Nearly losing it in Tower Control (12-7, Blaster)

18th January 2017 – 7.00 am

The Blaster has been working for me in Tower Control, and I'm happy to give it another outing. It's the basic Blaster again, as maybe the Killer Wail can come in handy, as well as the Disruptor, if I remember it. I also need to remember not to run straight towards the other inklings.

I quite enjoy Kelp Dome. It is fairly compact, but has several routes to choose from, and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, and can be dependent on circumstances. I try to make use of them all, if not in this match then in the ones that follow.

I also squid about a bit without a clear idea of what I'm doing, mis-throw Disruptors, and flounder a little. But that's just me settling down. Once settled, I get a double-splat with the Killer Wail, convert that in to a triple-splat, and bag me another one shortly after.

Of course, my 'Nice!' is poorly timed again, but I felt I had to squeeze one in. Thinking it can't be long before we push for the knockout, I go right around the back of everyone. I suppose it works, in a way, but I fail to get either of the two splats available, and the Tower is long gone too.

I try to make amends by, um, getting the splats I missed, maybe? But although that does bag me the splats, the Tower gets pushed even further. At least another Killer Wail gets it back for us. I try to put my defence cap on, but am blindsided by the charger, and the Tower gets even closer to beating our lead

The time is nearly up, and still the Tower moves. I aim to clear the Tower of inklings, but am too far away for my Blaster. At least moving up provides enough threat to pause everything, although I rather think I have my squidmates to thank for actually stopping the Tower's progress.

At the end, I'm not entirely sure how close we were to losing. Can't have been too bad, I suppose.

Being a nuisance around the Splat Zones (10-6, Tri-slosher)

17th January 2017 – 7.00 pm

I do like Mahi-Mahi Resort. Sure, I fall in to the water a lot, but I like the intricacies of it all. I don't enjoy quite as much a Luna Blaster quite so close to me, but I really thought for a second that I had splatted him. I knew otherwise when I refused to move.

Going around the side doesn't quite work the first time, as my appearance is anticipated, but the second time fares better, thanks to squidmates clearing the path. I play around with the Splatling for a bit before moving up, Bubbler ready, only to see the water has taken a victim.

Moving to the Splat Zones has me wreaking revenge on the blaster, and two of us taking care of a Kraken, which also captures the Zones for us. I don't do so well against the Splatling and Brush combined, but at least splat one of them.

I go around the back again, somehow avoiding the Splatling ink and splatting him from a corner, before using my bucket quite effectively to slosh from above whilst waiting for a super-jumper. I even avoid the Splatling behind me, but only for a moment.

A sneaky purple inkling tries to flank us, but I was splatted just in time to do something about it. Then I do it myself, and take care of myself too, stupidly wandering in to an active Killer Wail. What was I thinking?

The last splat doesn't matter too much, though, just making my stats look a bit worse, as the battle ends. Another knockout victory, woomy! I am almost back to a more respectable rank. Let's hope I don't lose this new-found concentration.

Causing disruption in Tower Control (9-2, Tri-slosher)

17th January 2017 – 7.00 am

Someone will need to take care of that E-litre 3K on the other team. I like to do that sort of thing myself, so ignore the Tower and head around the side to try to sneak up behind the charger. Not even a blaster will slow me down.

It's hard to sneak up on someone when you are subjected to an Echolocator, but it's less of a problem when some nifty squidmate has already splatted your target. That lets me turn around and, well, expect to be the target of a re-spawned E-litre, to be honest.

Yep, there he is. But my squidmates have my back again. Well, they're protecting themselves and the Tower by forcing the E-litre 3K away, but it helps me too. That means I only have myself to blame for the Seeker.

Super-jumping remains dangerous, so I squid my way to the centre of the map, and back along the side route. We lost the Tower in the process, but my position is excellent when we get it back.

I splat the E-litre 3K from behind, my destiny satisfied, and turn back to take out the Beakon. As it turns out, inklings are up there too, and I splat the second, third, and, after he tries to squid away, the fourth, for a neat quad-splat.

My squidmates keep the Tower moving nicely, and apply their own pressure with another Killer Wail. I take the opportunity to move even further up and cause even more disruption. I splat the inklings concentrating on the Tower, and the inklings concentrating on me aren't going for the Tower.

I gladly take one last splat for the team, as the Tower trundles in to its last position. Woomy!

Chaotic and splatty Tower Control (19-5, Tri-slosher)

16th January 2017 – 7.00 pm

Can I get around the back of the purple team without being spotted? And if I can, what disruption can I cause? Well, I can, but that's because they're moving the Tower. Not a bad sacrifice if we can splat them all and have more time for ourselves on the Tower.

I do my bit in clearing up, getting a couple of splats, and indeed the other team are wiped out, leaving us with the Tower. I even have my Bubbler intact, which helps nicely with our initial push.

I sensibly back off from some Blaster shots, and return thanks to a nicely timed Killer Wail. Leaping off the top, I apply some good pressure to the purple inklings, and go to meet the Tower at its terminus. But we don't quite make it.

As usual, super-jumping is dangerous, but in a way that causes massive explosions of ink. And, also as usual, flanking to get behind the Tower has my turning up in an unanticipated position. I don't survive each encounter, but, by golly, I bag me some splats before I succumb to the ink.

I take a different side-route, which lets me bypass most of the attention, before reuniting with the Tower. Another squidding around the side gets me in to a good position to slosh ink in the right place, and charges my Bubbler. It may not be needed when I pop it but I get to share it with those riding the Tower.

The Tri-slosher comes in to its own as we push ever forwards, sloshing ink over a wall for an indirect splat, putting us a Disruptor's throw from the goal. All looks clear, but just in case, our Blaster buddy jumps on and pops his Bubbler, keeping us safe, as I get one final, celebratory splat.

Well done, team! A brilliant battle! Woomy!

Hopping on and off in Tower Control (8-1, Tri-slosher)

16th January 2017 – 7.00 am

Share your squidmates' ink at the start, rather than slosh yours indiscriminately. It can make a big difference. It gets me to the extra block nice and quickly, a bit quicker than an envious squidmate, and I get to go around the back.

Sure, the purple team grab the Tower, but this is a tactical choice. I splat them from behind, barely facing their ink to start with, and get my Bubbler charged. If I'm not mistaken, I even open the battle with a quad splat. Nice!

Now we can ride the Tower ourselves. Or we can both hop off at a tactical point, bringing the Tower to a halt. But clearing the path ahead of inklings, and laying down a path of ink, can be a good decision too.

The same hop-on, hop-off tactic gets me splatted a bit later, but taking your opponents' attention away from the Tower is generally good. Indeed, the Tower trundles on without me, as squidmates hop on. This is a good time for a super-jump.

No purple inklings to be seen, just my squidmates, keeping the Tower moving and safe, all the way to the goal. Woomy!

Blasted blaster in Tower Control (12-7, Tri-slosher)

15th January 2017 – 7.00 pm

I like to think I can squid down the centre of Arowana Mall pretty quickly, but those bumps seem to get in the way and slow me down. For that reason, the side routes seem more attractive, although with more visibility and vulnerability when reaching the centre. Particularly from chargers and, in this case, Range Blasters.

Naturally, that makes me want to get the Blaster off the perch, and my next foray is down the other side, and around the flank, hoping to pop up behind the Blaster. The first bit works, and there's an inkling up there waiting to be surprised, but the Blaster is behind me. How cliche.

After an unfortunate Inkstrike, I think it best to ink some turf back to our colour, and then try to push the Tower. There's orange everywhere, though. It takes a bit of defending to get the Tower back, and when we do I encounter the Blaster again. It seems she's camping the centre zone and using the Blaster's range to prevent any progress. That's a little irritating.

I try to flank the Range Blaster, but aware that my inky progress will be watched, and so don't keep rushing in to obvious doom. There still remains the problem of her presence in the centre, one felt again as I ride the Tower. But luck is on my side! Luck, and ink-resistant boots.

I manage to get off the Tower and up the ledge, but at the same time as the Blaster pops her Kraken and jumps on to the Tower. Never mind, I can catch a super-jumping inkling, and, apparently, the Kraken as she returns to her perch. How I wasn't splatted is beyond me.

Covering up the orange ink is a good idea. Even Ranked matches are Turf Wars, with inked turf being vital for movement. As it happens, my circle to give us more turf brings me back to splat the blasted Blaster as she attempts to get back to her perch. And two other inklings. Nice!

I get more revenge on the Blaster, sneaking up behind her at last, and we push the Tower a decent distance. It's not enough, and although we get another chance in extra time, orange ink covers the Tower and clears us away.

Splatting and splats in Tower Control (9-8, Blaster)

15th January 2017 – 7.00 am

I'm still keen to rise above A-, which means concentrating a bit. I don't think it means 'equip a Blaster', but I did quite well with one the other day, and am happy to get better with the weapon. I opt this time for the basic Blaster, as the Killer Wail can be quite handy, and the Disruptor is powerful when used properly.

My first splat comes from flanking, as it often does, but is a convoluted affair that displays my lack of practice with a Blaster. I get better, though, mostly because of the big target the Tower provides. But I also get myself in some good positions, and show some pretty good awareness. Not all the time, but enough to make me feel good about the battle.

Super-jumping remains dangerous, which is why I tend to squid most places. And I have no idea why Gameplayer waited for me at the spawn point. She missed, thanks to my superior dodging skills, and for some reason that moment just makes me laugh every time. Thanks, squid!

I super-jump to Gameplayer a little later, who has set herself up in an excellent position, and seems to be waiting for me to retake the Tower. Good idea! It doesn't last long, but having control of the Tower seems like a good idea.

We do a good job of keeping the battle under control, and even though we are taken in to extra time, and my splattings count increases, we don't panic. We just need to clear the Tower, and get feet on it. No problem!

Pushing it forwards in Tower Control (15-6, Tri-slosher)

14th January 2017 – 7.00 pm

I go one way, but bump in to inklings. So I go the other way, and bump in to inklings. Never mind, the start is nearly always chaotic. Disrupting the Rapid Blaster easily makes up for any early hiccup, including not splatting in the incoming super-jumper.

I try out-flank the inklings on the Tower, as I tend to do, but the route around the side on Ancho-V Games is a bit more awkward, with no easy route back up to our own side. That lets the teal team get a lead that perhaps we could have stopped sooner.

All is forgotten soon enough, though, as our first push goes smoothly to take the lead. Now I feel more comfortable and skirmishing around the edges and providing support in the form of disruption. I'm not sure how comfortable I am splatting an AFK inkling, though. I just went with it at the time.

Another push by us gets everyone in the same place, great for some Bubbler action that can be spread around. Splats for everyone! We're in a pretty good position now, and I'm happy to squid around looking to be a disruption again.

As the timer ticks down, I ignore the Tower and look for inklings, which is perhaps the wrong choice. We only need feet on the Tower to end the battle in our favour. Still, as they get control I realise my folly and turn back, and I'm actually in a good position as a result.

I splat one inkling and provide enough inky pressure to force another just about off the edge of the Tower. On top of that, my ink-resistant boots help me jump out of the ink and just about get a grip on the Tower, letting me squid up, get feet on the Tower, and make our victory certain. Woomy!

Not quite getting there in Tower Control (14-7, Tri-slosher)

14th January 2017 – 7.00 am

Ancho-V Games is a fun map, but not one that benefits my rushing in to the centre. I try instead to build up the charge on my Bubbler, and then toss that idea out of the window and get stuck as the platform rises, putting me in a crossfire.

Not a great start. They have the Tower too. Rather than squid headlong in to their ink, I decide instead to flank. That would probably work, but I loiter at the back, splatting squids and refilling my tank, and although I get a nifty triple-splat, it is at the cost of strong lead for the other team.

We've got a tough task ahead of us again, and my riding the Tower with a charged Bubbler is only going to take us so far. We can but try, though, and applying pressure from behind is often a good way to cause enough of a distraction from the objective itself. Well, it works on me, maybe it will work on others too.

We get plenty of time on the Tower, and make some good progress towards getting a lead, but the teal team's defences are pretty solid at the back. I need to do better still if I am to get out of A-, unless it counts if I drop to B+.

Yeah, I went the wrong way in Tower Control (14-6, Tri-slosher)

13th January 2017 – 7.00 pm

I think going around the side would let me surprise some green inklings almost whenever I play Flounder Heights. And, to be fair, it does to start with. I push further forwards to splat the charger, but when I get to her perch she's gone.

Of course she's gone, the Tower is well inside our half of the map. What am I doing?! I rush back, as the Tower trundles on, and it seems like I'm going to be too late. As unfortunate as my initial push was, at least I pop my Bubbler at the right time, letting me continue to help recover the Tower.

Okay, we avoided the knockout defeat, but can we turn this around for a victory? It's a tough ask, but we can try! And if I can dive through a Killer Wail and splat its owner, maybe anything is possible.

I spy the E-litre 3K too. Unsurprisingly, she's gone in the short time it takes me to reach her perch, replaced by an angry Roller I've just splatted. On top of that, my obsession with the charger has the green team push the Tower positively for them again.

I naturally feel some responsibility for having put us in such poor circumstances, so try to ride the Tower a bit. I shout out a 'Nice!' for the excellent Inkzooka shot, but am thwarted by Blaster. Back to skirmishing for a but, because that's worked out so well so far.

And although I apply some good pressure to the E-litre 3K, letting us push the Tower a little, I am quite startled by the Inkzooka that hits me. Back to the Tower, and we get to ride it a fair way again, but more Blaster ink, and an Ink Mine, scupper our chances to get the victory. Well, that was done at the beginning, but you know what I mean.