Turning the Tower around in Tower Control (8-3, Grim Range Blaster)

17th October 2017 – 7.00 am

Two N-ZAPs and a slosher on the other team makes me worried, more so because I'm giving the Grim Range Blaster another go for Tower Control, which requires me to aim. I decide to hit the flank first, because why not, and although no one is on the container when I get in range, one inkling can't stop their jump for me to get a very lucky direct hit. I hop down and on to the Tower, then start shooting scenery. So it goes.

I hide around the side and miss more shots, but use my Burst Bombs to decent effect. I try to squid on to the Tower to keep it moving, but a Disruptor hits me and I'm lucky just to stay unnoticed and unsplatted. I retreat, using Burst Bombs for instant escape puddles, to use my Killer Wail at a safe distance, which at least clears a path to the Tower for me. But I'm not going anywhere with so much purple ink around.

Trying to clear the inklings away from the Tower gets another decent direct hit, after a bit of trying, but I then get too close to the action, and without ink for Burst Bombs. My splatting is inevitable. Losing the lead isn't so bad. Missing the Tower completely with my first shot from the flank is pretty bad. But we clear the Tower and start moving it in the other direction. Briefly, at least.

I get in to a more favourable position for the range of my weapon, and use it to my advantage. We clear the Tower and turn it around, but there's so much purple ink between ourselves and the goal. I do my best to turn the turf ink as we trundle along, keeping a channel clear of inklings with a Killer Wail, before hopping off to provide some skirmishing support. This would work so much better if my aim was more consistent, but at least inklings of my rank don't notice me and turn to quickly splat me away, making the battle a bit more forgiving of my lack of skill.

More Burst Bombs help stop the Tower going backwards too far, and I help push it forwards a little more. I don't manage to splat away the incoming purple inklings, and get splatted for that, but my squidmates are still there and push the Tower in to the lead. They keep going too!

I have enough time to super-jump back to the little Tower party just before it reaches the goal. Three of us on the Tower for the knockout victory is a really good result, considering where the Tower was a minute earlier. Woomy!

Having a blast in the museum in Tower Control (12-7, Grim Range Blaster)

16th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

That E-litre 3K could pose us problems. I head to the flank, wondering if she'll come down that way, but I find a different inkling. It's perhaps a little reckless to squid up to the ledge towards an inkling that knows I'm coming, but aiming directly down a short straight corridor is within my skill range, and I get a splat. I keep going, wondering if I've been spotted yet, but I haven't, which lets me get another direct hit. And around the corner I finally find the E-litre 3K, somewhat overwhelmed by yellow ink. A Burst Bomb splats my target just fine.

The Tower is coming towards me, which is excellent, so I hang around to provide some support. My Killer Wail gets a splat, and, using the rotating platform for cover, I get some indirect hits that combine with squidmates' ink for a couple of splats. I run in to the E-litre 3K again, and again use Burst Bombs for more reliably close-range splatting.

The Tower keeps moving forwards, and I keep looking for ways to support it. My aim or range isn't always on the mark, but I track the Tower and hop back on when it gets moved backwards a little. I still don't quite hit my targets to keep the pressure off, and also don't squid away from a Suction Bomb quickly enough. Even so, we nearly hit the goal, giving us a huge lead so early in the battle.

I return as we recapture the Tower, but just run in to a hiding inkling, so take a less direct route back the next time. I'm aiming for the E-litre 3K, but a bit of a bumbling move, and some approaching blue ink, encourages me to try a jump-and-shoot, which almost works. An Echolocator encourages me to retreat, and when I circle around to try again I just miss spotting the Inkstriker to do anything about it.

I keep going forwards, in to a sea of blue ink, our opponents having reclaimed all their turf quite efficiently. I move around and spy a ripple in the ink. My Burst Bombs do their job, finding the inkling and preventing their easy movement, but two don't finish the job. Thankfully, squidding backwards lets me get a direct hit. Nice! I chase a blue inkling trying to do the same as me, but she gets away. Not a problem, the Tower is moving forwards anyway.

My support for the Tower is a bit puny this time, but my squidmates are doing okay without me. For a while, anyway. I hit the flank again on my return, and bumble with blasting the E-litre 3K. But even my bumbling is enough. I don't think she realises where the shots are coming from. Hopping on the Tower mid-blue Suction Bomb Rush is daring, but pays off when I get a direct hit on the Bomb Rusher, which is more effective than hiding from the .52 Gal.

Back at base, we have an interloper. We can't have that. Naturally, it's not too easy to displace them, particularly with a Sprinkler acting as blocker, but getting a mutual splat is a pretty good result, I would say, particularly as they could have been a big disruption for anyone splatted back here. I tidy up a bit, then go to hit the flank again, until an Echolocator drops on me, at which point I provide some basic support.

Loitering in the middle of the Museum lets me see the N-ZAP sneaking around to camp our base again. Not on my watch. The Killer Wail is overkill, but gets my point across. And at least I don't need to deal with her when the E-litre 3K splats me back to base seconds later. As time runs out, I move up to support our control of the Tower, for the battle to end smoothly, and nearly get a decent multi-splat, but blue ink catches up to me before I can get the shots out.

In the end, our lead isn't threatened at all, the blue team never having pushed the Tower past the mid-way point. Woomy!

Sloshing over the Splat Zones (11-2, Tri-slosher)

16th October 2017 – 7.00 am

I take the long route to the Bluefin Depot Splat Zones again, hoping to gain an indirect advantage. My careful sloshing, trying not to spill outside of my chosen path, lets me spy a purple inkling trying the same tactic as me, and surprise him. From there, I can work around and behind the Splat Zones, to catch two more inklings by surprise. Splatting the Dynamo Roller takes a lot of pressure off our team, and I eventually catch the slipppery brush.

We lose the Splat Zones for a little while as I work my way around, but I neutralise and capture them to turn the purple team's early lead around. I push up to get a sneaky splat on a returning inkling, and turn around to check our walls. They are often overlooked, but the slower you make the other team's movement the better. I head back to see how the purple team are doing, but this time my caution works against me, as I miss an easy splat on an Inkstriker, and get caught by the imposing Dynamo Roller.

There's no point going directly to the Splat Zones with the Dynamo Roller holding centre stage, so I hit the flank again, opting to jump over the ramp for efficiency, knowing that the Splat Zones are purple. I catch the Dynamo Roller nicely as I leap over the water, and turn to ink the Splat Zones, accidentally splatting another inkling as I do. My squidmates are active too, splatting the brush and recapturing the Splat Zones to get our score moving again.

I push forwards a little more aggressively than earlier, having my Bubbler charged to keep me safe. The purple inklings don't seem eager to drop down, but maybe they don't have to with the Dynamo Roller up there. I manage to slosh high enough to catch the brush, perhaps standing a little carelessly close to the edge, and even though I don't splat the Dynamo Roller I push her back a bit. I give chase to the Splash-o-matic, and I think I catch him, but I don't remember an Inkzooka coming with that weapon. Either way, the Dynamo Roller, feeling less threat now, has reappeared and easily flicks ink to splat me away.

Despite the Dynamo Roller, the Splat Zones stay teal for a little while longer. I think the situation is under control, so tidy up some purple mess on our side of the Depot, but our control of the Splat Zones is shakier than I suspect, and they turn purple again. Circling around the back finds the Dynamo Roller, and even though I don't splat her I push her in to my squidmates' ink, and the Splat Zones turn back to teal. We have a bit of a buffer to work through, but little more than that now.

I move up, again Bubbler at the ready, and see the Splash-o-matic pull out the Inkzooka again. It must be a variant I have forgotten about. My Bubbler keeps me safe, though, as does moving up to hide. Avoiding ink is a good tactic too, and I squid away from the Dynamo Roller, back in to the Splat Zones, and right around to the other side of the Depot.

All looks calm, and there's little point in looking for trouble. My only regret is not popping up earlier for a victory dance. Woomy!

Circling the Splat Zones (9-0, Tri-slosher)

15th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

Taking the longest route away from the Splat Zones seems unhelpful, but there can be so much ink flying in to the Splat Zones directly at the start of the battle that my short-ranged bucket and me don't stand much of a chance. And heading to flank the Splat Zones along a short route often gets me spotted and splatted.

Going the long way gives me more chance of not being spotted, like in this case. Having the wall in my way helps, but it's also fun that a Disruptor hits one inkling and the other remains oblivious. I catch the oblivious one off-guard, hop over the ramp to catch the Disrupted inkling, and splat a third from the side just because I probably shouldn't be there yet.

Heading back, up, and around is perhaps a little unorthodox too. But the Splat Zones are held, at least three inklings are not around, and sitting in the lowest point of the Depot seems like a bad idea. I pause to see where the action may be, and hop across the ramp again. There are multiple targets, but I stick with one and splat him, before heading back, where I steal a splat from a squidmate.

Indeed, it seems most of our team is pushing high in to our opponents' side of the map, but the purple team are returning as I do so, and I don't want to get splatted for silly reasons. I make another circuit instead, which lets me pop up behind an inkling for a surprise splat, and drop down on to another. Luckily, the purple team don't gain control of the Splat Zones, so when we cover up their mess we don't have a buffer to work through.

I hang around to cover up an Inkstrike, but as victory looks inevitable I push forwards to see if I can get another splat or two. As I squid up the wall, one squid jumps over me, and pausing to make up my mind what to do, another one does the same. I do a flip and drop down, getting one splat, but not quite moving quickly enough to get the other before the battle is won.

Short and sweet. Woomy!

Making up for a mistake in Rainmaker (16-5, Tri-slosher)

15th October 2017 – 7.00 am

I've got my eyes on that E-litre 3K, but, given her range, getting to her may be tricky. Hitting the flank seems like the best option, hopefully avoiding her gaze as I cross the Heights, and bags me an early splat from my quick movement. I consider continuing the long way, right around the back, but the splatted inkling will be coming back, so I go more direct. That works too. As assumed, the Splattershot Jr returns and fires ink my way, but I am already squidding over the ledge to get clear. That gets me a third splat, which is nice.

I turn back not to be annoying, but to ink towards the podium, as the Rainmaker was coming this way. I cheese it soon enough, with the E-litre 3K's laser sight tickling my back, as it's not our team that grab the Rainmaker again. A bit of height gives me some perspective, and my Bubbler keeps me safe, so that I can stop and grab the Rainmaker for myself. But all I do is run in to the E-litre 3K.

I super-jump back and aim for the E-litre 3K, to neutralise her threat, but I'm spotted this time. Not only that, but ignoring the Rainmaker has the green team burst across the map and almost get to the podium. Perhaps my Disruptor slows the Rainmaker down enough to prevent the dunking, but it still leaves us with a massive task to win the battle. I can't help but feel somewhat responsible.

My squidmates grab the Rainmaker, so I hit the flank to try to provide some support, but diving in to a sea of green ink doesn't go so well. I can do better than this. My squidmates certainly can, carrying the Rainmaker at least in to green territory. I super-jump back to their position, but the Rainmaker is lost and I find myself alone in a corner.

Despite my position, I dodge a Splat Bomb and burst the Rainmaker's Shield, and just in time for my squidmates to return. One grabs the Rainmaker, and I try to take point, but the Rainmaker gets splatted as I dodge some ink. I make the most of where I am, though, and splat the E-litre 3K, and an inkling that accidentally gets in the way, before inking the podium and turning around to help retake the Rainmaker.

With the Rainmaker free, I try to add inky pressure to the podium, and nearly manage it. But seeing the inkable block makes me want to squid up and be disruptive, which would work better if I didn't hit my head. But it doesn't really matter, as the green team have the Rainmaker again. They don't get far, though. I find myself in the perfect place to stop the push, even with the support Bubblered, and to splat the support as the Bubblers dissipate.

Now we get another go. We head down the side, and I take point again, my own Bubbler ready to take the ink that flies at me. One inkling is splatted, then the E-litre 3K, then a third. The path seems clear, and I slosh down on the fourth inkling, just as I run out of ink. But the green team returns, and splats the Rainmaker, necessitating a circling back.

The green team tries to clear the Rainmaker, but doesn't get far, which happens to leave the Rainmaker in a really good spot for us. Available, somewhat shielded, and with a direct path to the podium. A quick burst of ink, some forward support, and a dashing squidmate, and we get the dunking! I feel much better about that earlier mistake. Woomy!

Going most of the way with the Rainmaker (17-7, Carbon Roller Deco)

14th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm not quite sure what's a good opening for a Carbon Roller in the Museum for Rainmaker, so I just ink some turf before deciding to move forwards to burst the Rainmaker. The green team are more organised in that respect, though, but at least I can stop their first push. A Seeker Rush from behind a corner keeps me safe and bursts the Rainmaker free again, and, with some support, I make a run for it.

I make a good fist of carrying the Rainmaker with my first attempt! With some excellent support from my squidmates, and some uncharacteristically cautious movement and sensible blasting with the Rainmaker, I get almost to the rotating platform before I'm caught from the side. That'll do nicely. On top of that, my squidmates are in a good position to continue the push! It's worth super-jumping back to.

Indeed, a dunking looks imminent as I fly through the air, but the green team just about stop my squidmate a moment before the Rainmaker is dunked. We're still looming, though, and although the green team burst the Rainmaker, it's not their's yet. I sensibly hop back to avoid the shield bursting, and leap forwards to make a grab for the free Rainmaker. It looks like I can turn and squid up the already inked podium, but the Splatterscope squirts a timely shot to prevent a dunking for a second time.

The next super-jump is a bit more reckless, and with us out of the way the green team clear their base. They carry the Rainmaker a decent distance too, but a flying flick from yours truly stops it, before I turn to take care of the Splatterscope. I'm spotted, though, and she saves her Splat Bomb Rush for me, which is nice of her. It's also pretty fun to see her lob bombs everywhere as I sink in to the ink.

I'm hit with an Echolocator as I return to the action, which seems like a bit of an impediment. But I prefer to think of it as bringing more targets my way. An abrupt turn and Seeker launch catches one inkling as she rounds the corner, another assumes my position as the Echolocator drops. Two splats to me, not a bad result from being stalked. If only my flicking was as good against the Rainmaker moments later.

I take an indirect route back to the action, letting me flank a freshly activate Inkzooka for a very satisfying splat, before I go looking for the Splatterscope again. But again she waits with a Splat Bomb Rush. At least this time I dodge it, even if my squidmate with the Rainmaker doesn't. But we've got the Rainmaker over here again, which is excellent. I try to use a Seeker Rush to our advantage, but am foiled by a single Splat Bomb. Quality is often better than quantity.

I bumble around being somewhat ineffective in myself, but still considered enough of a credible threat to cause the Rainmaker pause, and to be hunted by another inkling, which helps us. And as the clock ticks down, we just have to stop the Rainmaker for the victory. I get in to a good position, anticipate the Rainmaker's movement, and use a precision flick to end the battle barely in to extra time. Woomy!

So much splatting in Tower Control (22-8, Tri-slosher)

14th October 2017 – 7.00 am

A bit of caution and turf control seems like a good way to start any battle. Moving back from the Dynamo Roller is just good advice in general. My squidmate splats her, though, giving me the opportunity to move up. The Splat Roller tries to get away, and following her gets the splat and the higher ground to clear the Tower. I hop on to the Tower to move it the other way, and hop off to splat the Inkzooka. A bit of mayhem follows that I don't really understand, and am frankly just happy my Bubbler keeps me safe.

I'm splatted as I track the wrong inkling, but at least I don't squid right in to the Suction Bomb ahead of me when I return. I've been doing that a lot lately. The green team push the Tower a little further, and I leave that to my squidmates as I go skirmishing. They seem to have it under control, and at least I trade my splatting for two green inklings.

A squidmate seems absent on our base, but I see him returned a little later, so that's okay. I get lucky when I don't quite track the Roller, and her flick goes awry, but use my position to clear a path to the Tower and get it moving again. We take the lead, just about, as a whole lot of ink explodes around us.

I exercise some more turf control, and push the Tower a little, before I'm tempted to find engage more inklings. I see one head down towards the empty sections of the Pit, probably looking to charge her Special, which I find a little peculiar, to be honest. A good Disruptor hit is followed by some poor sloshing. No wonder I can't hit with a charger if I can't hit with a bucket. I pop my Bubbler as a precaution. I probably need it.

I get lucky against the Roller again, but not the next time. Still, my squidmates are pushing the Tower really well, getting close to the goal, and super-jumping to the Tower doesn't even get me splatted, as I land to be imbued with a Bubbler. Nice! Not so nice is showing my poor aim with the bucket again against the Splattershot. So it goes.

There seem to be inklings all around the empty sections of the Pit, on both teams. This is ignoring the objective to an impressive degree. I try to flush one out, to pass the time, given we have an enormous lead, and nearly muff my chance. Thankfully, my Bubbler is on hand to refill my ink tank and make up for my falling off the ledge. I feel a bit silly, though. At least I pop back up to support the Tower. Kind of.

I mis-time my Disruptor throw, and it is absorbed in to a Bubbler, and although I get mighty lucky against a close-range Dynamo Roller, the Inkzooka finds me with unerring accuracy. But as the battle winds down, I have my finest moment. The green team are pushing the Tower, with low chance of taking the lead, and I hit them head-on, as the Kraken transforms back to inkling, and keep my feet on the Tower to end the battle in our favour.

It's been a long time since I've had hit twenty or more splats. Those last three really made the difference.

One good push is all it takes in Tower Control (17-6, Tri-slosher)

13th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

Despite the Splatterscope on the other team, there's no leaping off the conveyer belt for me. It's too risky, and the charger isn't always on that perch. Indeed, she isn't this time, but my bucket can slosh upwards to catch her unawares for the splat. I hear a second hit, so slosh upwards a bit more for another splat, before turning around to see what the Tower is doing. I don't get far before threatened by the Range Blaster, so I have to drop off the top of the conveyer belt, and pop my Bubbler to keep me safe, which lasts for a splat after that too. So far so good.

I think the Tower is coasting back to the centre, but I don't notice the green squid on the icon at the top of the screen, neither the squid icons on the Tower itself, both showing it is occupied. I tried to hop on, when I should have been sloshing. Never mind, my squidmates reclaim the Tower as I act as decoy.

I come back to see what I can do about the Splatterscope. Push her back for a moment. Not too bad, maybe I can do more riding the Tower. A green Bubbler encourages me to hop off, and a Suction Bomb encourages me to pop my own Bubbler. I use that to take some pressure off the Tower, before circling the long way around a Splash Wall, letting me drop down on an Instrike being launched, and push the Splatterscope away again.

I chase the Range Blaster, rather foolishly, with only my Bubbler saving me again, before turning around to support the Tower, starting with a nice flying slosh to splat one inkling. I spot another inkling mucking around behind us, and move to see what I can do, but the little tyke starts hopping around like an idiot. I don't much like that. The squidbagging afterwards only reinforces my impression of inklings who jump everywhere.

I head around the side to see what I can do about the Splatterscope again. This time, thanks to a better Disruptor throw, I am able to splat her. Unfortunately, it's while the Tower is going in the wrong direction. I would help with that, but I've run out of ink. My squidmates have it under control, though, and it seems that the Tower doesn't want me on it, so I see what I can do about the green team. Get pointlessly stuck between three of them and brutally splatted, it seems.

Retreating from the Range Blaster works out well, when I take a sneaky route back forwards, catching an Inkstrike being launched again, and I smoothly move up to clear the Tower. But I miss, or ignore, the other inkling by the side of me to leap forwards and press the Splatterscope again. Not a bad idea in itself, I suppose, but I do just get in the middle of a Splat Bomb Rush I cannot escape from, whilst the inkling I let go rides the Tower in to the lead. Not a smart move from me.

There's not much I can do immediately on my return, as Bubblers are active ahead of me, but at least my squidmates have stopped the Tower. I push up through the sea of green to hop on to the Tower, but it dodges me quite effectively, so I just move up and get a couple of splats instead. Then the Tower lets me on. I think it just wanted me to be safe all along. Nice Tower.

We only have seconds left in the battle, and one last push available to us. My Bubbler helps me stay unsplatted, if not on the Tower, but that only lasts so long, and without splatting the green inklings away the torrent of green ink hitting the Tower eventually overwhelms us. A purple super-jumping ring gives me hope that we can keep the battle alive, but a green inkling hops on to the Tower before our squidmate lands, ending the battle with them victorious. Good battle, everyone.

Running a little out of steam in Tower Control (16-8, Tri-slosher)

13th October 2017 – 7.00 am

With no charger on the opposite team, I start the battle by sensibly inking turf. An opportunistic Disruptor throw hits an inkling, by its sound, which encourages me to push forwards for the splat, which I don't get, but I surprise the Carbon Roller, and pop my Bubbler to disappoint the Slosher. A quick circle around the centre shows no inklings, which makes it time to ride the Tower.

The Tower ride is not particularly smooth, hopping on and off for splats or to avoid being splatted, but it's a steady movement forwards. I quite like hiding from the Slosher's Inkzooka, only to return at just the right time to catch him dropping down from his perch of safety. I do some turf maintenance after that, dodging the Carbon Roller effectively, but failing to catch him from behind to stop him splatting a squidmate. That ultimately gets me splatted too. So it goes.

I have to avoid the Rapid Blaster on my return, which is never an easy feat, but doing so puts me in a good position to splat a different inkling, as a squidmate splats the Rapid Blaster. That neutralises the teal team's push, and I move the Tower back to the centre of the Pit. I hop off to discourage the Slosher from sitting on the perch, which I do, and then get caught up with the Carbon Roller, before seeing if the Slosher is back on the perch. He is, but there's not much I can do. He drops down anyway, and I get the splat, but by recklessly approaching directly, getting me splatted too. I'll take it, as it means my squidmates keep pushing the Tower.

This is a great lead my squidmates are creating! I add some ink to the attack, and a 'Nice!' for morale, as all looks clear, but the Carbon Roller is attacking from behind. That wouldn't be a problem, as he gets splatted in the process, except the Rapid Blaster is back there too, and I have to retreat or be splatted too. Still, that's a lead that will be difficult to beat.

I pull back and look for opportunity, seeing it as the Carbon Roller heads around the side. To be honest, waiting directly in his flicking path was not a good idea, and it's mostly luck that I get away with it. I try to get the Tower moving again, but I have trouble hopping on, and the Slosher looks to be trying on the other side. I have my Bubbler ready to help me out, but it looks like I don't need it when I fall over the edge of the conveyer belt. The Carbon Roller has other ideas.

We're defending again on my return, and a Disruptor combines nicely with an Instrike to get a splat and clear the Tower, just as me on the Tower combines with the Rapid Blaster effectively for a teal-team splat. I think my mojo is starting to wear off, as I run straight in to a Seeker, miss seeing an inkling squid past me, and get splatted a few more times in quick succession.

The battle enters extra time as the teal team are on the Tower, but our lead remains huge, and we have plenty of turf available when we just need to defend one more time, so I head back the long way as a bit of a luxury. It looks like my choice of paths is a good one, avoiding the Inkzooka and getting in to position to slosh over the Tower, when a second Inkzooka hits me from my flank.

I come back to try again, still with a healthy amount of time, but just as I get there my squidmates have cleared the Tower to give us the victory. Woomy!

Charging to the goal in Tower Control (5-1, Kelp Splat Charger)

12th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

Two chargers per team. This should be interesting. My first engagement starts with a nervy shot from me and him, but I get my second shot off just before his, and get a decent splat that boosts my confidence. I check the other direction, and help push the other charger back. Rather than waste my Killer Wail immediately, I decide to hop on to the Tower instead, and then waste my Killer Wail.

As the blue chargers come back, me and my charger squidmate hold the Tower and try to pick them off. It comes as a bit of a surprise when the Carbon Roller effortlessly splats us off the Tower. We both come back to hold defensive positions, but our non-charger squidmates do a great job of stopping the blue push and retaking control of the Tower, letting us push forwards too.

As the Tower goes in one direction, I look in the other, finding one of the Splatterscopes as I do. As she has just released a charge, I have the opportunity to pop up and get a shot in, which does just enough damage to splat her. The Carbon Roller comes my way, and although my first shots miss, they lay down ink that slows the Roller, and I get another partially charged splat.

The Tower keeps moving, and I try to cover it, not very well, with a Killer Wail. I follow up to help push the Tower, and get a couple of good splats to take some inky pressure off our advance. The remaining blue inklings are distracted by the antics of our squidmates, letting us trundle safely to the goal. That was a smooth ride. Woomy!

Hmm, perhaps the ride was smooth because of the lack of Rapid Blaster. I don't remember seeing her. Oh well, I hope the blue team didn't lose many ranking points as a result.