Splats that count in Tower Control (3-6, Grim Range Blaster)

18th August 2017 – 7.00 am

I think I do quite well not to squid backwards on to that Splat Bomb tossed my way, and to get out of the way of a second Splat Bomb. And maybe I don't use my sneaky wall position to my advantage, but I manage to retreat out of danger, and towards the advancing Tower to support our charge. My Killer Wail charges as I get there, and I use it to cover the advance, but the yellow ink is coming from the side. And the back, and the front. I don't get out of there unsplatted.

I see an inkling as I hit the flank on my return, and pause to assess the situation. It looks clear. But Riddick says that and what happens? Well, he doesn't get a Splat Bomb thrown his way, but I think my point is made. I am a bit cautious to return, particularly considering the Tower has trundled past that point, but my caution lets my Killer Wail charge again. And again it probably doesn't help too much, with the yellow inklings hiding around the corner on the perch.

A squidmate, heeding Jim Gordon's advice, clears the corners, and pushes the Tower further. I hop on to help, but right in to a Splattershot's ink. So it goes. My sacrifice may have helped almost get the knockout, but almost isn't good enough. I super-jump back, which is a bad idea when no one else is unsplatted and the Tower and surrounding area are yellow, and land on a Kraken. I'm not doing too well here.

A charger points my way when I try to go back, and missing me may not have been entirely in my best interests. I get a couple of indirect blasts going, but I think they're on different inklings. I suppose I at least take up the attentions of two or three inklings, which really is a massive waste of their time.

There's lots of yellow ink building up along the Tower's route, which will help them and hinder us, so I try to make it purple, whilst avoiding the gaze of the charger. I try to splat the charger too, but it's easy to avoid me when I'm out of range, and pushing forwards gets me caught in that yellow ink that the yellow team find it so easy to move through. So it goes.

A squidmate splats the Splatterscope at the start of a Splat Bomb Rush, which relieves some pressure for me, even though I still nearly run in to a Bomb. I use my new free time to cover the yellow ink, and push up as the Tower seems to be advancing, but both get a little ahead of circumstances and in a bit of a muddle. My moves are not smooth, letting the Splatterscope out-manoeuvre me for long enough for support to splat me away.

Phew, one minute to go. Will I actually get a splat in this battle? None so far! Maybe I can sneak around the back. Hey, maybe I can! I can even ink the wall and get up to where the yellow inklings have been causing us trouble, and although I splat one of them, my first splat!, my Grim Range Blaster either malfunctions or something, as I can't get the ink out to splat the second.

I go back for a second go, and my Blaster is working again! I bet the Splatterscope felt that blast. I take in my rarified position for a bit, before moving forwards. I run along the grating, hoping my position will be unexpected. And it is, which is a bit peculiar, as I would have though the Splattershot would have peeked and seen me coming. But he doesn't and gets splatted for his cavalier manner.

I do believe I have directly supported the Tower. I have cleared the corner, splatted away an inkling trying to get above us, and pushed back the Splatterscope. A Killer Wail prevents inklings coming right for us, and my presence is again a distraction for the yellow team. All this comes at just the right time, as the Tower trundles on to the goal for the knockout victory!

I didn't do a great deal that was positive in this battle, but maybe I just about managed to help when it meant the most.

One push is all it takes in Tower Control (8-10, Grim Range Blaster)

17th August 2017 – 7.00 pm

I get lucky avoiding that Carbon Roller at the mad rush for the Tower, and I celebrate by taking a swim, rather than aiming for the Bamboozler. I'm sure I had my reasons. My aim lets me down a little as the Carbon Roller forces me back, but I suppose I survive longer than expected. I finally get a splat when I'm close to the Tower, but it does little as the teal inkling is replaced by another.

I would pressure the Tower more, but Seekers are heading my way. Maybe the Carbon Roller is too, so I take a potshot and get lucky with a direct hit. Nice! My luck runs out pretty quickly, though, and I'm back in the water. I next choose the wrong time to get stuck mid-shot, not being able to put my Range Blaster away as a Splat Bomb rolls to my feet. Oh well. At least I'm not fooled by the Carbon Roller heading towards our base again.

The Tower keeps coming our way, and the best we can do is send it back to the centre. It doesn't help that I can barely make it to the centre myself. I think I'll get close, stopping the Carbon Roller's Seeker Rush, but a rogue Seeker is released that I don't see, and I'm sent back to base again. At least my squidmates get the Tower back to the centre, which is something.

I have space to get to the centre of the camp, and with a little look to make sure I'm safe, I even push past it. And, what's this? My Special has charged! I should do something with that, so once I make sure my flank is clear, I aim towards the Tower and sound the Killer Wail. Another splat! I'm on a roll. The Tower starts moving forwards and I see if I can move up without being splatted. The teal inkling is just charging his Inkstrike, I would guess, and once that's launched he runs headlong in to my blaster, which is nice.

The Tower's gone backwards before I can provide more support, which is a shame. I head back, sending another Killer Wail out, and duck away from a squid with supernatural swimming speed, mildly helping my squidmates retake control. I start laying down some ink, and looking for the Carbon Roller. I think I spy her, but miss my shot at the squid, and am caught by the Inkbrush instead. My squidmate gets some quick revenge.

The Tower's really heading forwards now! Being splatted back to base is a blessing in disguise, giving me the obvious option of super-jumping forwards. I don't think I can claim to have helped give us the lead, as I super-jump to a Kraken, but it's nice to be there when we do. Now, can we defend our new lead? Maybe!

The Bamboozler stays just enough out of range to Bamboozle me, but jumps to his watery doom. I get three indirect hits on someone with no splat, but I kinda draw the Inkbrush off the Tower. Splats are coming thick and fast on both sides, and still the Tower comes forwards. They teal team is approaching a choke point, though, and maybe only one more chance to get through it.

The teal Kraken is blasted off the Tower, which deserves a 'Nice!', and I get a good direct hit to clear the Tower completely. I try to be the hero by jumping on to claim the Tower as ours as the clock ticks down, but I instead hit the drink again. But the teal team don't have time to recover. I, however, have time for a tiny victory jig. Woomy!

Grim blasting in Tower Control (14-7, Grim Range Blaster)

17th August 2017 – 7.00 am

Woo, look at the brush go, tentacles flapping away! That gives us a really swift path to the Tower, and I chance squidding past it. I get a lucky direct hit for the first splat, persuading the other yellow inklings to retreat. A couple of indirect hits gets a second splat, and the Rapid Blaster doesn't want to come close to me. That's cool, because I don't want to get close to Rapid Blasters. I'll ride the Tower instead.

I keep the Range Blaster at bay with my own Range Blaster, just about putting off her aim enough not to be splatted in return, but that Rapid Blaster is in a good position to stop me. I take my time getting back to the middle, laying down more ink, and get another juicy direct hit when I get back to the action. My Killer Wail isn't angled quite right for splats, but it keeps the yellow inklings back and lets us move up, and from there a Burst Bomb and blast combination bags another splat.

It all gets a bit dangerous in the middle of the camp, and I have to pull back to avoid a Suction Bomb, which puts me in the path of a Killer Wail as I am firing, and just as I think I've avoided that I'm splatted by an unseen Inkzooka. Phew, that was all a bit much. The Splat Bomb neatly rolled behind the Inkzooka is a small comfort, at least. Three of us squid out of base together, looking to stop the yellow Tower. My confidence in Burst Bombs is misplaced, but I beat the yellow Range Blaster to get the first blast in range.

No one's been down our right flank yet, which is surprising. I ink the path, and stop the Tower with one blast more than expected, before getting mired in yellow ink. The yellow team make another push, which I stop down the freshly inked flank, but not particularly early. We have a fair distance to push the Tower for a victory now. I resist the urge to jump across the water to start the push, and thankfully a squidmate does it successfully from the other side.

The ink starts flying at the centre of the camp, with my contributions from the side being a little cautious, but keeping the ink flowing without my getting splatted. One squidmate has pushed the Tower during this messy encounter, which helps convince the yellow team to retreat a little, and that opens up a bit more room for me to move. The Tower is cleared, a squidmate super-jumps to keep it going, and my Killer Wail charges to keep the yellow ink off the Tower just long enough for us to take the lead. Nice!

Our lead extends further, which is an excellent result from that push, and for this point in the battle. We should be able to defend from here, and despite one unlucky miss, I splat a couple of inklings looking to take control of the Tower as it returns to the centre. With a few seconds left, I hop on the Tower to see if we can end the battle in control, but am blasted off almost immediately.

A Kraken nicely gets immediate revenge for my splatting, and a squidmate jumps on the Tower. We do indeed finish the battle in control. Woomy!

Pressing back the purple in Splat Zones (6-1, Carbon Roller Deco)

16th August 2017 – 7.00 pm

No Seeker for me to start the battle. I am aiming to head immediately around the side, and don't want to run out of ink as I roll there. I find an inkling coming down the corridor, but as I went right around the side I catch her from behind, finishing the splat with a mid-range flick.

With the inkling out of the way, I can head around the back and, well, maybe not right around the back with that belly flop. That's fine, the purple inklings all seem to be near the Splat Zones anyway, highlighted by a handy Echolocator. Running in to an Inkzooka spoils my fun a little, though.

The purple team snatch the Splat Zones from us, but there's no need to panic yet. I head around the side again, wait for another Inkzooka to go away, and drop down to add some ink to the Splat Zones. A Seeker Rush helps with that, and hitting the corners prevents surprise inklings from splatting me.

Squidding this way and that bags me another couple of splats, and keeps me out of trouble. But I hear more trouble, as an Inkzooka fires, and I can't ignore that. I use my ninja squid t-shirt to get in to a good position and splat the Inkzooka, before turning back to cover the ink it has shot. An Inkstrike comes in next, but splatting an inkling helps turn that patch green again.

A bit of maintenance around the sides keeps me busy for a bit, and I return to the Splat Zones in time to keep them green, again with the help of splatting an inkling. I just have time to shout a 'Nice!' or two, and the battle is won. Woomy!

Rollers in the Splat Zones (6-2, Carbon Roller Deco)

16th August 2017 – 7.00 am

Rollers can cover turf pretty well, but they are vulnerable doing so. Going in to the Splat Zones battle with three of them on our team will be interesting. I zoom my way forwards, thanks to a couple of Seekers, and just about avoid the Aerospray's ink to squid up a wall, catching the Inkbrush by surprise.

I'm not sure what I'm aiming to do after the splat, but moving forwards seems like a good idea most of the time. I turn back when no opportunity is obvious, and help ink and protect the Splat Zones. Not for long, as pressure forces me to the side, and I go on one of my flanking moves. That leaves the Splat Zones to the purple team, but I have the satisfaction of splatting a Kraken.

I don't escape the Splattershot Pro, and the purple team enjoy more time in control of the Splat Zones. My squidmates help neutralise the Splat Zones as I head down the side of the bridge, and I try to add a Seeker Rush across the Splat Zones, but they are green again anyway. I squid around trying to find somewhere I can be useful, ending up as a puddle of ink in front of an Inkzooka. So it goes.

The Inkzooka doesn't catch my squidmates, and they instead capture the Splat Zones again, pushing us from being behind in to a comfortable lead. Nice! I play around on a wall, waiting for the Inkbrush, and despite my floundering still get the splat. From there I spy the Aerospray and jump across, just missing the splat. I pursue the Aerospray after waiting for the super-jumper, and catch them apparently off guard.

Returning to the Splat Zones surprises the Inkbrush from behind, and that small sequence of splats helps leave the Splat Zones untouched by purple ink for long enough to secure us the victory. Woomy!

Consecutive splats for the loss in Splat Zones (15-9, Tri-slosher)

15th August 2017 – 7.00 pm

I take my usual route around the side to get behind the other team, and with no yellow inklings down the corridor it looks like I've got a clean run to do it. I have to say, my squidding isn't as smooth as it could be, but I get to where I want to be, and start a small splatting spree. I think the only inkling I don't splat is the Splat Charger, who is the inkling I was really looking for. It's a good start, all the same!

Thanks to the yellow inkling shortage, my squidmates capture the Splat Zones and we take the lead from the other team. I push forwards again and find the Splat Charger, which is nice, and get back on to the ledge. My return to face the yellow inklings doesn't quite go as smoothly as the first time, and I'm splatted back to base.

Our lead is massive now, and it looks like we're heading for the knockout victory when Inkstrikes rush in to the Splat Zones. We try to keep them inked, but splatting the yellow inklings will help too. I don't quite slosh the Dynamo Roller on the first attempt, so I jink to avoid the flick, but even though it looks like I get out of the way, I kinda don't. So it goes.

They yellow team capture the Splat Zones, giving us a big buffer to work through, and their counter starts decreasing again. I head down the side and get some minor revenge on the Dynamo Roller, and pop my Bubbler as things get inky quickly. The Splat Charger pushes me back, making his escape at the same time, sensible chap, and I go head-to-head with the yellow Slosher. My green bucket doesn't have the same reach, so a trade is not a bad outcome.

We're back in control. I go patrolling, and get a good Disruptor throw on the Splat Charger, who is covering the Splat Zones quite nicely. I move away and back at a different angle, bagging a couple of splats, but making myself vulnerable to the Slosher again. We tussle over the Splat Zones for a bit, having them change tentacles here and there, and get some nice splats from roaming with a Bubbler. But my aggressive nature gets the better of me again, pushing high and running in to the Dynamo Roller. They flick an awful lot of ink.

Running in to the Slosher's ink head first isn't wise, but scooting under the Splat Charger's sight seemed okay. I'm not sure how the Dynamo Roller got me, but she did see me squid up to the Splat Charger, so I imagine some ink flew my way from a flick. And, of course the Luna Blaster splats me from close range.

I suppose my disappointment is less from the splats and more from the change in tempo, from racking up the splats to being splatted quickly consecutively, just when we only needed to hold the Splat Zones for a few seconds longer. It was still a good battle, and having an actual battle over the Splat Zones and losing is often more fun than walking over the opponents.

Not quick enough with the Bubbler in Splat Zones (6-5, Tri-slosher)

15th August 2017 – 7.00 am

I take a long, rather convoluted route to the Splat Zones, but I'm not spotted this time. That lets me hit the purple team from behind, getting a couple of splats, whilst having my Bubbler charged and ready in case of trouble. The trouble comes from below, though, where I'm not looking, so that charged Bubbler goes to waste. And the purple team have the lead.

I ink a third route to the Splat Zones as I return, giving us more options, and that charges me Bubbler again. I feel I somewhat waste this one, a squidmate splatting the inky threat quickly. The Bubbler at least keeps me unharmed from the pesky Dynamo Roller above, but when I try to sneak up between flicks, I slink up the wall a little too much and get caught by the Roller anyway. So it goes.

The purple pressure looks strong. They are well on the way to victory, and it seems the best we can do is halt their counter occasionally. But just when all looks lost, we capture the Splat Zones, to give ourselves a shred of dignity, and the purple team a big buffer to work through. I push higher than the Splat Zones to keep the purple ink away, but most of it has already got past me, and I am flicked back to base.

The tide seems to have turned, though. My squidmates must be doing well, as our counter is only paused briefly, and now we are on a scoring streak. I help halt a Suction Bomb Rush, but the hard way, by getting in to the middle of it, and although our counter is halted for a while, the purple team don't take control.

Our team regroups, and I make another attempt to splat the Dynamo Roller between flicks. My previous experience pays off, along with some support from a squidmate in splatting a second inkling, and one Dynamo Roller is sent back to base, shortly before I drop down to do the same to the second. With that, we regain control of the Splat Zones.

I push forwards to apply some pressure, but only hit the pressure of the Dynamo Rollers heading my way. That's okay, as it pauses them briefly, which is a long time for a Dynamo Roller, and our counter continues ticking over. Indeed, we take the lead and, because the purple team were so close to winning, seconds later steal the knockout victory. What a good turnaround! Woomy!

Frustrating the opposition in Tower Control (12-6, Tri-slosher)

14th August 2017 – 7.00 pm

Rushing to the Tower is a good way to be splatted for nothing. Thankfully for me, this goes more for the other team than me for once, as I squid past the Tower to get a double-splat, and a squidmate gets a third. A squidmate shows good initiative and hops on to the Tower to get it moving, and with little encouragement I press forwards to hold our advantage.

I get a couple more splats, being that annoying inkling that occasionally frustrates me too, but chasing another puts me right in the sights of one of the Kelp Splatterscope. Fair dos, really. We've started with a good lead, and hopefully one that we can defend without too much fuss. Of course, it's easier to defend if you're pushing the Tower, and my squidmates play to this strategy too.

We can't completely stop the teal team, though. They get a push going, and I do my best to catch up to the Tower without being splatted, even getting past an Inkzooka. But my squidmates are on top of things, which is good, so in return I head back towards the teal base to ink the turf and see what disruption I can cause. A bit! I do a hit'n'run, retreating to stay safe, but get cocky and go back for me, at which point I am thoroughly overwhelmed by ink.

My squidmates make another push, and I try to support from the back, coming from having been splatted, but don't do too well. On my return, I am surprised to see our side route unused and uninked, so I head that way to give ourselves that option. I run in to the Luna Blaster, and although I do well to deceive him, I slosh my bucket too soon, giving up my position and can only trade splats. So it goes.

Another push by my squidmates. I get to the centre of the camp as it starts, so help a squidmate as he pushes up the centre channel. He's doing pretty well, so head up to the ledge in case of pressure hitting the Tower from above, and finding a hiding squid with my ink. That helps us increase our lead a bit more.

My Bubbler has charged too! With a little peek around the side, I head towards the Tower and hop on, popping the Bubbler as it drops towards the goal. I can't quite keep my footing as the ink flies in, though, and find myself in the drink. Quite impressive, given how much dry land is around me there.

Despite being stopped, we now have a massive lead to overcome. Even better, my squidmates retake control of the Tower and push it to the goal before I can even super-jump back, for the knockout! Woomy!

Is it too far in Tower Control (7-12, Fresh Squiffer)

14th August 2017 – 7.00 am

I almost look like a pro, squiffing towards the Tower, chucking a Suction Bomb ahead of me. Right until I throw a Suction Bomb at the Splatterscope on the perch, and hit the ramp right in front of me. Never mind, no one probably saw that. I retreat to cover the Tower's progress, and when that's almost immediately halted I just go with my flow and head around the side. I'm not sure what I can do there, which probably shows.

My squidmates push the Tower back, as the Splat charger applies pressure in the wrong direction. I lob a bomb or two in that direction before one hits the mark, and the Splat Charger predictably drops down out of trouble. And pops up around the corner. But, in a brief spell of competence, I out-draw her, and whilst hampered by being right-handed. Not too shabby!

I get caught up in the ink after that, but still somehow come out on top, splatting two inklings with one panic-thrown Suction Bomb. And still the Tower trundles on. We're looking good at the moment. On our next push we get even further, and I think I help! I splat the Splat Charger from the side, from the bridge, which is immensely satisfying, and help take some pressure off with another decent splat. I don't quite jump in time to help reclaim a cleared Tower, though.

From the water, straight in to an Inkzooka waiting for me. The amount of teal ink on our turf looks a bit ominous, like the tables are about to be turned. A Splat Bomb Rush rolling our way doesn't help matters, and as the inky pressure continues to build, the Tower keeps eating in to our lead.Yeah, we're in trouble. It's not going to get better with my defence. The aiming under pressure I showed earlier has evaporated!

A Suction Bomb helps, but it's a squidmate who gets us out of immediate trouble, pushing the Tower backwards a bit before hopping off and letting it do its thing. We're still under a lot of inkling pressure, though. Two things happen. One is that the teal inklings go looking for the Tower. The other is that I choose the alternative route out of our base. I think the first thing makes more difference, particularly as I end up in the water, throwing a Suction Bomb under the bridge as I go.

Still, at least we're out of our base and the turf is looking orange. We've all but lost the battle, with under thirty seconds to go and needing to just about get the knockout just to win. We push the battle in to extra time, barely claiming the Tower in time, but it feels like a long way to go, with one attempt, after having been locked down for a couple of minutes. But we can try.

Super-jumping is the way to go. One by one, we super-jump to the Tower and hope to stick to it long enough for the next squidmate to super-jump to replace us. We are helped by a couple of teal inklings, one quite hilariously obvious, falling in to the water instead of jumping on to the Tower, and still we super-jump forwards. It's a bit cheesy normally, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Little by little the Tower continues, and with a Suction Bomb from me, and some rapid shooting by a squidmate, we keep it pushing forwards, all the way to retaking the lead. That was pretty intense, and one of the longest comebacks I've been a part of. Woomy!

Bombs away in Tower Control (6-4, Fresh Squiffer)

13th August 2017 – 7.00 pm

Nice shot on the back of my squidmate's head there. If only my aim was that good at a moving target all the time. But wait, I splat the Splatling first try! Nice. I push ahead, brimming with confidence, and the Tower starts coming our way. A really nice Suction Bomb throw catches an inkling off-guard, and it looks like maybe we can make a decent initial push. Then the bombs start flying in. Oh well.

I clear up after an interloper, and don't quite make the jump over the partition, don't quite make it up the inked wall, and then don't quite make it up the inked block. I have been a squid before, honest. I see our interloper has returned, and go to chase her off, but she evades me, supporting the Tower. That's okay, my squidmates return the Tower, sans interloper, and I help it head back the other way.

The bombs start coming again, everything getting quite inky, but this time I have a Kraken ready. I'm pretty sure just chilling on the Tower isn't what the Kraken is best at, but it seems to help. It extends our lead, at least. And I jump off to splat the Splatling at just the right moment, although I relinquish control of the Tower to do so and have to chase it all the way back to the centre.

We have a bit of a tussle in the middle of Kelp Dome for a bit, neither side giving much way, and I hang around until my inner Kraken comes out again. I aim to clear the Tower, but it's cleared before I reach it, and I try to ride it a bit, but my Kraken calms down before I get far. And the bombs come flying in.

I miss a whole bunch of shots, almost looking like the purple team will make a successful bid for the lead, but my squidmates have us covered, and at least I am spreading green ink around. My Kraken charges, which is good, so I head towards the Tower to help it along whilst invulnerable. A Splat Bomb rolls out, though, and I think my Kraken can better help clear the way. So I do that.

Time is running out for the purple team, and although we trade bombs for a bit, we keep control of the Tower by hopping on and off, right until an Inkzooka spoils our fun. The purple team have one last push to get right across the map for the victory, but they barely get a few metres before being stopped. That means we win, woomy!