice!

One more oncoming splat helps me end the battle on a positive note, although it looks like we owe a fair amount of the knockout victory to our Octoshot Replica. Woomy!

Squidding around the pit in Tower Control (12-4, Tri-slosher)

16th September 2017 – 7.00 am

What's this, I'm not going immediately for the E-litre 3K Scope? Not this time. A bit of caution instead, just working out who is going where. The E-litre 3K looks to be on the normal perch, ripe for a jump-slosh, but if she's good I could be splatted mid-air. Besides, there are two inklings in front of me. One is sloshed quickly, the other plants a Beakon that uses up some ink. And the E-litre shoots behind me. I survive, though, and my squidmates push the Tower.

What the hell, I'll pressure the E-litre 3K. But, of course, the range of the charger, particularly the scoped variant, means she is standing further back than I thought and can reach, so this is a doomed attempt from the start. I hit her with a Disruptor, though, which is something, right before I turn my back on a returning inkling who splats me.

All looks copacetic as I return, so I avoid the gaze of the E-litre 3K and hit the blind side, where a Splattershot appears from. My movement puts me behind her, so the splat comes relatively smoothly, and I work around the side to see another Beakon placed. Destroying that nearly gets me splatted by the E-litre 3K, but a deft dodge gets me out safely. That Echolocator could get me in trouble, though, but my Bubbler comes to the rescue.

Heading around the support the Tower doesn't help us get any further, or my survival rate. I come back to help repel the orange push, and see the Dual Squelcher no doubt planting more Beakons. I throw a Disruptor that hits, but the one-way wall doesn't help me get close. I turn my attention to the Tower, but my angle and being outnumbered gets me in to more trouble than I can handle. At least my squidmates get control of the Tower back.

I hit the flank again, an Echolocator guiding me the way, but the E-litre 3K's reactions are pretty good. Not good enough to evade me completely, which is good, and I move on to destroy yet another Beakon. That upsets the Dual Squelcher, it seems. As the splat was mutual, and I bump in to the Dual Squelcher really close to our base, I suspect some super-jumping was done. It doesn't matter, though, as a Disruptor and close-range work in my favour.

I lay down some ink and skirmish for a bit, probably wasting my Bubbler whilst wasting my ink by sloshing it over my head, and eventually the action comes my way. I keep myself moving, the ink flowing, and the occasional splat coming, which is mostly enough to help keep our lead. I am tempted on to the Tower at one point, and encouraged to leap right off again as a Killer Wail is aimed at it, but, again, as a team we manage to prevent the orange team taking the Tower too far in the wrong direction.

In the end, it's a moderately comfortable victory. No great moves were made with the Tower, but we did enough and weren't threatened too much in losing the lead we forged.