Pushing back in Splat Zones (5-2, Tri-slosher)

21st August 2017 – 7.00 pm

My mood has not lifted much. That last uploaded battle was good, but anomalous, and my losing streak continues. I am now half-way down A-, and still trying to salvage some self-respect with the Tri-slosher. I don't think I'm having bad battles as such, but I'm feeling frustrations stronger than normal, which effects my perceptions of how well I'm doing.

I still try to make good strategic decisions, rather than throwing myself head-first in to foolish situations and wondering what's going wrong. And going down the side of the Splat Zones, and not over the ramp, seems like a good decision. The E-litre 3K doesn't fully get a bead on me to start with, and I get a good Disruptor throw on them to slow him down a little.

I head around the side to try to catch the charger, but having just Disrupted him, I can only imaging he's waiting for me. Apparently not. That works for me. A bit of a look around finds the Splat Charger in the Splat Zone, and my Tri-slosher works well when my jump doesn't quite get me where I want, and my Bubbler keeps me going when an unexpected Splatling super-jumps in.

The side still looks clear, although I practice some caution moving down. The E-litre 3K hasn't seen me, and is just inking turf, but I'm surprised he doesn't spot my squid getting caught in his ink. On the other hand, the Splat Charger has seen me, and instead of getting clear, my over-confidence makes me think I can splat the E-litre 3K first. I can't, the Splat Charger's aim is good.

Even so, the blue team are pushed back pretty convincingly already, with their chargers either splatted or only just outside their base. I can even super-jump in to the other half of the mall, Echolocated when landing, and be safe. But at least one blue inkling has moved up, and I circle back not in time to prevent her Inkstrike, but with plenty of time to splat her trying to get out of the hole.

I have time to watch proceedings from a perch for a bit. Three blue inklings are all on the other side, and under pressure from squidmates. The last blue inkling is coming my way. I move to intercept, and even though I can only get a mutual splat, that is more than good enough. The battle is over, our victory a knockout. Woomy!

Finding some splats in Tower Control (15-5, Tri-slosher)

21st August 2017 – 7.00 am

I've been on a bit of a losing streak, not really finding a groove in my battling. I don't think I've been in the right frame-of-mind, to be honest, but it's hard to tell at the time. But if there's one weapon that I can believe in, it's the Tri-slosher, so I whip it out and try to find my mojo.

A good Disruptor throw seems to paralyse the Dynamo Roller, which works for me, and the Tower heading my way as I'm behind the inflatable gets me a second quick splat. I don't ride the Tower just yet, though, and go looking for further splats, to support my squidmates. I find those splats too, getting up on to the teal team's platform for a handy triple.

A squidmate splats the fourth inkling at the same time as my triple, giving us a short free period to ride the Tower. I'm happy to see it moving forwards too, so stay where I am to add some forward inky pressure. It helps a bit, but the team team stop the Tower by heading down the sides, which means I should be moving towards the Tower too.

Some good manoeuvring lets me keep the teal team at bay, me unsplatted, and the Tower mostly moving forwards. My luck runs out eventually, but it's been a good start to the battle for me. Naturally, my next splatting comes more quickly, as my confidence starts to encourage me to be a little more reckless again, but it's all good.

I hit the flank again, surprising the Dual Squelcher, and just about manage to stay out of range of another inkling. I squid around in circles just a little quicker than he expects, and get my Bubbler charged in time to catch him from an unexpected angle. And with the Bubbler popped, two other inklings just look like targets. On top of that, the Tower is being pushed forwards by my squidmates again, giving us a much bigger lead than before. Nice!

I get some height to try to defend, but the limited range of my bucket doesn't quite let me do what I want. Thankfully, the teal team don't quite manage what they want for a bit either, the Tower staying in their side of the museum for longer than expected, running down the clock a little more. Defending is probably the best idea now, more so because of the active Inkzooka.

I don't clear the Tower as it pushes forwards, but I clear its support. My squidmates clear the Tower. With seconds to go, we don't have to do much, but we can't rest either. Another splat here and there prevents the Tower moving forwards, and as the battle ends we rush to hop on to the Tower to end it in our favour. Woomy! And the best battle for me in quite a while.

Taking back Tower Control (14-9, Tri-slosher)

20th August 2017 – 7.00 pm

I can see that inkling coming on to the column to try to hit us quickly, and aim my Tri-slosher to stop the assault. I'm not quite prepared for two inklings, though, and the increased inky pressure splats me before I can splat both of them. But my bucket can work really well before the Tower rises on to our platform, and I use it to help stop the first push.

As a squidmate rides the Tower, I move ahead to try to apply some pressure of my own. It nearly works, as my Bubbler charges at a good time, but I can't quite suppress the Kraken that comes for me. I come back with an opportunity to use my bucket on the Tower again, and even though I lose my footing I still get the splat, although I get flanked soon afterwards.

I move to the side as the Tower moves in the wrong direction. I probably have a plan, something to do with getting behind the green team, I suspect. It works, but I don't quite surprise the inkling quickly enough. At least being splatted back to base puts me in a better position to defend, not that I do it very well.

I have another shot at defending, and stop the Tower and avoid the Inkzooka, which is something, but get jumped by another inkling. And now we have someone wanting to be as much of a nuisance as possible, and camping our flank. That's being a bit of a dick, to be honest, and I'd rather he wasn't there to irritate my squidmates. I show some patience and good timing, and, with the help of an incidental Roller, splat the pest back to the green base.

I get back to the battle and help stop another green push, but we're still nowhere near the green team's lead. I help keep the green team at bay for a bit, and make more turf purple, and when the Tower is pushed forwards I provide some forward support. I also share a Bubbler, which may have been a little early, but allows me to get in to a good position to apply some good pressure as the Tower continues forwards.

We keep the green team off the Tower for just long enough to steal the lead, all in one continuous push. Nice! We are chucked off the Tower soon afterwards, but the damage has been done, and with less then thirty seconds to go. I'm happy enough to simply defend now, and that's all that has to be done. We turned the battle around nicely. Woomy!

Fun at the resort in Tower Control (7-5, Grim Range Blaster)

20th August 2017 – 7.00 am

Both teams gauge the other to start the battle, not committing too much ink forwards, and it seems like we come out on top with splats and turf. When the purple team are definitely two inklings down, I climb on to the Tower and start pushing it forwards. Some forwards pressure helps a squidmate splat an inkling ahead, and some sensible hopping off and on, plus a squidmate as a distraction, gets another splat to help move the Tower further.

My push doesn't last, though a squidmate retakes the Tower with some alacrity and gets it further than I did. I take the long route back, not wanting to succumb to too much inky pressure, but get it anyway when my aim goes a bit awry. It doesn't help that the Range Blaster has stupid amounts of damage up kit. Nothing helps that. The purple team don't seem too interested in the Tower, though. As it trundles back under its own clockwork, I hop on again.

I get a decent distance, and a decent direct hit, before being splatted back by a defensive inkling. I don't mind so much. It's all well and good to sit up there getting splats on the Tower, but it won't win the battle. As a further demonstration, my squidmates make another really good push, extending our lead a little more, and although a purple inkling hops on to the Tower to move it back, they are splatted off and no one takes their place. The Tower ends up sitting neutrally in the middle of the map once more.

I have a bit of fun with .52 Gal, who sensibly gets clear, then waste my Killer Wail trying to catch him. Catching the Inkzooka with a direct hit is satisfying, and I manage to get lucky against the Mini Splatling in very patchy ink. I retreat to take stock, before moving forwards again, bagging another good splat. But I get over-confident, and try to ink the purple team's favourite wall, which turns my back on the inkling looking to us it.

The purple team move the Tower back to the centre, but no further, as I am embroiled with the Mini Splatling. I manage to get the splat through persistence, and I can't be too worried about where the Tower is. It's at the centre. And now moving forwards. I provide some support, but am a little bamboozled by what I assume is the Mini Splatling. That pushes me in to the now-cleared Tower, so I hop on and take it further. When I'm ambushed from above and behind, a squidmate avenges me easily and takes over the push.

It's another good push too, extending our lead once more. I think that's worth a speculative super-jump to the Tower. More than that, even. Before I land, the Tower hits the goal for the knockout victory. Woomy! And even this late in to the battle, the purple team hadn't even registered a score.

Having a blast in Tower Control (12-6, Grim Range Blaster)

19th August 2017 – 7.00 pm

I like my use of the Burst Bomb on the fan, keeping the platform elevated and getting the splat on the Rapid Blaster. If my aim were better, it would have been a direct hit, same with the Roller, but I'm still happy to get indirect hits, as long as I don't get splatted back. I slip off the other platform, so send a Killer Wail ahead. It doesn't hit anyone, but I'm sure it provides some cover as my squidmates push the Tower forwards.

I haphazardly move up to support the push, trying to keep myself safe at the same time, which works well, right until I find myself smack in the middle of an imminent Killer Wail. Back to base with me! I wait to jump the Dynamo Roller, showing a little patience to do so, then an Inkzooka blasts away, a Killer Wail crackles towards us, and I send my own one back. When the ink settles, we're pushing the Tower forwards again. But I only get so far.

Our only surviving squidmate pushes the Tower a little further, but he can't withstand the inky onslaught alone, and the orange team takes over. But we come back and claim the Tower for ourselves again. I provide support from the side, looking for opportunity, then shooting over the ledge to try to provoke some. Sure enough, inklings come my way to try to splat me by surprise. That almost works, if only because I'm surprised my first shot is only glancing, and retreating to get the splat doesn't quite get me out of range. So it goes.

I provide a little defence on my return, which just about clears the Tower, but only so far, and it starts trundling our way again. I'm back at base as the Rapid Blaster moves rapidly past, and my aim is just a bit off to splat them, and they move away just as rapidly. My aim lets me down again as the Tower approaches. Or maybe my aim is too good, as I hit the column of the Tower, rather than just to the side, and so my shot doesn't blast. It would have been a good time to get the indirect hits.

The orange team super-jump on to the Tower in waves, but they are just jumping to their splatty doom, as our ink keeps flying in at the same time. We start moving the Tower back in the right direction, and I provide some support from the side, until the Rapid Blaster catches up with me. I get a bit too embroiled in a spat with the Dynamo Roller at the side after that, barely noticing the Tower heading our way. I just about manage to realise what's happening as our lead starts to be threatened, and head back to provide some direct support.

My support isn't needed this time, thankfully, as my squidmates clear the Tower and stop the push in time. Maybe my keeping the Dynamo Roller engaged helped in its way. Just in case, I set my Killer Wail to blast across the Tower as the seconds tick down, but no orange inklings super-jump in. We claim the Tower at the end of the battle for the victory. Woomy!

Can I keep doing this in Splat Zones (11-5, Carbon Roller Deco)

19th August 2017 – 7.00 am

The classic Seeker trail gets me to the Splat Zones quickly, but I don't launch the second soon enough, and run out of ink. I just about escape a Suction Bomb and an E-litre 3K shot, but where are my squidmates? The Splat Zones turn purple. One of them is nearby, at least, and his getting splatted gives me some ink to move silently through, which lets me see a Roller to splat.

I move on, but a bit too soon, as a Squiffer stands up as I pass. He doesn't adjust his aim, which works for me, and I turn at get a second splat as the E-litre 3K's sight seeks me. I would like to splat that E-litre 3K, so start rolling around the back, but meet an inkling coming the other way. I should jink to the side, because rolling backwards doesn't work against a shooter, as I show.

I get back to the action quickly, thanks to a squidmate planting a Beakon around the side ledge, but an Inkstrike pushes me back and an Echolocator persuades me to hide a bit. I decide to try to hit the flank again. Running in to an inkling and surviving gives me a boost, but as I roll around to the E-litre 3K he moves to one side. I think I've been spotted, but he's just recharging. That Seeker was a waste, mostly of ink, which makes me short for when the super-jumper lands. Out-flicked by a Dynamo Roller, how embarrassing.

Rolling directly in to trouble is not a good idea, so I hit the side again, as we lose the lead. A lot of my ink is still there, which helps my speed, but the E-litre 3K is gone. I look around a bit, but see nothing, and move this way and that to try to find opportunity. It comes to me, eventually, but the Dynamo Roller out-runs me, also quite embarrassing, but at least the E-litre 3K sits below me nicely. A Seeker Rush should help with adding some ink to the Splat Zones, and although I can't escape incoming ink again, one Seeker finds the elusive Dynamo Roller.

I head around the side and, again using some of my original ink, and make it right around the back. Still no inklings up here, but rolling from the back has its advantages. I splat the E-litre 3K eventually, and squid up to find the Squiffer next to me. The Dynamo Roller is splatted by a squidmate before I can do it, but that's fine by me, and I help to recapture the Splat Zones whilst the green team are missing. Well, most of them.

The side route is working for me. How many times can I use it? I think probably once more, but decide that stopping a Suction Bomb Rush is maybe a better idea, and hang around to help keep the Splat Zones purple. I use my Seeker Rush to apply some pre-emptive pressure, getting a nice splat in the process, and all that's left to do is a little victory dance!

Oh, I remember my previous early celebrations, so stop dancing to keep the ink flowing. But this time, it's not needed. I could have danced a bit more. Never mind, we win! Woomy!

Early celebration in Splat Zones (6-1, Carbon Roller Deco)

18th August 2017 – 7.00 pm

I can't quite roll right around the back without running out of ink. So it goes for not being able to squid in your own ink trail. The pause lets me take a breath, and decide which way I'll turn. Towards the Splat Zones, I think, as I spy a target. I nearly miss the target, but somehow get out of there unsplatted, and move back to help capture the Splat Zones.

I turn around and push forwards, with enthusiasm if not actual purpose, and just kind of wander here and there for a bit. I'm sure things are happening, and maybe I'm just on the outskirts for now. Hitting the corridor finds an inkling, and I sneak under the Squiffer for a splat, and follow the Seeker back to maybe its source for another splat, getting a bit inky in the process.

I clear up an Inkstrike, send a Seeker Rush forwards, clear up another Inkstrike, and another, and see that we are four points from the knockout victory. I think that's worth a 'Nice!' But maybe it needed just a little more inking instead, as a Burst Bomb flies over the crates to capture the Splat Zones for the purple team.

Trying to push the purple team back gets me mired in ink, and splatted back to base. I hope this isn't the start of a dramatic comeback by the other side. I head back down the side, and look to sneak around behind the purple team when an Echolocator strikes. But it seems not many people pay attention to the Echolocator, the only inkling who does being the charger who struggles a bit at close range.

I can't flick high enough to stop some purple ink, and haven't got the hang of jumping yet, so roll around to at least make our side of the Splat Zones teal again. I avoid some attention, get some persistent flicks for a splat just in time to catch the super-jumper too, and the lack of purple inklings lets us recapture the Splat Zones.

Charger pressure comes from all over the place, leading to some chaotic manoeuvring, but that keeps me safe and has the purple chargers perhaps chasing splats rather than inking the Splat Zones. My squidmates take care of the chargers, so I take care of the Splat Zones.

Before I know it, our buffer has gone and our counter restarts. With only four points left to count, we get the knockout quickly from then. I don't even get out a 'Nice!'

Splats that count in Tower Control (3-6, Grim Range Blaster)

18th August 2017 – 7.00 am

I think I do quite well not to squid backwards on to that Splat Bomb tossed my way, and to get out of the way of a second Splat Bomb. And maybe I don't use my sneaky wall position to my advantage, but I manage to retreat out of danger, and towards the advancing Tower to support our charge. My Killer Wail charges as I get there, and I use it to cover the advance, but the yellow ink is coming from the side. And the back, and the front. I don't get out of there unsplatted.

I see an inkling as I hit the flank on my return, and pause to assess the situation. It looks clear. But Riddick says that and what happens? Well, he doesn't get a Splat Bomb thrown his way, but I think my point is made. I am a bit cautious to return, particularly considering the Tower has trundled past that point, but my caution lets my Killer Wail charge again. And again it probably doesn't help too much, with the yellow inklings hiding around the corner on the perch.

A squidmate, heeding Jim Gordon's advice, clears the corners, and pushes the Tower further. I hop on to help, but right in to a Splattershot's ink. So it goes. My sacrifice may have helped almost get the knockout, but almost isn't good enough. I super-jump back, which is a bad idea when no one else is unsplatted and the Tower and surrounding area are yellow, and land on a Kraken. I'm not doing too well here.

A charger points my way when I try to go back, and missing me may not have been entirely in my best interests. I get a couple of indirect blasts going, but I think they're on different inklings. I suppose I at least take up the attentions of two or three inklings, which really is a massive waste of their time.

There's lots of yellow ink building up along the Tower's route, which will help them and hinder us, so I try to make it purple, whilst avoiding the gaze of the charger. I try to splat the charger too, but it's easy to avoid me when I'm out of range, and pushing forwards gets me caught in that yellow ink that the yellow team find it so easy to move through. So it goes.

A squidmate splats the Splatterscope at the start of a Splat Bomb Rush, which relieves some pressure for me, even though I still nearly run in to a Bomb. I use my new free time to cover the yellow ink, and push up as the Tower seems to be advancing, but both get a little ahead of circumstances and in a bit of a muddle. My moves are not smooth, letting the Splatterscope out-manoeuvre me for long enough for support to splat me away.

Phew, one minute to go. Will I actually get a splat in this battle? None so far! Maybe I can sneak around the back. Hey, maybe I can! I can even ink the wall and get up to where the yellow inklings have been causing us trouble, and although I splat one of them, my first splat!, my Grim Range Blaster either malfunctions or something, as I can't get the ink out to splat the second.

I go back for a second go, and my Blaster is working again! I bet the Splatterscope felt that blast. I take in my rarified position for a bit, before moving forwards. I run along the grating, hoping my position will be unexpected. And it is, which is a bit peculiar, as I would have though the Splattershot would have peeked and seen me coming. But he doesn't and gets splatted for his cavalier manner.

I do believe I have directly supported the Tower. I have cleared the corner, splatted away an inkling trying to get above us, and pushed back the Splatterscope. A Killer Wail prevents inklings coming right for us, and my presence is again a distraction for the yellow team. All this comes at just the right time, as the Tower trundles on to the goal for the knockout victory!

I didn't do a great deal that was positive in this battle, but maybe I just about managed to help when it meant the most.

One push is all it takes in Tower Control (8-10, Grim Range Blaster)

17th August 2017 – 7.00 pm

I get lucky avoiding that Carbon Roller at the mad rush for the Tower, and I celebrate by taking a swim, rather than aiming for the Bamboozler. I'm sure I had my reasons. My aim lets me down a little as the Carbon Roller forces me back, but I suppose I survive longer than expected. I finally get a splat when I'm close to the Tower, but it does little as the teal inkling is replaced by another.

I would pressure the Tower more, but Seekers are heading my way. Maybe the Carbon Roller is too, so I take a potshot and get lucky with a direct hit. Nice! My luck runs out pretty quickly, though, and I'm back in the water. I next choose the wrong time to get stuck mid-shot, not being able to put my Range Blaster away as a Splat Bomb rolls to my feet. Oh well. At least I'm not fooled by the Carbon Roller heading towards our base again.

The Tower keeps coming our way, and the best we can do is send it back to the centre. It doesn't help that I can barely make it to the centre myself. I think I'll get close, stopping the Carbon Roller's Seeker Rush, but a rogue Seeker is released that I don't see, and I'm sent back to base again. At least my squidmates get the Tower back to the centre, which is something.

I have space to get to the centre of the camp, and with a little look to make sure I'm safe, I even push past it. And, what's this? My Special has charged! I should do something with that, so once I make sure my flank is clear, I aim towards the Tower and sound the Killer Wail. Another splat! I'm on a roll. The Tower starts moving forwards and I see if I can move up without being splatted. The teal inkling is just charging his Inkstrike, I would guess, and once that's launched he runs headlong in to my blaster, which is nice.

The Tower's gone backwards before I can provide more support, which is a shame. I head back, sending another Killer Wail out, and duck away from a squid with supernatural swimming speed, mildly helping my squidmates retake control. I start laying down some ink, and looking for the Carbon Roller. I think I spy her, but miss my shot at the squid, and am caught by the Inkbrush instead. My squidmate gets some quick revenge.

The Tower's really heading forwards now! Being splatted back to base is a blessing in disguise, giving me the obvious option of super-jumping forwards. I don't think I can claim to have helped give us the lead, as I super-jump to a Kraken, but it's nice to be there when we do. Now, can we defend our new lead? Maybe!

The Bamboozler stays just enough out of range to Bamboozle me, but jumps to his watery doom. I get three indirect hits on someone with no splat, but I kinda draw the Inkbrush off the Tower. Splats are coming thick and fast on both sides, and still the Tower comes forwards. They teal team is approaching a choke point, though, and maybe only one more chance to get through it.

The teal Kraken is blasted off the Tower, which deserves a 'Nice!', and I get a good direct hit to clear the Tower completely. I try to be the hero by jumping on to claim the Tower as ours as the clock ticks down, but I instead hit the drink again. But the teal team don't have time to recover. I, however, have time for a tiny victory jig. Woomy!

Grim blasting in Tower Control (14-7, Grim Range Blaster)

17th August 2017 – 7.00 am

Woo, look at the brush go, tentacles flapping away! That gives us a really swift path to the Tower, and I chance squidding past it. I get a lucky direct hit for the first splat, persuading the other yellow inklings to retreat. A couple of indirect hits gets a second splat, and the Rapid Blaster doesn't want to come close to me. That's cool, because I don't want to get close to Rapid Blasters. I'll ride the Tower instead.

I keep the Range Blaster at bay with my own Range Blaster, just about putting off her aim enough not to be splatted in return, but that Rapid Blaster is in a good position to stop me. I take my time getting back to the middle, laying down more ink, and get another juicy direct hit when I get back to the action. My Killer Wail isn't angled quite right for splats, but it keeps the yellow inklings back and lets us move up, and from there a Burst Bomb and blast combination bags another splat.

It all gets a bit dangerous in the middle of the camp, and I have to pull back to avoid a Suction Bomb, which puts me in the path of a Killer Wail as I am firing, and just as I think I've avoided that I'm splatted by an unseen Inkzooka. Phew, that was all a bit much. The Splat Bomb neatly rolled behind the Inkzooka is a small comfort, at least. Three of us squid out of base together, looking to stop the yellow Tower. My confidence in Burst Bombs is misplaced, but I beat the yellow Range Blaster to get the first blast in range.

No one's been down our right flank yet, which is surprising. I ink the path, and stop the Tower with one blast more than expected, before getting mired in yellow ink. The yellow team make another push, which I stop down the freshly inked flank, but not particularly early. We have a fair distance to push the Tower for a victory now. I resist the urge to jump across the water to start the push, and thankfully a squidmate does it successfully from the other side.

The ink starts flying at the centre of the camp, with my contributions from the side being a little cautious, but keeping the ink flowing without my getting splatted. One squidmate has pushed the Tower during this messy encounter, which helps convince the yellow team to retreat a little, and that opens up a bit more room for me to move. The Tower is cleared, a squidmate super-jumps to keep it going, and my Killer Wail charges to keep the yellow ink off the Tower just long enough for us to take the lead. Nice!

Our lead extends further, which is an excellent result from that push, and for this point in the battle. We should be able to defend from here, and despite one unlucky miss, I splat a couple of inklings looking to take control of the Tower as it returns to the centre. With a few seconds left, I hop on the Tower to see if we can end the battle in control, but am blasted off almost immediately.

A Kraken nicely gets immediate revenge for my splatting, and a squidmate jumps on the Tower. We do indeed finish the battle in control. Woomy!