Brutal splatting for Tower Control (19-5, Carbon Roller Deco)

30th March 2017 – 7.00 am

Phew, a Squiffer, Carbon Roller, and Rapid Blaster on the other team. I'm just happy that they don't also have the E-litre 3K, or I may have just hidden somewhere in Kelp Dome. But off we go!

I spy the Squiffer and wonder if I can do anything about her. A few Seekers ink some turf, and allow me to hide in one trail, and, yes! I can splat the Squiffer. Thank you very much! I don't quite aim well enough for the Roller, and our E-litre bags the super-jumper, so it's onwards for me.

Going around the side to cover some green ink, I try to get more ink flowing. The Tower returns and I go up to investigate, my timing accidentally impeccable for missing a Seeker, its Roller owner, and to get a splat on the Rapid Blaster for my troubles. Nice!

I'm still unsure about Killer Wails, it seems. I'll get the hang of them. At least we are controlling enough turf as a team to allow me quite free movement around the control areas, and that lets me support the team with surprise splats, as I feel comfortable moving around and otherwise keeping concealed.

I think it's a good idea to cover more green ink, and create a new path, but although it may be a good idea my timing is off. As I come to the centre, we lose the lead, even if I get the Roller off my squidmates' backs. A lucky splat follows, and a panicky Squiffer after that. A squidmate has the fourth splat, so although it's only a triple for me, we have control back.

Specials clear the way forwards, and then a bit of circumspect Tower riding from all of us, trying to stay unsplatted, clearing the path, and pushing the Tower. A bit of a climb lets me take some pressure off from above, and get a second splat for no effort, and drop back down to help push the Tower further past the re-taken lead. Also nice!

There is a flurry of action! I squid under a Splash Wall with more accidentally good timing, and wreak some small havoc whilst close to the goal, heading back to the Tower when it's just me left. Not for long, though. But we have a great lead! Hopefully we've got this battle in the bag,

I work out not to walk in to a Killer Wail this time, and splat the Squiffer who set it. That'll teach them. I'm in a good position to approach the other green inklings from behind too, splatting the Rapid Blaster, Berry Splattershot, and the lurking Carbon Roller. I think that was a quad!

One last ride of the Tower, a bit of a play with the Squiffer, and holy cow I got a lot of splats. That was quite the battle!

3 vs 4 splatting in Tower Control (19-7, Carbon Roller Deco)

29th March 2017 – 7.00 pm

Oop, the screen judders as we are shown Kelp Dome. That's not a good sign. Who has lost an inkling? We have. Oh well, we can just do what we can, even though odds are we're about to get stomped. At least we all squid away with purpose.

I start a little speculatively, knowing we're outnumbered, and it almost works in my favour. The Carbon Roller needs inked turf to work in, and I am inking that turf. It's just a little unlucky that my delayed advance happens as a Gal starts to cover over my ink. So it goes.

My squidmates are on the Tower! They even take a slight lead. But it doesn't last. That's okay! We're not expecting to win, just compete. I go searching for the Splatterscope, but he's elsewhere now, and I am running from purple ink.

The Seeker doesn't seek far, but that's okay too, because rolling ahead doesn't give me away to the hiding inkling, and I get a fun splat. It looks like battle over, really, but we keep going, and we keep pushing the purple team back, only by small amounts, but enough.

A Seeker splat over the ridge is nice, followed by splatting the blaster, and moving up to splat whoever was on the Tower. I am discouraged from riding the Tower by the Splatterscope, but that lets me target a super-jumper, before then squidding down the charger. This is going rather well.

My Seekers are working quite well. So well that they nearly distract me from a purple Seeker coming my way! Well dodged. I give riding the Tower a chance, but not for long at all, as a purple threat heads my way. And I seem to be in to a groove, as I am dodging here and there, hiding in our ink, and trying to spot the squidding purple inklings. Sure, I don't always survive, but I'm using the Carbon Roller quite well.

Another purple push, and I go over the block to short-cut behind the Tower. That works well too, getting me a triple-splat, not quite finding the Splatterscope for the full quad. There's some good purple dodging after that, and I find myself mired in purple ink.

But I come back, and get myself the quad I missed the last time! That's some fine splatting. My final Seeker Rush goes poorly, as I throw most of them in to a fence, but I drop down to get a couple more splats, one mutual, and end up celebrating our tenacity standing on our base.

I'm quite surprised at the number of splats I get in the battle! Maybe the other team were being bolder than normal, but the other stats don't suggest so. Maybe I'm getting my Carbon Roller groove back.

No yes no yes! Tower Control (10-8, Carbon Roller Deco)

29th March 2017 – 7.00 am

I honestly didn't expect to get such an easy splat from going up on the grating at the start of the battle, but it doesn't surprise me that the inkling was looking down. And as I've cleared the way, I should probably hop on the Tower. Why don't I?

Instead, I provide more support, splatting an inkling and inking some turf. That should help, but not as much as actually moving the Tower. A squidmate sees to that, but doesn't get far. Maybe that's why I didn't hop on to start with. And if I could only cling on to the wall a bit better, maybe I would be caught.

I spend perhaps a little too long inking over quite a lot teal turf, but once I'm over that ramp I'm pretty much committed to being there, and I don't want to roll too far in to the open whilst still surrounded by the other team's ink. The Tower will just have to wait.

Of course, once the Tower starts resetting, the teal inklings will be looking more my way. I manage to survive their attention for a bit, and escape thanks to a bit of help from my Seeker Rush. Now we push the Tower forwards, hopefully helped a little by my earlier inking.

We make good progress and take back the lead, but a well-timed Point Locator reveals my position and makes it simple to splat me back to base. We've got a great lead, though. Surely we can defend this. If my Kraken-dodging skills are anything to go by, yes we can.

I don't quite dodge the Inkzooka as well I did the Kraken, but my Seeker seeks on without me, getting inky vengeance from beyond the splat. My Roller flicking lets me down a little afterwards, although I still haven't quite got the hang of the Tower's column getting in the way. And although I redeem myself with a double-splat to clear the Tower, the Carbon Roller behind me keeps the teal team going.

And going. She pops her Inkzooka out and clears the path ahead, and the lead that looked good enough to defend is lost, and by a small margin. This isn't the best time to see the ten-second countdown. But we get the Tower back, giving us the smallest spark of hope. Can we ride from next to our goal, all the way to the other side of the map without pause?

With the teal team obliterated, getting the Tower back to half-way is straightforwards. Some good teamwork gets us back to where we once were, and some focussed ink straight ahead cuts through the teal inklings to finish the task. That wasn't so difficult. Woomy!

Splats for nothing in Tower Control (13-6, Carbon Roller Deco)

28th March 2017 – 7.00 pm

Exquisite squidding again at the start of this battle. Turf needs to be inked, apparently. I'll work it out eventually. I may work out what's going on around the Tower too, but not that soon, because it gets a bit hectic. Bombs everwhere! Squids here, inklings there! I can't believe I survive so long, or that I am finally splatted when I get on a safe-looking Tower.

Going around the long way probably works better for the Tri-slosher, but it remains a viable route for surprising inklings that are looking the other way. To be fair, my squidmates do most of the heavy lifting, but I take one inkling off their tentacles, and prevent a super-jumper from being a pain in the behind.

As we control the Tower, I go the long way around the back, fully expecting to be stopped or at least spotted, but neither happens. It looks like I have a clear shot at an inkling or two on top of a pillar as well. But the lack of ink for a clean jump and the Rapid Blaster being nicely aware of her surroundings, it goes a bit pear shaped for me. Quite how the Carbon Roller splatted me, though, I don't know.

A second push from us, where I am a bit ineffectual, but we get another go, where slightly redeem myself, starting with a decent Seeker/Roller splat. But from there it's all downhill, at least in terms of Tower Control. I get splats here and there, admittedly not quite knowing what I'm doing half the time, but the Tower is being inexorably pushed towards our goal.

It is super-satisfying to watch a Seeker seek its target from behind, I have to say. It would be more satisfying getting a splat if I didn't turn around to see the Tower reach its goal, though. Still, you can't win them all.

Seeking the knockout in Splat Zones (8-3, Carbon Roller Deco)

28th March 2017 – 7.00 am

Phew, what a losing streak! From mid-S Rank down to half-way A+. But that's okay, really. I thought I was doing well by staying in S Rank this time, but it doesn't really matter that I've dropped down again. I can still have some fun.

Maybe I am back in A+ because I still rush headlong in to opponent ink, particularly at the start when every opponent is going to be there. I keep my spirits buoyed by being amused that the Roller didn't splat me back, but the Tri-slosher above. I should watch out for him.

Or maybe it's because of my lack of coordination, as I can't ink below me or throw a Seeker and just give up on both for a second. Still, at least I'm not the only one in this Rank, as the other Roller and I look to be about the same skill.

My squidmates are on it, though. They grab a point lead whilst I am lagging behind, but also taking care of a potential ambusher. Nice! I look for other ambushers. There's not one behind that block. Good. There is one with a Suction Bomb Rush, who I splat, and am almost saved from a Suction Bomb by the water level rising. I don't quite get away from the Kraken, however.

With the water level changed, I can go around the back, getting a Seeker splat as I go. But that puts me on their splat-cam, which makes my manoeuvre less of a surprise. So it goes! Sure enough, I have to squid away, but at least I get away.

I go back, and look for opportunity. But miss it completely! Sure, I get the splat on the Tri-slosher splatting a squidmate, but our score is down to 6 and I have a Seeker Rush available. Why am I not inking the Splat Zones, with hoards of Seekers?!

Thankfully, I realise at an opportune moment. I jump down, activating the Seeker Rush, and both ink over the Splat Zones and get a splat, just enough to help us to the knockout victory. I played my part, woomy!

For Great Zapfish's sake, don't retreat with the Rainmaker! (5-8, Splatterscope)

27th March 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm on quite a losing streak at the moment. I can't make the Carbon Roller Deco work, as we can't hold turf, and I can't do anything outside of inked turf. So I swap weapons, hoping to provoke some changes in my battles.

The Splatterscope is perhaps not the best choice, as it requires at least as much skill as the Carbon Roller, but it should work well on Port Mackerel and, to a lesser extent, Kelp Dome, whilst keeping me out of the action. That's the idea, at least.

I don't do much better, though. I cover some turf initially, before braking a bit too hard when dodging a Killer Wail and hitting reverse. Oops. That lets me get a decent splat on the Rainmaker when I get back to the action, but that's only because the teal team have made a big push already.

From where we are, the teal team hold all the turf, almost right up to our base, and despite our best efforts we can barely push back. I use my Splatterscope to ink what I can, and my Splat Bomb Rush to augment the charger, but to no avail.

Working my way around the side on the ledge is a good idea, but my aim is just that little bit off, and the ink not quite covering enough for me to evade a Splat Bomb thrown my way. I can't even splat an inkling almost on top of me with a Splat Bomb Rush. Things just feel a bit off.

As I am almost ready to give up, I spy an opening and squid for it, using my Ink Resistance to make the most of the few orange patches available. Finally, we have a score. Now the teal team makes a mistake.

I don't notice it during the battle, but one of their inklings takes the Rainmaker backwards, no doubt to deny us access to it. But it really is never a good idea to do that. Their inkling is splatted near their base, my squidmates are there to burst the Rainmaker out of its shield, and it's a short but hugely significant hop to take the lead.

It may have been a mistake by the opposition, but it was seized on by my squidmates! A lost cause has been turned around, just a minute left in the battle, and it spurs us on. I get four of my five splats in the last thirty seconds of the battle, two in the last five seconds, and it all feels like a victory.

All we have to do is grab the Rainmaker as the clock ticks to zero, and as we all know the significance of what we achieved we use the last couple of seconds to celebrate. Woomy!

Finishing the job in Rainmaker (3-3, Carbon Roller Deco)

27th March 2017 – 7.00 am

I'm not having much luck in Rainmaker tonight. I'm sticking with the Carbon Roller, because both Kelp Dome and Port Mackerel should allow for good rolling and seeking.

I try to put my Seekers to use in Kelp Dome, which includes basic inking of turf throughout. But Seekers alone don't ink enough turf for good Carbon Roller use, as I find out when the Splat Roller manages to keep me at range.

It wouldn't be a Splatoon battle if there wasn't a surprise Inkzooka strike. And again, I charge in where we don't have control of the turf. No surprise there that I'm splatted. It's difficult to hang back sometimes, though.

A squidmate takes the lead, which admittedly was not a huge lead to beat in the first place, but he keeps on going. I try to supply some support, but I'm not quite sure where I should be supplying it, so get up high and send a Seeker searching.

Ah, there's the Rainmaker, squidding behind and underneath me. I go forwards and circle behind a blaster, splatting him nicely as the Rainmaker squids past at some speed. He stays safe, but only up to the podium.

No problem! My Seeker Rush is charged, and this is the perfect moment for it. Seekers rush from me, exploding in to the Rainmaker's shield until it bursts, and a couple more for luck to keep the ink flowing.

A quick squid forward, and crossing my fingers that the Suction Bomb won't explode in time, and I'm dunking the Rainmaker! That deserves a woomy!

Splatoon 2 Testfire (Splat Dualies at The Reef)

26th March 2017 – 7.00 pm

A Turf War from the first Splatoon 2 Testfire, using the Splat Dualies.

Splatoon 2 Testfire (Splat Charger at Musselforge Fitness)

26th March 2017 – 7.00 am

A Turf War from the first Splatoon 2 Testfire, at Musselforge Fitness, using the Splat Charger.

Sloshing and dodging in Tower Control (12-8, Tri-slosher)

25th March 2017 – 7.00 pm

Okay, that jump is further than it looks. And that inkling is further away than my Tri-slosher can reach. And the E-litre 3K moves out of my range too soon. Still, I'm unsplatted, and make the sensible move not to chase the E-litre 3K when she knows I'm coming.

That lets me keep going a bit longer and get my first splat. I think about going around the grated back route, but maybe not whilst I'm still on splat-cam. So it's up and over, and see if the E-litre 3K is vulnerable. Yep! A squidmate splats her. Nice! I can run in to a Gal instead.

I try for the back route again, hoping to go unnoticed, but clearly I was noticed. I am splatted with some decent efficiency with Burst Bombs. It nearly happens again, but a squidmate saves me with a Splash Wall. Thank you! A bit of squidding and the E-litre 3K becomes visible, ready to be sloshed.

On to the Tower, and I think I have the yellow inklings caught from behind. Only one is caught, though, the other releasing the Kraken to thwart attempts to get him off the Tower. That's what he thinks, though, and Kraken fights Bubbler, ultimately losing out.

We push the Tower back the other way, but the E-litre 3K is going to be trouble. I think I do quite well at avoiding her attention, and the Jet Squelcher's, for as long as I do, helped by a skirmishing squidmate, but losing the Tower was inevitable.

I decide to do take in the scene for a bit before acting. I would like to say I hide in our ink whilst I do this, but it seems I have trouble doing that. It's not as easy as it looks, to be honest. Moving under cover of Killer Wail seems like a good option. I get up and behind the E-litre 3K nicely enough, and back towards the Tower to get a second splat.

Going along the grated route works too, sneaking behind the yellow team for a few splats, managing to avoid a Burst Bomb, some Jet Squelcher ink, and half a Kraken before succumbing to the pressure. But it all works as a distraction, taking pressure of the Tower, as my squidmates ride in to the lead. Nice!

The knockout victory looks on too! We push forwards and get some splats, and even though our squidmates are cleared from the Tower it looks clear for me to squid back and keep it moving. Nope! A bit of yellow ink hits just as I jump, slowing me down. So it goes. We still have turned the battle around in the last thirty seconds.

I end up getting myself between an E-litre 3K and some water, which is note a great place to be. I finally suck it up and get splatted, which lets me super-jump back in to the extra time action for one last burst of ink. Woomy!