Sloshing for me, and the team, in Tower Control (16-4, Tri-slosher)

22nd October 2017 – 7.00 am

That E-litre 3K is going to cause us problems, and I doubt I can squid down from the ledge safely. Instead, I go the long way around, which works surprisingly well. I have to catch up with the Tower, heading backwards, but I do so without the E-litre 3K breathing down my neck, and with a charged Bubbler, which is a big help amidst a Suction Bomb Rush, followed by a Killer Wail.

The E-litre 3K will come back, of course, so I hop over to see if I can splat her again, but get the Dual Squelcher instead. No matter, I keep going around to help my squidmates push the Tower, another Bubbler charging at a good time to avoid another Suction Bomb. But the E-litre 3K has really good timing, splatting me the moment my Bubbler runs out.

I would say that at least we have taken the lead, but I then get embroiled in a rather pointless dual with the E-litre 3K behind the lines, during which time the yellow team get really close to our lead. I'm not sure why I spend so long playing with the E-litre 3K this way, maybe because the occasional hit of ink encourages me to continue for the splat, but it is missing the objective of the battle completely.

Although I get back to the battle proper eventually, it is during the next yellow team push, where they take the lead from us. Not my finest tactical move. I tell myself to focus on the Tower first from now on, and despite having the occasional opportunity to go skirmishing, I pull back and remember to check which way the Tower is moving first.

I still get tempted to rush in for splats, but it is with a sense of support, as when I pop my Bubbler and put myself amongst the yellow team. I get two splats for my one, and I also occupy at least one other of the yellow team whilst I do it, all as my squidmates push the tower forwards. I think that was a positive contribution.

Super-jumping back, given the Tower continues trundling forwards, has my squidmates take the lead again. Nice! I add my ink to the mess, getting a splat, and even though we're knocked off the Tower we have probably done enough to secure us the victory. A little defensive manoeuvring, and the battle is won. Always keep the objective in mind, kids!

Around the back to the goal in Tower Control (4-1, Tri-slosher)

21st October 2017 – 7.00 pm

If I move quickly enough, I may be able to get around the back of that E-litre 3K before she gets settled on her perch. I squid nice and quickly to the centre of the Mall, and am not interrupted heading around the back. But where's the E-litre 3K? There are two options, so I pause to check the map, and to ensure the Tower isn't moving backwards.

I have to go across the centre of the Mall, which is a bit risky, but there's only one blue inkling coming back from being splatted, and has only just appeared at their base, so I should be okay. And I am okay. I get behind the E-litre 3K to get the satisfying splat, and drop down to slosh over two more inklings.

The fourth inkling is around here but avoiding me, but I am keen to finish what I started, and some sloshing over an obstacles helps complete the team splat. I get too keen to flank the blue team, though, and run head-on in to a Splattershot Jr only too happy to splat me back to base.

My squidmates suffer similar fates, unsurprising with us having pushed the Tower so close to the goal, so we have to return the slow way. I make it slower by inking a new path, but it gives me a good vantage point and some charge on my Bubbler.

I help a little with retaking the Tower, using some Disruptors and ink, but once my squimdates are on, I head around the side again. My Bubbler charges as I get in to a good position, and my squidmates have not been troubled on their journey either. Rather than needing to splat anyone, I can simply jump on to the Tower and pop my Bubbler.

All that's left to do is keep my footing, and we trundle on to the goal. Woomy!

Turning my fortune around in Splat Zones (5-2, Fresh Squiffer)

21st October 2017 – 7.00 am

That blue Splattershot pulls off a couple of good moves to splat me twice. The first time he inks a path to squid through the Suction Bombs I'm trying to use to keep him at bay, giving him a clear shot. The second time, he sees me sensibly avoid his Inkzooka, but rather than just keep shooting he squids around to get a new angle, and splats me again. That's good battling!

I try to hold some higher ground for a bit, but don't want to get in the way of our Hero Charger Replica, so hit the flank again, this time making sure the turf is nice and yellow. I stay mostly out of trouble, trying to keep range, focussing on the turf rather than the inklings, until my Kraken is good and ready. I bump my beak on a Killer Wail, but once that's gone I avenge a squidmate and splat the Dual Squelcher.

My position lets me hide much more effectively from the Inkzooka, and even pop out at just the right time to splat him whilst he's in yellow ink. Turf control is so important! Keeping the turf yellow slows down the Dual Squelcher coming for me, and as he focusses on the splat, and me on staying safe, he doesn't notice our Hero Charger lining him up. Nice!

Meanwhile, the Splat Zones have stayed a nice shade of yellow for all this time, taking the lead from the blue team, which is very cool, considering we did it in one block. To celebrate, I keep hiding and making it difficult for the blue inklings to move around, an repay our Hero Charger by splatting the inkling aiming a Killer Wail his way.

I hear another Inkzooka, and am less afraid with a Kraken at the ready. The Killer Wail stops me for now, but once that's gone I go after the Inkzooka, splatting him late maybe, but splatting him all the same. I don't worry about the super-jumper incoming, and just ink my way across the Splat Zones to keep them yellow enough for the few seconds left that we need for the knockout victory.

A 0-2 battle turned around to end 5-2. Woomy!

Being useless until the end in Rainmaker (1-5, Tri-slosher)

20th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

I don't think that squidbagging is deserved at the start of the battle, but whatever. At least my squidmates do a bit better, pushing the Rainmaker a bit, and I try to keep it going, but I don't get too far when a Splat Bomb lands next to me as I'm charging a blast. So it goes.

I super-jump back, getting a little anxious that I'm not helping, and feel mildly good about bursting the Rainmaker's Shield with green ink. That's about it, though, as my sloshing doesn't hit anyone, and even at close range I miss with every slosh.

My splatter manages what I didn't, and gets up the wall to give his team the lead. I return in time to do not very much, but drop next to a purple inkling who splats me out of the way. Maybe I can claim I acted as an ink shield for my squidmates. I don't seem to be doing much else.

My squidmates are having a better battle, running with the Rainmaker and stealing the lead back. Nice! As I look to get in a flanking position to help, I nearly get caught from behind, and try to turn the tables, but just flop around a bit. Thankfully, I see my potential assailant super-jump away, and move on myself.

I get myself in to a flanking position, coming up the wall ahead of our Rainmaker carrier, and finally get a splat! Popping up expectedly still works well. I ink the path up to the podium, and use my Bubbler to protect the team, but even then, and with an Echolocator active, I fail to capitalise on our position. And then I squid in to a Splat Bomb.

I'm really having a poor battle, carried by my squidmates. And having good squidmates means one is left near the Rainmaker for me to super-jump to and return to the fray. As luck would have it, I'm not tracked and splatted on landing, although the kit of a purple inkling shows that a squidmate sacrificed himself so I could land safely. Thanks!

Even luckier, a purple Inkstrike bursts the Rainmaker free without a purple inkling nearby to pick it up. That's a rookie mistake normally, but a terrible error of judgment when the Rainmaker sits next to your podium. One slosh gets me to the Rainmaker, and a minor blast inks the way to the top.

Finally, I make a positive contribution to the battle. All credit to my squidmates for getting us there in the first place.

Having fun being bad with the Fresh Squiffer in Rainmaker (8-6, Fresh Squiffer)

20th October 2017 – 7.00 am

My Fresh Squiffer versus the E-litre 3K. Who could possibly win this match-up?! Well, the E-litre 3K would, if I tried to take her on conventionally. Luckily, I don't, and remember my Suction Bombs and other neat things like hiding behind walls. The other Squiffer is a complication, but I can work with that. My first splat is even against the E-litre 3K, thanks to some nice manoeuvring and a little patience. Nice! I'm splatted from the flank by an alert squidmate of hers, though.

I try to support our first push, but it all gets a bit messy in the closed spaces. I suppose my Squiffer should work well there, but I still need practice with my aiming. At least I hold off bursting the Rainmaker until my squidmates are coming back, which shows some level of strategic thought. Rushing forwards without them probably doesn't, but I make a good fist of it all the same!

The purple push is stopped, with me being mostly a decoy, but they come again. I get a splat this time, but the purple team are tightly bunched and flinging ink everywhere, so I don't do any more than that. My squidmates stop the push, which is good, and when I get back it seems they are happy for some patsy to grab the Rainmaker and get splatted. That can be me! My enthusiasm extends our lead a little more.

Landing a super-jump an inch from a Killer Wail is exhilarating, and I'm not sure where my next splat comes from, at 3'41", except some falling ink from my Suction Bomb that hits the Inkstrike. I'll take it, though, particularly as the Rainmaker gets a curious splat on me as I chase it. Heading down the side lets me catch the purple team from behind, but probably with the wrong weapon. Even so, a Suction Bomb on the base of a steep ramp works well.

I snatch a shot or two at the Classic Squiffer, which I am working on stopping, and although a Suction Bomb catches an inkling, it's still not the Squiffer. Another Suction Bomb catches the E-litre 3K, which I'm absolutely fine with, and we move the Rainmaker up a little. Only a little, and it's dropped again, but the Rainmaker splats its splatter, and we are left with a good view of what we have to do.

I ink a line ahead, and as a squidmate grabs the Rainmaker my Kraken charges. My first chance to ink a straight line with the Kraken! I surge ahead, and get over the ramp, where I cause an inkling pause. A bit of close-range Squiffing gets a lucky splat, and as I turn it seems my squidmate took advantage of my Kraken trail, as she dunks the Rainmaker. Woomy! That was a fun battle.

More hits than misses in Splat Zones (15-4, Carbon Roller Deco)

19th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

If I had a bucket, I'd be looking for that E-litre first thing. But I don't, and it would be crazy to try it with a Carbon Roller, so I just ink some turf sensibly. I try to stay out of trouble too, but, as is always the case in Splatoon, trouble finds me. At least I keep the inkling away from our Splat Zone, and my squidmates capture theirs, to give us an early lead.

Moving up to help recover the purple Splat Zone with a Seeker Rush is not a bad idea. Jumping down to follow my Rush straight in to a Splat Bomb could have gone better. I launch a Seeker on my return, as it always seems sensible to do so when the ink will be recovered immediately. You never know who you may hit. No one this time, but I follow up, hide, and get a splat from a bit of patience.

We don't quite turn the Splat Zone green, but it's close. I'm not sure what I'm waiting for either, to be honest. But my waiting, and lack of ink, flushes out the E-ltire 3K, just right for a squidmate to get splatted by him. Even so, my Seeker still hits its mark. My plan to ink the Splat Zone with a new Seeker Rush goes awry when an inkling works his way around me. One Seeker gets him, which is fun, but I still don't manage to capture the Splat Zone, and get myself suckered in to the wrong engagement this time.

Inking a new route gives us new opportunity after being splatted, and is coincidental with one inkling below me, and dropping down to splat them has another pass above me. That splat takes more than one flick, but I bag the double. The purple Splat Zone is still quite purple, but I don't fancy rolling in to it unprotected. I send a Seeker one way as a distraction as I squid the other way, but it still splats someone, and in about the same time as my flicking at the E-litre 3K does. He was pretty resilient.

I think my Seeker Rush will finally capture the purple Splat Zone, but I run out before I jink enough to the left. I am about to roll over the rest of the purple ink, but that would do no good with fresh ink coming in, so I try to splat away the source of the ink, only to find myself thoroughly surrounded by threats. So it goes.

The purple team make their move, and capture our Splat Zone. Best not to rush in to trouble and make things worse, so I head around the side, all the better to splat the Inkzooka from behind! A Seeker finds its target too, and although we lose the lead, we stop the purple team before the damage gets too bad. Another bunch of Seekers has one crossing half the Pit to find the E-litre 3K again. You have to love Seekers.

I tidy up some purple mess, including the brush, and wait for the incoming super-jumper to be disappointed in his landing. My squidmates have control of the Splat Zones, so I squid back to our own to ensure it's remaining a solid green, before squidding the long way around to add my support. It's not long before we've retaken the lead, and look to be very much in control! Nice!

I hear an Inkzooka and, as is my ego, am sure I can splat it. I don't figure for a Killer Wail to be aimed right at me with no chance for escape, but I still splat the Inkzooka. There's not long left on my return, and all that's needed is light maintenance here and there, just enough ink thrown to keep the purple Splat Zone at least neutralised.

The purple team having to focus on their Splat Zone keeps ours green, and the battle ends on time with us victorious. Woomy!

It's all about the Splat Zones (12-3 Tri-slosher)

19th October 2017 – 7.00 am

Squidding across the Underpass to splat the Jet Squelcher is a fun start to the battle, and although we lose initial control of the Splat Zones I turn around to give them some ink immediately after the splat. Purple ink comes from both directions, so it's good that my Bubbler is ready, letting me splat one inkling. The other is just out of reach, but I use the walls to my advantage. I don't get the splat, but the inkling is forced to super-jump away, and the super-jumper is jumped by a squidmate.

Going back for the returning Jet Squelcher has a good Disruptor throw looking to give me the advantage, but a Kraken comes my way instead. I manage to squid away, turning back and pushing forwards with happy timing to catch a Splattershot jumping over my head. We've taken the lead too, showing that initial control of the Splat Zones isn't everything.

I think about squidding up the wall to get around the back, but purple ink flies my way. Rather than continue and get splatted in the back, I do a flip and pop my Bubbler, and engage the Jet Squelcher head-on. Not the smartest move, but I just about make it work. I could push forwards, but the Splat Zones are purple. I circle back and neutralise them, before neutralising the purple ink being shot in to them.

But the Splat Zones turn purple again! I look for the source of contamination, and happily find it mid-jump for easy sloshing. That splat puddle turns the whole Splat Zones teal again. Not for long, though. I splat two more culprits to stop the flow of purple ink and slosh teal ink where it belongs. With a slight glitch, it looks like our control is good, and we push up as a team to vie for more turf. That gets me splatted, but it also holds the purple team back for a bit longer.

Not much has changed by the time I get back to the Splat Zones, my squidmates holding off the purple team nicely, but I spot some ink coming from the ledge. I squid up there, but only in time to see my squidmates battling a Kraken below me, so I push up to get rid of more purple ink. The Splat Zones turn purple again, so rather than continue I turn and head back to give them some attention. They are quickly teal once more, although we have a buffer to work through, rather than the knockout victory.

Squidding around finds no inklings, but I must have chosen the wrong route, as the Splat Zones change colour again! No problem, and my Bubbler has charged at just the right time to keep myself safe. Another squid around finds some inklings returning, but I chase one as another appears behind me, and I am caught in a crossfire. The Splat Zones turn purple and are neutralised in the time it takes me to get back, and my sloshing helps turn them the right colour again. All is looking good for the victory.

A Kraken is chased and splatted when transformed back to an inkling, and a Suction Bomb Rush is halted early. But moving back down to ink the Splat Zones reveals an unexpected Roller. She's run down pretty quickly. With just a few seconds left, I should probably do a victory dance, but as the Splat Zones have changed colour so frequently, I instead squid my towards them just in case.

But all is well, and the battle ends with us in control. Woomy!

Teamwork wins in Splat Zones (15-3, Carbon Roller Deco)

18th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

There's some good conflict in and around the Splat Zones to start the battle. They turn purple first, but we get some splats and make the Splat Zones green pretty quickly. Rolling back around and seeing an inkling squid in to the ink lets me get a rare squish with my Carbon Roller, which is very enjoyable. My squidmates split in different directions, and rather than double-up somewhere, I simply hold back and wait to see where I'm needed.

The purple inklings return, and I move up to flick some ink. I splat one inkling, but miss the Carbon Roller, who misses me. We miss each other again, before I am finally caught. The swing lets the purple team recapture the Splat Zones, and although I could get back more quickly along an inked route, I choose to ink a new route for us. I'm sure that will help soon enough. I hope so, anyway, as we lose our lead seconds after I reach the Splat Zones.

I move in to a good position to launch my Seeker Rush, which inks some opposition turf, and drop down to throw one across the Splat Zones, which turn green again with a little more attention. A bit of squidding, a bit of hiding, and we retain the Splat Zones whilst keeping the purple team at bay, but only temporarily. They come back along the short route, bypassing my attempt to stalk them. Some fairly poor flicking finally finds its mark to splat one inkling away, whereas it is a nice bit of squidding to avoid and splat the Carbon Roller above me.

My squidmates recapture the Splat Zones whilst I'm distracting the opposition. I now have a Seeker Rush to use, but no real reason to use it. That won't stop me, as I can build up my charge again, and I somehow even get a splat out of it. Moving up sees no inklings coming towards us, but they're going a different route again, evidenced by the Splat Zones becoming purple. A narrow miss from an Inkzooka gives me a new lease of life, and I splat two inklings I mistake for one in the Splat Zones, but only to become a purple puddle in purple Splat Zones from a Burst Bomb. So it goes.

That inked route to the right was meant to help, so why do I ignore it? Who knows. Hopefully my squidmates have been using it. That first Seeker is a bit rubbish, hitting a wall moments after launch. The second is superb, if obviously accidental, catching an inkling squidding over a ledge at just the right moment. But there's lots of purple ink still flying around, and three other inklings causing it. Another Seeker serves less as a tell and more as a distraction, letting me squid backwards to catch a purple inkling looking for me. That relieves a bit more pressure, and my squidmates recapture the Splat Zones as I tidy up some purple ink.

Another Seeker Rush claims two splats, probably from being launched up a ramp, so that the targets couldn't see the Seekers coming. I should remember that. And still the Splat Zones turn purple! I drop down to splat one inkling, and three of us fight over who will splat the super-jumper. I get the honour, but also the pooped-out Splat Bomb. At least my squidmates cover the mess I make.

We push up to cover the routes back to the Splat Zones, and hold the purple inklings off for just a bit longer, which is all that is needed for our counter to reach zero. The knockout victory is ours! Woomy!

No shooters, please, it's Splat Zones (10-3, Tri-slosher)

18th October 2017 – 7.00 am

The other team has brought a shooter to a non-shooter battle. That's not very sporting. I also see the Hydra Splatling. I think I can move more quickly than those weapons and get the drop on them, so slosh my way across the Splat Zones and am pleased when I get a couple of early splats. Getting the Hydra Splatling out of our tentacles should help with early control of the Splat Zones too, but that requires inking them. I turn back to do that, pushing the Slosher away, thanks to my Bubbler, but that pesky Splattershot gets out of my range to splat me first.

Our control of the Splat Zones seems steady, at least. I push past them to look for inklings, but not only do I find none, the Splat Zones turn orange and I am out-ranged by a Roller. Not a great showing. I hit our left flank to try better, making my way to the side of the Splat Zones. Still not really anyone around, but I slosh some ink to prevent another orange takeover.

Moving around sees the Splattershot, but I guess wrongly that he'll squid backwards. It looks like I bypassed the orange team entirely. I head back the way I came, and get one splat approaching the side of a Splash Wall, use Disruptor and Bubbler in the Splat Zones to splat the Slosher, before finally finding the Splattershot. The Splat Zones turn teal in the process, which is good!

Trying to sneak around the back doesn't quite work. I think I may get the drop on the Hydra Splatling by squidding forwards quickly, but she turns in to a Slosher, and becomes somewhat more effective at splatting me. It's a neat trick. I do better avoiding the Slosher when trying to recapture the Splat Zones, slosh my way in to a second splat by accident, and help with the Splat Zones.

I push forwards to capture more turf and make it hard for the orange team to come back, and splat the Hydra Splatling who doesn't quite expect me. But, of course, there is more than one way back to the Splat Zones, so I turn around to check on them. Orange inklings abound! One is splatted away, another is too cautious to throw himself at us. I don't know why, I am not likely to hit him with a Disruptor.

I get bored of the Splattershot, and don't want to run in to his ink, so I check another path instead. Nothing's happening, though, so I go back, just as the inkling pokes out of his hole. That'll do! And with my squidmates taking care of that orange Inkstrike, I pop my Bubbler as a precaution and help keep the Splat Zones teal for the few more points needed for the knockout victory. Woomy!

Sliding off in Tower Control (8-3, Grim Range Blaster)

17th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

I think about hitting the left flank, but jink to the centre so that I don't get in the way of our Splatterscope. That works for me anyway, and I help hold our turf in the early stages of the battle. With the Tower neutralised, I hop on and start pushing it for our team. I try to splat my opposite inkling, but forget about chucking a Burst Bomb out for an efficient splat. I'll get used to that one day.

I miss the super-jumper as he lands, but now being surrounded by yellow ink slows him down enough that I get a second chance. I also get lucky being shielded by the Tower from the Suction Bomb. I make good use of that luck by pushing the Tower under cover of one Killer Wail, then my own, and then by an Inkstrike. If only I had known it was a friendly Inkstrike!

I think I hop back on to the Tower quite professionally, given its base is above my head. I push it forwards a bit more, until a surge of blue ink splats me away. We look to remain in a good enough position to super-jump back, and this time I think I deal with a serial Suction Bomber quite effectively, until I loiter a split-second too long and get caught in a blast. At least that split-second let me splat him too.

Again I super-jump back, but consider my options on landing. I think maybe hitting the flank would help more than just heading straight forwards in to potential trouble. In the end, it does little more than just waiting where I was could have achieved, as the blue team pushes the Tower past me, Still, the block is inked for our next push, which happily occurs just as I squid past the Tower near the middle of the Warehouse.

Not inking my way probably helps surprise the Dynamo Roller more than usual, and gives me a really satisfying splat, followed by another seconds later. The inkling near the Tower is more slippery, but a Burst Bomb finishes her off, and I hop back on to the Tower to continue our advance. A Killer Wail maybe helps, but not quickly enough for me to jump off the Tower, away from the Dynamo Roller.

Somewhat sadly, the Tower rejects my attempt to squid back on to help push it the last few steps to the goal, but I'm happy to give our team a 'Nice!' as the brave inklings who stayed on-board ride their way to the knockout victory. That was a dyamic battle! Woomy!