Magnet Magnetson visits Sharkhead Isle

3rd July 2008 – 8.20 am

Having not yet subscribed after my two-week trial with EVE Online I returned to the Rogue Isles, using Crossover Games to run City of Villains on my Mac. Having completed a set of missions I was looking for a change of scenery from Cap Au Diable, somewhere new to explore. Having reached threat level 20 I get the option to have a second costume I can change in to, but the Facemaker who designs the costumes wanted me to take care of a little problem before tailoring anything new for me. As luck would have it this sent me to Sharkhead Isle, a new zone!

To get to Sharkhead Isle I caught the villainous ferry. I suppose not every villain can have a black helicopter at her disposal. When I arrived I found a new area to explore, new sights to see, and new enemies in large numbers to beat the crap out of me. I remembered that there are impediments to exploring new zones, mostly involving all the mobs being your own level or higher, making it more difficult to get around safely. It's good to have somewhere new to explore but I'll have to be more careful whilst exploring for a while.

I completed the Facemaker's task, taking care of a bit of 'Family' business, and bumped in to a new contact on Sharkhead Isle in the process. Unfortunately she didn't want to offer me any missions, muttering something about taking care of my own jobs first, so I headed back to Cap Au Diable to see the Facemaker. From there I headed to Boris the Russian, being the only other chap I know in the area. He asked me to hit a bank in Skyway City. Sure thing, Boris! As if the call of violence was sent across the aether, Zoso turned up at that moment and was keen to kick some Longbow arse, so we teamed up to get the job done with twice the violence. The bank job was so successful we brazenly decided to hit another one straight afterwards, and got even more cash from the vault.

For completing my bank job Boris the Russian introduced me to a new contact, still based in Cap Au Diable. I will hook up with my new contact, but despite the threat level being higher in Sharkhead Isle I would still prefer to move onwards rather than stay in my current zone. I'll see what sort of work she offers me and take it from there.

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