Fighting for the Saltspray Splat Zones (14-6, Tri-slosher)

22nd May 2017 – 7.00 pm

Saltspray Rig Splat Zones is often quite a one-sided affair. Whoever gets an early grip on the Zones and gets behind them, the battle is often over. There is a major choke point at the front of the Zones, trying to come in from above is easily covered by anyone behind the choke point, and any splatted inklings of the team in control can just super-jump back to their squidmates.

So although we get to and behind the Splat Zones first, when we lose them to the teal team, I'm almost resigned to banging my squidy head against teal ink for a minute or two. But if that's going to happen, I may as well try to be somewhat cunning and maybe get some splats, so I head the long way around and try to come in from an unexpected direction.

I get a splat, I suppose. And it may actually have helped. A squidmate super-jumps to my position just before I'm splatted, and the splat I get clears the way for him. Of course, my other squidmates must be doing well too, and we stop the teal counter and start our own counter ticking down. Nice! Certainly better than throwing my bucket at a Dual Squelcher, anyway.

Even going the more direct route gets me in trouble, and before you know it the Splat Zones are teal again. But we go back in force, spreading ink around the front, and projecting it as far over the pipes as we can. One brave inkling comes down to meet us, but she's splatted, we capture the Splat Zones, and move in.

Height is an advantage for my Tri-slosher, so I find some, and start looking for inklings. They're behind me, my squidmates engaging them, and I keep the high turf for as long as I can, dropping down only because my Bubbler can be popped. I don't even out-stay my welcome, getting a super-jumper, a straggler, and the Killer Wailer who may have trouble seeing through her own Wail. A quad-splat for me, woomy!

Everything is looking good. The Splat Zones are ours, the score is ticking down, it's time to congratulate the team! But, once more, my 'Nice!' is premature. The Splat Zones turn teal, and getting up on the pipes shows that this probably isn't a quick fix. But it seems that we can recover from this position. I use height to my advantage again, almost forget about the Killer Wail and get lucky, and have a timely charge of my Bubbler, as I remember that inking the Splat Zones is fairly important.

It's also important to keep the teal inklings from getting and staying behind the Splat Zones, and I give chase to a couple who are back there, and the super-jumpers looking to fortify their team's position. A bit of squidding around wastes some of my opponent's ink, and I get a bit of good timing when I force the encounter. A pause suggests she is the last of her team here, so I head back to the Splat Zones, still in our control.

It looks to be just maintenance required around the Splat Zones now, as our subsidiary score clears and we have just 3 points to go. But the teal team pull back a timely recovery, despite our best efforts, and they regain control. But there is almost no time left in the battle, and although we enter extra time, we just need to get some orange ink spread around for the victory.

A bit of height, a good bit of sloshing, and a charged Bubbler to give me more options helps to neutralise the Splat Zones, and keep them that way until extra time ends. Victory for us, and a really good battle on Saltspray Rig for a change!

Last-ditch effort in Splat Zones (14-5, Carbon Roller Deco)

22nd May 2017 – 7.00 am

I'm careful not to get in our charger's way whilst he's aiming, and that first purple inkling takes a bit of ink to splat him, but we're on our way. The second inkling is hiding in plain sight, just squidin' on the ground, and I'm a bit lucky that our circling ends with my getting the splat. Going back around our Splat Zone finds two more opportunities, but it starts to get messy and the best I can do is trade.

I head towards the other Splat Zone as we lose ours, and somehow come out on top when squidding towards an inkling who knows I'm there. But that also lets my Seeker Rush charge, which I unleash across the purple Splat Zone. That neutralises it, and I roll around to create more good turf for us before heading back to capture it.

Our Zone needs some attention, and although my Seeker Rush charges again, for some reason I head back to get splatted in an engagement I shouldn't have been in. Silly me. At least my squidmates neutralise our Splat Zone. I come back to look at the purple Zone again, being a little cautious. Then again, I'm not sure you could call it cautious to dive-bomb in to the middle of the purple Splat Zone, but my aim is good and I get a squish.

I have to roll away out of trouble, helped by the conveyer belt, but I am pursued, and my Seekers help me only too late. An Echolocater lets me see that the purple Splat Zone is safe to approach, and the lone inkling that turns up has to come to me, which just about works in my favour, thanks to a squidmate's Kraken. More Seekers and a bit of patience gets me another splat, and retreating and more patience another. But my flick is just a bit too weak to keep my streak going.

I head the other way to give our own Splat Zone some attention, and as a team we turn it teal and move on to the purple Splat Zone. A couple of Rushes spreads ink everywhere, and although I get a couple of splats I also make a large purple splotch right in the middle of the Splat Zone. That's a bit careless. I have to do a quick lap as I come under pressure, but that brings a Splattershot Jr in to my path, who I almost miss, but chasing him lands me right on top of another inkling, much to my delight.

I take the opportunity of the other team being a couple of inklings down to capture their Splat Zone for us, which finally gets our score ticking down for more than a couple of points. It doesn't last long enough to get us the lead, but a bit of patience lets me strike at the right time to get a splat and the Splat Zone back.

There's not much time left, and two Splat Zones to control. With one looking nice and teal I roll around to the other, which just about comes under our control as I get there. Some last-second purple ink comes flying in, but it's not too much to disrupt our control, and we take the lead with about two seconds to go. Nice one, squidmates!

Tough battle in the Splat Zones (10-8, Carbon Roller Deco)

21st May 2017 – 7.00 pm

I can tell this battle is going to be tough from the team compositions. Two chargers, a bucket, and a roller for us, three shooters and a charger for them. It's going to be rough for us. Still, it's a fairly standard start, as I help ink our Splat Zone and double-back, to make a nice big puddle for me and my Carbon Roller Deco. I move up when I think I can flank an opponent, but apparently not, and just barely out-run their charger's range. I'm not so lucky against the next ink that chases me.

Already there is far too much teal ink covering our side of the map! I try to ink over it with orange, but I can only do so much, and I think it's probably better if I can splat an inkling teasingly below me. But he gets clear quickly, and I get hit with an Echolocator. I'm lucky to get one splat before I'm splatted myself.

We have a serial Suction Bomber hitting us now. I make a sensible choice of heading around the side to approach the Splat Zones hopefully with no one behind me, and only one direction of pressure. I manage to charge my Seeker Rush as I get there, and helps with inking and to add some pressure of my own. Unfortunately, another Echolocator lands just as I push up, and there's not much I can do about that.

My reaction to the Killer Wail is a bit slow, but just about quick enough, as I look to spread some orange on the other Splat Zone. If we stand a chance in this battle, we have to spread the teal team's attention between the Splat Zones. If they only need to look at one, they will win. Before I can do too much, I'm hit with a Point Sensor, so I sensibly retreat to safety. At least I can ink our Splat Zone a bit.

As I come back forwards, a splat looks to be available, but my flick isn't strong enough and I have to run away to safety again. I get my Seeker Rush charged, though, and that once more lets the ink flow freely, and this time happens at the same time as an opportunity opens up for us to push forwards. We do so eagerly!

Finally we get to contest the other Splat Zone! It's not straightforward, but now it feels like we are in a battle. I try to jump over the conveyer belt a couple of times to catch an inkling out, each time not finding one, but able to get clear. I roll around after the second attempt, getting close to squishing the Splatterscope, but she out-manoeuvres me. Luckily, when a Kraken appears, I out-manoeuvre it, getting behind the two inklings and even managing to splat them both. Nice!

I am out-done by a Suction Bomb before my Seeker Rush can do much inky damage, but I come back feeling positive. I see a teal inkling looking to sneak up the inkable block, and am there with a timely flick of my Roller to stop them. I look to get back in to the Splat Zone, but it doesn't seem easy. Quite how I sneak under the Inkzooka is unknown, but I'm happy to do it, even if it surrounds me with teal ink as a result.

Back to the long way around, and the Sploosh is being a pest. He does the annoying jumpy thing to make himself more of a nuisance, and I have to settle with trading splats. My return is better, dropping on to an inkling getting too close, and getting lucky with the next inkling running right in to my path. My Seeker Rush neutralises their Splat Zone, but doesn't quite capture it, and I get torn between which inkling to splat, which gets me splatted.

I get one more splat, which a squidmate is happy about, before running in to the annoying Sploosh again. By the time I'm back and ready to battle, there's only time to do a little consolation jig, with us not having got a single point on the scoreboard.

Showing a bit of form in Splat Zones (9-5, Hero Charger Replica)

21st May 2017 – 7.00 am

It's taken a few battles, but I think I'm getting back in to the swing of aiming a charger. Well, as much as I was before. Maybe a little less. But I feel pretty good when I get a good splat from an awkward angle, realise a Roller is coming up behind me and press ahead, get a nice splat from a nicely thrown Splat Bomb, make my escape from the Roller, and get back around to the Splat Zones.

I hear an inkling coming, but I don't... ah. I could have placed myself better there. Not even Ninja Squid lets you get up a wall stealthily. I get as high as possible on my return, as the Carbon Roller is still around, and think I've messed up my Splat Bomb as I squid uselessly on the top of the wall, but things work out. Nice.

The Luna Blaster deserves a 'Nice!' for splatting that inkling around the corner. It's what they're meant to do, but it's worth a pat of the back when done well. I sense the Carbon Roller's return, but don't time my Splat Bomb well enough. I think he's looking for me, but I realise, too late, that he's waiting for a super-jumping squidmate.

One Splat Bomb Rush later and still I can't get rid of the Carbon Roller. And here comes a Luna Blaster. That's a nice pressure splat, though. And to follow it I get a second, on the Carbon Roller, who doesn't think to flick on his way down. It looks safe to ink the Splat Zones now, but appearances can be deceptive, Oswald Cox.

In all the excitement, we've taken the lead by one point, and are just about holding on to it. We get a few more points under our belts too. It's not really worth my trying to retake the Splat Zones when two blue inklings are in Bubblers, though, and my shot isn't quite timed for when the Bubbler drops. But they are pushed back at least, and I use my charger to cover the tracks of a Seeker Rush.

It looks like a blue inkling is hanging back and throwing the occasional sub in to the Splat Zones. I decide to go to the conventional charger perch to see if I can reach them and push them away, but that goes badly in their favour. Back to Plan A. Okay, maybe Plan B, where I miss shots and get splatted. But Plan A, where I make cool shots and stay unsplatted, would be better.

And I get back to Plan A as the battle draws to a close. I splat the Luna Blaster hassling my squidmate, cover the Splat Zones with some ink, and bag two splats under pressure as the clock ticks to nought. I bet the Luna Blaster wishes she hadn't super-jumped back to the action.

Some hits, some misses, in Splat Zones (7-4, Hero Charger Replica)

20th May 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm sticking with an unscoped charger for the moment, but doesn't the Hero Charger Replica have an extra two pixels range? Maybe, but even if it doesn't, it's pretty much the same as the Splat Charger, and it looks different. I'm still getting used to not zooming in, and having to aim anyway.

Does the Hero Charger use more ink for a Splat Bomb? It feels like it does, but in a later battle it also feels like it uses less ink for shots. I don't have to aim as much with Splat Bombs, which makes me want to swap to the Splat Charger, but I want to practice aiming, so maybe I should stick with the Hero Charger. And maybe it's actually a difference between the Splat Charger and Splatterscope. I dunno.

I also don't really know how my Splat Bomb splats the Roller, but I'll take it, particularly as I then badly fumble inking a wall and not being a bit stupid. How embarrassing. I try to cover the yellow inky path up the wall behind us, but completely miss the one I'm sitting on, even when I turn around and it's all yellow. Ignore that, and concentrate on that sweet splat on the opposite charger. Nice.

Everything calms down for a bit, and we take a healthy lead. I snap at my next shot, but steady myself and get the splat immediately afterwards. This is the kind of splat I need to make first time, hence the practice. A Splat Bomb Rush helps with a splat and ink afterwards, before I act a bit rashly in the sights of the Splatterscope. I ought to have moved.

I was sure I hit one of my shots at inkling on the ledge, but I am still pulling them a bit. At least I have ink for a Splat Bomb when he comes for me, but I get quite lucky to stay unsplatted. I roll another good Splat Bomb, which clears the way for me and the Splatterscope to tangle again. Did I not hit her? I left a purple puddle right where she still stands. She doesn't have that problem. Oh well.

I don't have the aim, ink, or Splat Bomb skills to defend myself in an encounter much like the earlier one, but I manage not to squid in to trouble when trying to retake our Splat Zone. My squidmates coming along to help, and we are purple once more. Just as a yellow tendril reaches out for me too. This time I'm a bit smarter, and get a decent splat whilst the Splatterscope has tunnel vision.

We stay in control of the Splat Zones as the clock ticks down, and with a few seconds to go I nullify the effects of a yellow Inkstrike to ensure there's no extra time. Victory to us, woomy!

Sprinkler splats in Tower Control (7-4, Kelp Splat Charger)

20th May 2017 – 7.00 am

I'm still not quite used to not having my whole field-of-view zoom in as I charge, but that's a good Sprinkler throw right at the start of the battle. It's certainly better than my aim with the Splat Charger, or my aim to squid in my own ink. Must try harder!

I try to make up for my shortcomings as a charger by hopping on to the Tower. A squidmate joins me, and leaves me to join me, and leaves me to join me. He's named Jumper, and looks to be super-jumping to me to protect himself and keep the Tower moving for longer. It's probably an 'advanced' strategy by high-rank inklings, so it's no surprise that he is a smurf.

I've mentioned how much I hate smurfs in my battles, but it's worth mentioning again. Smurfs often trivialise our efforts when they're on our side, and stomp us soundly when on the other. It's no fun either way. Please just let me be average with other average people. Still, check out my splat on that jumping squid! If only I could hit the stationary one afterwards.

I wait for the brush to squid up the wall, ready to snap a shot at her. But she doesn't come. I pull a shot at the charger below me too, but still get a splat, thanks to the Sprinkler on the Tower. Nice! I replace it, but the Roller isn't worried, and I don't catch him as he jumps from the Tower. An Inkstrike removes my next Sprinkler, and my throwing lets me down after that. And, hey, I'm flanked and splatted by another smurf. Woo.

The Splattershot smurf doesn't go away, and I'm not jumping down to be stomped on. Thankfully, my squidmates have pushed the Tower far enough to make him retreat, so I cover his tracks, which charges my Killer Wail. My Killer Wail then splats the smurf. I like that. I push up to recover the Tower, but the Tower rejects me. Thankfully, it turns a corner, letting me catch up just before I drop to my doom. That lets me snap off a decent shot at the Roller, before being roundly splatted by the Splattershot smurf.

I try to clear up after the Roller and Splattershot who have come up and around, and one shot looks really lucky, getting a splat from nowhere. But it's not the shot that got the splat, it's my freshly thrown Sprinkler again. They are really coming in handy. As the Tower moves forwards again, I drop down to try to splat the Splatterscope, but she squids on to the side of the Tower. Admittedly, my first shot isn't great, but it inks the side above her, so she can't go up. And there's only water below her. That lets me splat her at my leisure. Which I need. Still, it's a nice splat.

With the Tower coming back my way, free of inklings, I squid on to it to keep it moving in the right direction. There's not much time left to go, and with some good support from my squidmates, I manage to stay on the Tower to end the battle in our favour.

Back to having no scope in Tower Control (6-5, Kelp Splat Charger)

19th May 2017 – 7.00 pm

I've seen some clips of chargers without scopes being very cool, and so I made the logical leap that if I took the scope off my charger, I would be cool too! It makes sense. I've chosen the Kelp Splat Charger so that the Sprinkler could charge my Killer Wail, and the Killer Wail can clear the Tower. I probably have more chance of aiming the Killer Wail properly too.

Argh! It is very peculiar to charge a shot and not zoom in through a scope. It doesn't feel like I'm charging, or moving, or doing anything. Hopefully the sensation will wear off quickly, because I'm freaking out a little. I still make it to a perch and start inking turf, which I must be doing because I'm not splatting anyone.

My first splat of the day! And it's from the Sprinkler! My first one wasn't take as bait, but the second, only really meant as a distraction, does a better job than expected, keeping me nice and safe. And with the Sprinkler at my back, I get my first shot on target too. What a team we make! Exploding in purple ink makes me wonder if my Sprinkler is a double-agent, but, nope, it's just an E-litre 3K Scope on the other side of the Depot. Doesn't he know scopes are démodé?

Of course, I shouldn't take on the E-litre 3K, so I obviously don't go to the same side as him, or get flanked by a Tri-slosher. That would be silly. My Tower defence is somewhat lacklustre too. And although I shouldn't expect to splat a brush in full motion, when he's stopped to dispose of my Sprinkler I should be ready and accurate. But I'm still practicing, I suppose. And I'm not sure if I splat the inkling on the Tower with my Splat Charger, or if the Sprinkler did it again.

Finally, I get a Killer Wail charged! I even splat someone with it. I think about following that by clearing the Tower, but the E-litre 3K has other ideas. I ignore the Tower on it's next purple push, not sure why, instead checking our flank. Seems clear, so I drop down to see if I can surprise the E-litre 3K. Nope, but the Tri-slosher probably wasn't expecting to see me. That lets me hang around a bit longer, get a bit bolder. Not much longer, mind you.

A nice, moving-target splat at last! There aren't many more opportunities for those this late in the battle, and my best hope to be productive is to ride the Tower. There's an awful lot of purple ink around, though, and a brush hopping on and off with Ink Mines doesn't bode well for much of an advance. Still, I tried, and this battle shows I may be able to have some fun with an unscoped charger for a bit.

Some Splatterscoping behind the Splat Zones (7-3, Kelp Splatterscope)

19th May 2017 – 7.00 am

I nearly pull myself up out of A-, thanks to some decent battling. It doesn't look that way, after one knockout defeat and a dropped connection knocks a chunk of points off me, but I was close. I think it's time to pull out the Splatterscope to get some practice in, whilst I'm probably in the right rank to use it.

I choose the Kelp Splatterscope for the Splat Zones. Splat Bombs will probably come in useful either way, and I don't think the Killer Wail will be much use on Moray Towers, but the Sprinkler will be useful. If I remember it. I don't use one often.

I finally remember how to do mini-shots for inky progress with the Splatterscope, and make immediate use of it. It's just a slightly longer shot than dabbing the trigger, but not quite enough to charge anything. I kinda mess up where my first perch will be, though, but I correct myself quickly.

The perch is good to cover our Splat Zone, and should keep me out of the way of the E-litre 3K Scope, if he stays on the normal perch. But I can't really stay here all battle. I move forwards when our Splat Zone looks safe, and realise I can ink a corner of the other Splat Zone. But, of course, I'm in range of the E-litre 3K. I need to watch out for him.

I try my hand at the jumping shot from behind a wall. Not a bad effort, as I have almost never tried it before, but more practice required. And I was just trying to squid as I belatedly notice the E-litre 3K's laser sweep on to me. Oops.

I remember my Sprinkler, but not how to throw one. A second try is better. My aim is also slightly off, but I don't practice too much with a charger these days. Maybe I should. I get the splat when it counts, at least. I keep our side of Moray Towers teal for a bit, but retreat when an Echolocator hits.

My Sprinkler's still there. Do they keep running until replaced, destroyed, or I'm splatted? That's pretty good. I replace it, hoping to use it as bait, but the inkling isn't fooled. Not a problem, though, as she stands still long enough, aiming for a squidmate, for me to splat her anyway.

The Splat Zones have stagnated a bit. I move up to lend a hand. Not far, but perhaps far enough, as I splat the E-litre 3K again. At least he's daring to push further in to the map, I suppose. But I seem to be doing okay for my team too. Mind you, I think I aim that Killer Wail at a squidmate.

The E-litre 3K Scope gets some quick revenge, and I return to cover my splatting, before giving our Splat Zone the attention its starting to need. One splat is good, a second is in my sights, but the E-litre 3K is there to stop me. Nice shot! I don't return the favour as he squids up to splat a squidmate, but I cause him to pause, and that gives my squidmate time to react.

Two more splats keep our Splat Zone teal as the clock ticks down, and we finish the battle with a healthy lead and victory. Woomy!

Fighting back in Splat Zones (8-4, Carbon Roller Deco)

18th May 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm not sure what my strategy should be for Moray Towers Splat Zones with the Carbon Roller Deco, either at the start or for any of the battle. I suppose I'll have to make one up. Launching a Seeker down the first ramp and jumping down to be above our Splat Zone seems like a good start. I don't think my flick sends much ink out, but it's something.

We come under inky pressure from the yellow team immediately, who are clearly not content staying in their Splat Zone. I am sure one inkling is coming up to say hello, so I try to be a little less predictable about where I'll be. It's a different inkling that forces me to move, though, but he still doesn't predict my movements.

The inkling I thought would appear appears, and when I don't expect him. So it goes. Meeting him again so soon is a bit of a bugger, though, so I head a different way next time, only to be ambushed again. A jink and a squidmate's help keeps me unsplatted this time, which I am quite grateful about.

We are struggling, though. But with all of this pressure on our side of the map, maybe the yellow Splat Zone is a safer place to be, if only I could get there. I go for an opening and, with the nifty help of a Seeker, get to a good position. Now, what can I do here? I can accidentally drop down, but a timely Inkstrike covers my position, and I try to sneak in to a better position. It works, but the yellow inklings move at just the right time too, and I'm caught in a crossfire.

A squidmate saw where I was and super-jumped to me, at least, so we have some purple pressure on the yellow Splat Zone, which is something. But our Splat Zone is still under a lot of pressure itself, and one inkling is being particularly irritating to my squidmates. No problem. A Seeker and Ninja Squid is his downfall, which should take a little pressure off my squidmates.

Trying to push forwards once again has me in the crossfire, which is just bad timing, really. I take a more direct route on my return, and am happy to see my squidmates with me. We take control of the yellow Splat Zone and ink a nice bit of turf around it too. Sure, we don't have control of our own Splat Zone, but the yellow team can't increase their lead without control of both.

We try to maintain awareness of our surroundings, and I pat my squidmate on the back for splatting an incoming inkling nicely. I push up to try to stop them getting close to us, much as the yellow inklings were doing to us, and a Seeker Rush and a nice follow-up gets me a splat, and circling back to above the Splat Zones gets me another. Nice!

Can't stay still! I make another circuit, getting another couple of splats from being somewhere unexpected, and keep the turf purple for a bit longer. I make sure the inking below me is from a squidmate, and it is, before rolling off again. But there's no time left to do anything.

Sure, we are soundly beaten, but we avoid the knockout defeat, I did well to bag myself some decent splats, and we even put some points on the board. That's got to be worth a commiserating 'Nice!'

Solidly securing the Splat Zones (9-0, Tri-slosher)

18th May 2017 – 7.00 am

I think the Tri-slosher will work well in Moray Towers Splat Zones. I am quite mobile with it, going down or up the other side, and sloshing down in to our Splat Zone should come in quite useful. Indeed, that's how I start the battle, making a bee-line for the perch above our Splat Zones.

Okay, I've secured the Splat Zone. Now what? No one is coming my way, and the my squidmates aren't at the other Splat Zone. Or maybe inklings are coming my way, and I just haven't noticed. One of our two chargers is on top of the one inkling aiming very high, so I just tidy up behind the blue inkling. It all helps.

But still our Splat Zone is untouched by blue ink. If there's nothing to do here, I really should be looking to secure the other Splat Zone. I enter skirmishing mode, and hope I'm not about to be too reckless. I sneak around the side and head up to be above the Splat Zone, better for my Tri-slosher, and see the inky swishing of a brush ahead. I sensibly activate my Bubbler before I reach the brush, and splat him out of the way before looking towards the Splat Zone.

I start sloshing, but a blue charger laser sweeps over me, and I run out of ink to splat from above. I back off, recharge my ink tank, and keep pushing forwards a little, backwards a little. I splat the returning brush, and keep an eye out for the charger. But a misstep sends me where I don't want to be, in plain sight of whoever is below me. I do only what I should, and drop down completely. A bit of nifty squidding, a bit of luck, and a bit of patience gets me out of that pickle.

There's no time to get back up via the wall, not with the E-litre 3K lobbing Burst Bombs my way. But with a squidmate behind me, a little manoeuvring gets the E-litre 3K out of the way and me on my way to be above the Splat Zone again. I see a squidmate battle a blue inkling too late to help, but I follow-up by inking more turf for greater advantage. The advantage pays off quickly, as the E-litre 3K squids along looking to cover over my work.

Our Splat Zone became contested a little before this, and the blue Splat Zone now becomes contested too. I trust in my squidmates to take care of our Splat Zone, as I hope they trust me to take care of this one. I just about recapture it as a blue charger laser sweeps over me from above. I can't stay here! I move up, but not too far, and assess the situation. I think I miss seeing the inklings in the Splat Zone, but I don't miss the E-litre 3K dropping down. I follow and use my Bubbler to splat him back to base again.

Back to above the Splat Zone, and I retake control, even if I don't get a splat. My ink hit something down there. I pause, but think I am better on the move. My squid-sense must have been tingling, as I catch the E-ltire 3K quite focussed on where I was. And beyond him, the Splat Charger dropping down from the ledge. The chase is on! I have the benefit of knowing I'm chasing him, which gives me a distinct advantage.

I squid up the wall this time, feeling pretty confident. I have realised for a while that I have yet to be splatted, but I also see that we are only a few points from the knockout victory, and are in control of both Splat Zones. That's definitely worth a 'Nice!'

We lose control just as our counter hits 1, and as we need just one last little push, I make a sacrificial move and drop down to slosh ink over the Splat Zones more directly. As luck would have it, I slosh over a blue inkling, get the splat, and the inky result secures the Splat Zone for us, and for the knockout victory! I don't think I've battled this well for a while. Woomy!