Skirting the map in Tower Control

24th July 2016 – 5.46 pm

Blaster, E-litre 3K, and Splatling on the other team, with my Tri-slosher equipped. I envisage having a hard time, if I try to face them head on. I try to be smarter and sneak around the edges, but the E-litre has moved there already, and is followed up by the Splatling. This is not looking positive.

I keep my spirits up and try to work in the environment to my movement, trying to be where the opposition don't expect me to be. With a dash of rushing headlong in to them still.

I get some good splats when I manage to completely outflank the opposition, using the extra block added for Tower Control, but that does rely on them pushing the tower forwards in to the lead.

But we take control of the tower ourselves, dare I say partly because I take out their long-range support, and snatch the lead from them.

Fighting a losing battle in Tower Control

23rd July 2016 – 5.24 pm

Camp Triggerfish Tower Control with the Splatterscope. This should be fun! I take the side route to get a decent perch, and even manage to splat someone by aiming! Of course, I soon am forced off that perch, but that's expected.

The opponents then take the attitude that turf control manes tower control. They're not entirely wrong, as preventing us getting away from our base would let them ride the tower longer, but it really can be frustrating to play against.

It takes some cunning and a positive attitude to get ourselves out of the corner, and it is handy that I have the range of the Splatterscope and the Splat Bomb Rush available.

But we're squidding against the tide, despite our best efforts. At least we force the game in to extra time.

Taking the tower to the goal on Mahi-Mahi Resort

22nd July 2016 – 5.03 pm

Once I find a route that works, I tend to stick with it. At least for its general purpose, which at the start of Mahi-Mahi Resort is to outflank the opponents. Note how I skilfully encourage an inkling to jump in the water in this battle.

I mix my time up in this battle between riding the tower and trying to keep the opponent away from whichever squidmate is on the tower. In the end, a bit of both works out just nicely.

Mahi-Mahi Resort Tower Control

21st July 2016 – 5.32 pm

Luna Blasters have been around for ages in Tower Control, and although they are frustrating I can see why they are so useful. Or because they are so frustrating, for the other team. But there seems to be a new-found interest in Blasters in general, which is even more frustrating, if only because it's a weapon I've not used enough to get the hang of.

Mind you, the number of times I forget the Tri-Slosher's Bubbler is suggestive that I haven't got the hang of this bucket yet either. Still, I use it often enough, and enjoy chuking ink everywhere, that at least I feel moderately competent with it.

I shall have to persevere with a Blaster soon, at least to see if I can add it to my arsenal. It certainly looks to be a useful type for Tower Control, where accuracy isn't always as important.

First look at Mahi-Mahi Resort Tower Control

20th July 2016 – 5.41 pm

What do Mahi-Mahi Resort and Ancho-V Games have in common? That I lose my first Tower Control battle on each. Maybe if I didn't lose sight of the tower and head the wrong way, only to turn around and jump in to the water, the battle could have gone differently.

I quite enjoy the Mahi-Mahi Resort map, at least, and I think I know my way around it, after the recent Splat Fest. Of course, it is changed a little for Tower Control, and the route the Tower takes is unknown, but learning is part of the fun.

I use my map knowledge to splat the charger at the start of the map, and then a bit later from behind too. But I have no idea how that Splash-o-Matic user squided away from me so quickly without any swim upgrades. Nippy little bugger.

I am beginning to think that Blasters are coming in to vogue, and not just that pesky Luna Blaster. I should revisit them myself, at least for Tower Control.

First look at Ancho-V Games Tower Control

19th July 2016 – 5.20 pm

Ancho-V Games and Mahi Mahi Resort are in the map rotation, so I think I'm in for some Splat Zones. But no! Tower Control! I don't think I've seen Tower Control on either of these maps, so this will be interesting. I equip my Tri-slosher and head in to a Ranked battle.

Of course, I realise that maybe I should have gone in to recon to start with, at least to see where the tower is and the track it rides along. I'm sure I can improvise my way through this, or, if not, can just chase a charger half-way across the map out of petty vindictiveness.

The tower starts in the middle of the map. In retrospect, that should have been obvious. Its track is fairly obvious too, but I am partly drawn to the flanking route, and partly disorientated a little by starting in a different corner than usual.

I soon get the lay of the map, though, and have no excuse for losing apart from not being as good as the other team.

Dunking the Rainmaker on Kelp Dome

18th July 2016 – 5.49 pm

I've worked out that going up to the centre of the platform in Kelp Dome on Rainmaker is a sure way to get splatted by its shield, and instead take one of the jutting columns. Much better.

If I can work out what can stop an Inkzooka splatting me, I think I'll get to S+ in a day. Dual Inkzookas is pretty much a nightmare.

Grabbing the Rainmaker when it's there, I take the route along the grating again. It seems to work well, and this evening it works even better. My squidmates are elsewhere, but so are the other team.

It's a short stroll to the podium. Woomy!

Carrying the Rainmaker

17th July 2016 – 5.08 pm

What the hell are my team doing at the start of this Rainmaker battle? They go every which way but actually towards the Rainmaker. And there's a growing body of empirical evidence that all I'll manage to do at the start is get splatted. Oh well.

At least we get a bit more organised after that, and I keep fairly good track of where the Rainmaker is. I find I'm getting worse at knowing what I'm doing as I get better at thinking I know what I'm doing.

I get some good carries of the Rainmaker, which I always enjoy doing. It's a novelty to have an Inkzooka fail to hit me too. And I get to use the Splat Bombs to splat the Rainmaker, and my Bubbler to keep me safe from splats, making the Splattershot Jr a good choice.

If you can spot what happened to that Roller at 4'27", you've got better eyes than me.

Inking the way for the Rainmaker

16th July 2016 – 5.47 pm

Oops, squids go through grates. It's almost like I don't know this. I get myself back in to position and hope I'm not too late to defend the Rainmaker. But I am a little. One splat, but then hit on two fronts. Never mind.

Chargers aren't just good for splatting inklings from range, or creating salty tears. They can also fire long lines of ink for someone to squid down.

Quite useful for someone carrying the Rainmaker, and good for me when I am better at shooting at the floor than at inklings.

I dunno what's happening in Rainmaker

15th July 2016 – 5.26 pm

Okay, I know what's happening at the beginning of this battle. It's pretty straightforward, and I am in the middle of it. The second push looks pretty clear too, right up until the Rainmaker is dunked on the podium. The animation plays and everything, but our inkling gets splatted and the Rainmaker lost.

I think I stop playing for a second, thinking we've won. But I soon get myself back in to focus, and try to stop the other team from getting to our podium. I don't manage that, but a squidmate does, thankfully, right at the same distance as we got. The splat pushes their counter back a tick.

There's some more battling over the Rainmaker. I give carrying it another crack, and try to blast my way past the other team, but even the power of the Rainmaker isn't enough.

That's okay, because a subsequent push has a squidmate actually dunking the Rainmaker this time. Woomy!